Danfeng Qingshuang

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Yu Zaiwang a cold sniff: "How can a rat hide his deceit from others? How can he deceive your young master?

Yu Zaiwang a cold sniff: "How can a rat hide his deceit from others? How can he deceive your young master? I ask you, what can you do if you pretend to be a living skeleton and a poisonous woman?" When Yu Zaiwang said this, Fang Ming broke the five swords of Huangshan Mountain. The two of them were not only Liao Fei and Tian Mei, but also living skeletons and poisonous women. Obviously, Liao Fei was playing tricks again. Yu Zaiwang's voice was so loud that not only did Bi Xiaoxia hear it clearly, but even Yu Zaitian heard it clearly, all speculating about the other side's plot. The taller one sneered, "What if you guess right?" As soon as Yu Zaiwang shook the six-alloy dragon stick, the golden light flashed, and swish, the stick was "back to the dragon in the fog", and the stick was hit head-on by the strong wind! The two figures turned steeply, each shaking his hand, taking out a whip and a sword, attacking left and right, and even using a hard-fought move as soon as he made a move. Yu Zaiwang has estimated that the other side is insidious and unpredictable, and does not want to fight for a long time. The roaring dragon stick "startles the rainbow in the fog", and the stick flashes hundreds of rainbow, sprinkling the auspicious air for a day. The strong wind swept up the dust and covered the two of them under the shadow of thousands of sticks. Under the flash of the rainbow, there were two tragic cries. The two scapegoats entered the city of death in vain! Also in the holy hand scholar Yu Zaiwang and two people hand, just listen to "whoosh!"! Whoosh! Whoosh! Three times, six figures rushed from the foot of the mountain. Two people in a row, all disguised Liao Fei and Tian Mei appearance, even before a total of four pairs, immediately put a witty Bi Xiaoxia at a loss. Because we had planned that the two trolls would fight and never fight. Both sides were exhausted. Yu Zaitian dealt with Liao Qin, Huangshan Five Swords trapped Liao Fei, and Yu Zaiwang met Qingniangzi Tian Mei. Now the sage scholar Yu Zaiwang suddenly launched an attack, of course, with other intentions, but in this way, he has already messed up the original plan. Bi Xiaoxia saw the current situation, it is clear that the other side has another plot, and, their own stealth here, may have been on the surveillance of others, not to make a move. As soon as she displayed the Yellow Sand Tiger Roaring Sword, there was a flash of golden light,deep draw stamping, and the five swords came out together. It was no trouble to trap the two men first. There were two screams at the five flashes of light, and the two men entered the gate of death again. Five swords killed the second pair of pretenders into the mountain and Yu Zaiwang killed the first pair of pretenders, but one after the other, the other two pairs, regardless of life and death, went straight to the Dragon Slope. Yu Zaiwang, a sage scholar, said in a harsh voice: "They are all in disguise. Not only are they not Liao Fei and Tian Mei, but they are not living skeletons and poisonous women. The five younger brothers and sisters can disperse and intercept them. Don't make them enter the slope, so that the second younger brother won't be distracted!" Bi Xiaoxia was suddenly enlightened and ordered Tang Wenqin and other four people to disperse and intercept. These two pairs of pretenders, however, were slightly more skillful than the first two pairs. They fought against each other. Although they were not opponents, they were all on the offensive, and they fought hard. At the foot of the mountain, the figure flashed again, and swished on two pairs. Yu Zaiwang's eyes were quick, and in the latter pair, it was the living skeleton and the poisonous woman. As soon as he floated over, metal stamping parts ,alloy die casting, the six-alloy-wire dragon stick, like a flashing rainbow, went straight out to meet him. The fake Liao Fei laughed proudly: "Boy, Juelongpo is the second cliff of the fallen soul. You are doomed!" Yu Zaiwang Li Chi way: "Living Skeleton, since you and the Poisonous Woman are going to pretend to be dead, the young master's stick will make you happy, so take it!" He shook out the dragon stick, sprinkled a hundred golden lights, and one day he fought with the two of them. The living skeleton has a white bone whip, and the poisonous woman has a mountain stick. They are not weak at all. In this fight, the wind empties and the strong wind whistles, and it is too close to call for a moment. This is called chess to meet the opponent, will meet good material, straight kill inextricably. Yu Zaiwang said that he would fight with two villains. Although he was not afraid, it was easy for him to kill two people for a while, so he had no time to take care of other things. The red swallow Bi Xiaoxia led the four younger brothers and sisters to make friends with this group of people, but they had a great advantage. The red and white swordsmen showed no mercy and solved four of them in a short time. But the other side fell forward one after another, a pair of pairs to jump up, after the higher the power, suddenly rushed over four or five pairs, two to one, and Huangshan five small fight. The red swallow Bi Xiaoxia shot a long shot with her powerful eyes, shaking her left hand steeply. Swish! Whoosh! Two rings, two red swallows shot, a machine spring burst with two muffled roars, the two rolled down the hillside. Red swallow sword flash rainbow, is waiting to solve and Tang Wenqin fight two bandits, the foot of the mountain figure reappeared, and two, head-on attack. But there was no disguise for these two men. They were Liao Qin's Wanli Chasing the Wind, Shen Tujun, and the blind old Taoist. After that, she shouted, "Who is the thief? Tell me your real name." The man laughed wildly: "Bi Xiaoxia, Yu's Kunzhong and your five men have become turtles and fish in the net. Why don't I tell you to chase the wind, Shen Tujun and Lao Dao in the next ten thousand miles?" "Aren't you two running dogs of Liao Qin?"? Since Liao Qin and Liao Fei have become mortal enemies, why did they come all the way here? "Girl, tonight is different. Yes, the Mountain Leader and the Wujue Sect Leader have become mortal enemies, but they also swear not to coexist with you. Today, we will solve the seven of you, and then it's not too late for them to see each other again!" With a sharp shout, the Yellow Sand Tiger Roared Sword suddenly rose. The sword was like a golden snake scurrying around. It attacked nine swords in one breath, forcing the two men to turn over and retreat. Shen Tujun and the blind old way are also famous people for many years, can not help on the real fire, anger in the voice, choke Dangdang repeatedly under the sound of violence, shaking out the famous weapon. Shen Tujun a nine rope fly to catch, blind old way a chain of Mandarin duck tomahawk shot, left and right together, a moment of gold and iron, sparks splashing, vicious fight together. This side is fighting, but close to this flat slope of the dragon right back, a row of huge clouds of cypresses, but quietly standing two people. The man on the left said: "Hou Laodi, look at the entrance of Juelongpo. The fight is fierce. The five children of Zaiwang and Huangshan are all surrounded. One of them hasn't arrived yet. What if.." "Mmm!"! Counting to one, I'm really trapped. Master, do you want to help with nine soul bells? "I really want to go down so as not to be pestered!" "Are you afraid they'll miss?" "The five swords are in full bloom,die casting parts, and they are as proud as a dragon. The six golden rods are like flowing clouds and flowing water. The six children are really terrible and lovely. When they encounter such a strong enemy, they can still cope with it. My old eyes are not blurred. I can guarantee that they will win or lose, but I just want to help them secretly." 。 autoparts-dx.com