Barium Sulphate Powder

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Barium Sulphate PowderBarium Sulphate Powder

Barium Sulphate Powder Molecular formula: BaSO4; Packing specification: 25Kg/bag; Note: Moisture-proof, tear-proof, and pollution-proof. Properties: colorless orthorhombic crystals, the appearance is amorphous white powder. The specific gravity is 4.40 (15掳C), almost insoluble in water, organic solvents and acids, but soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid. Density: 4.25 to 4.5 g/cm after CAS no. : 13462-86-7 Product Usage: 1. It is widely used as filler for various coatings (water-based, oily and powder coatings), inks, papermaking, engineering plastics (household appliances industry, high-speed rail trains), high-end electrical insulating plastics, rubber products, etc.; it can also be used as the cathode of batteries Expansion agent, glaze material for making ceramics and enamel, etc. 2. The circulating mud weighting agent in the rotary drilling of oil and gas wells cools the drill bit, takes away the cutting debris, lubricates the drill pipe, seals the hole wall, controls the oil and gas pressure, prevents the oil well from spontaneous blowout, produces lithopone or as X Radiation shielding agents are used in industries such as medicine and hospitals to prevent radiation from gravity walls.Barium Sulphate Powder website: