Every rebirth is indescribable.

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And the handsome under the mask, also in the moment of holding Xuan Caiwei's hand, showed a very painful look.

And the handsome under the mask, also in the moment of holding Xuan Caiwei's hand, showed a very painful look. Xuan Caiwei suddenly pushed yuan Wuxian's hand away and squatted down to pick up the red beans. It's rare that Xuan Caiwei is really angry. Master yuan Wuxian, I thought you were a good friend, but I didn't expect you to be such a person who takes advantage of others' danger. "Qin Yin is still alive. If you do this again, I'll tell Qin Yin." "Qin Yin.." He's still alive. This is to put down the cruel words, block yuan Wuxian teacher close to Xuan Caiwei, but he touched the switch of self-deception. At this time, she picked up a red bean with shaking hands, but her thoughts were like opening the gate, and the words she had heard in the yard kept coming to her mind. Xuan Caiwei had no choice but to repeat over and over again with chapped lips. Qin Yin. Still alive. "He.." Still alive. "He's not dead." …… In front of him, Master yuan Wuxian's body trembled slightly, and his footsteps seemed to be somewhat superficial, but he still managed to stop himself. He looked at Xuan Caiwei, who was squatting on the ground and repeating over and over again. He missed her very much, and his words brought out his yearning. Cai Wei.. Xuan Caiwei just wanted to scold again "also please yuan Wuxian teacher self-respect", but the figure was suddenly stupefied, the ear seemed to have electricity. This voice is familiar, but not because yuan Wuxian is familiar. Xuan Caiwei looked at the red bean in the palm of her hand, obviously in disbelief, her eyes widened, she suddenly looked up and looked at yuan Wuxian,plastic bulk containers, who had already crouched down. This time, Xuan Caiwei's whole body was trembling. You Who the hell are you? yuan Wuxian in front of him did not reply, but stubbornly held Xuan Caiwei's hand to pick up the red beans. Xuan Caiwei's conditioned reflex wanted to resist, but because of the familiar figure just now, it made Xuan Caiwei hesitate a little to recover. It was this hesitation that yuan Wuxian put on his mask with Xuan Caiwei's hand. At this time, the person in front of Xuan Caiwei, slightly cool palm close to the back of Xuan Caiwei's hand, even if it is slightly cool,ibc spill containment pallet, but inexplicably let Xuan Cai Wei feel a trace of warmth. The next moment, in front of humanity. You will find out who I am. As soon as the voice fell, the person in front of him loosened Xuan Caiwei's hand, and Xuan Caiwei's hand stopped on yuan Wuxian's mask. If she pushes hard, she can take it off. Xuan Caiwei did not want to wait any longer, nor did she want to guess any more. She put her palm on the mask and wanted to open it quickly. Can She had experienced too many disappointed hopes, and she was afraid. It's like a sudden loss of courage. Xuan Caiwei did not know how to say, she did not know whether she could withstand the blow of a failed hope. More perhaps, this is the trap of others, want to let her be hurt again, and finally crazy. She was so scared that she didn't even have the courage to reveal the truth. Seeing that Xuan Caiwei did not lift her mask, the man in front of her reached out and clenched Xuan Caiwei's other hand. Somehow, although Xuan Caiwei was being held, he felt as if the people in front of him were shaking even more. Humanity in front of us. Don't be afraid, I'm here. It seems that as soon as the words fall, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet crates, Xuan Caiwei's mind is Rin, and her hand on the mask is lifted quickly. A face she missed day and night appeared in front of Xuan Caiwei. The mask in Xuan Caiwei's hand fell. The whole person froze in place, can only stare at the eyes of Qin Yin, can not speak. Xuan Caiwei put her hand at a distance from Qin Yin's face, and she bent her fingers subconsciously, as if she wanted to touch Qin Yin's face to see if she was dreaming. But Xuan Caiwei went back and forth several times, but she didn't put her hand on it. Qin Yin Yu Guang had already caught a glimpse of Xuan Caiwei's movements, Qin Yin quickly raised his hand, pressed the back of Xuan Caiwei's hand, let Xuan Cai Wei's palm fall on his face. Both the palms and the cheeks were somewhat cold. But at the moment of contact, both of their hearts were warm. Xuan Caiwei's mood, also finally in the moment of touching Qin Yin, the tight string was completely broken. Xuan Caiwei's lower lip shook, encircled Qin Yin's waist, and her head rested in Qin Yin's arms. Suppressed for a long time of tears, eventually like a dike burst, one by one all fell in front of Qin Yin, tears wet, wailing. Qin Yin did not speak, pressing the pain of skin contact, let Xuan Caiwei forehead against his neck. He knew that Xuan Caiwei needed to vent and support at this time, and he was the only person she could vent, and the only person who could support her to continue to live. Now think about it, Qin Yin is more afraid than Xuan Caiwei. If he gets the news a little bit later, I really don't know what Xuan Caiwei will do. Thinking that he might almost lose Xuan Caiwei, Qin Yin wished he could rush to the man now and cut him to pieces. But now the most important thing is to stabilize Xuan Caiwei's mood, comfort her, protect her, and explain everything to her. Qin Yin was indeed ambushed by the man, although Qin Yin had a vague guess, but when he really saw that the man was the one he guessed, he was still severely surprised. Because according to his investigation, the man with the town Guogongfu, with Xuan Caiwei and no enmity. However, now that it is really that person, perhaps he should take a good look at the gratitude and resentment behind this. But no matter who that person is, what is the identity, today he let Cai Wei suffer such a big trauma, he said what will not let him go. Qin Yin eyes across a bit fierce, but quickly hidden up, he did not want to let Xuan Caiwei see his side. After that, Qin Yin pressed the pain in his heart and raised his hand to hold Xuan Caiwei's hand gently, trying to give her more peace of mind. However, Qin Yin also did not expect that Xuan Caiwei suffered such a heavy blow, unexpectedly did not go anywhere, but came to the former residence of the mother-in-law Cui. Qin Yin raised his eyes and looked around. He came here when he was a kid. Cai Wei also. Qin Yin bit his lip, and the pain in his heart came again. This time, he wanted to cure the pain in his heart by contacting the woman. If he couldn't cure it, Qin Yin would be honest with Xuan Caiwei. This is Qin Yin's weakness,collapsible bulk containers, but also his inferiority complex. So he.. Even the most basic closeness can not be achieved, he does not know how to give Caiwei happiness. But let him go.. He had already tried it once, and the pain of heartbreak was stronger than the pain in his heart. binpallet.com