New function of cyclone separator test should pay attention to what?

function of cyclone separator

  function of cyclone separator is composed of upper box, middle box, ash bucket, deflector, bracket, filter bag assembly, spray device, off-line valve, ash discharging device, detection and control system, etc. The set of precipitator also includes maintenance platform, lighting system, maintenance power supply and other auxiliary equipment. Dust collectors use filter materials to capture dust particles in the flue gas. The ability of filter material to capture dust particles determines the dust removal rate of dust collector. Therefore, the whole process of the dust collector can be simply described as the control of the resistance of the dust bearing air flow through the dust collector, so that the filter material can keep the ability of capturing dust particles. This control is to periodically clean the bag and prevent the air flow resistance from being too large.

  During the test run of the new function of cyclone separator, special attention should be paid to the following points:

  First, we should pay attention to whether there is condensation in the bag room and whether the ash discharge system is dredged. Avoid blocking and corrosion attack, ash accumulation will affect the production of the main engine.

  Second, the cleaning cycle and cleaning time adjustment, this operation is an important factor about the dust collection performance and operation conditions. If the cleaning time is too long, the attached dust layer will be removed and become the cause of filter bag leakage and damage. If the cleaning time is too short, the dust on the filter bag is not cleared off, the filtration operation will make the resistance quickly and gradually rise, affecting the application effect.

  Three, fan rotation direction, speed, bearing oscillation and temperature.

  Four, the treatment of air volume and each test point pressure and temperature is consistent with the design.

  Five, the equipment of the filter bag, after the use of whether there is a bag drop, loose mouth, wear and other conditions, after the operation can be determined by visual inspection of the chimney discharge.

  function of cyclone separator Filter bag is the function of cyclone separator filter component, its cost accounts for about 10 to 15 percent of the cost of equipment. The raw material of filter bag directly determines the function of cyclone separator, such as the specification of dust removal equipment, dust removal power, emission concentration, running resistance, service life and other indicators. Therefore, when planning and using the function of cyclone separator, the characteristics of dusty gas (such as dust concentration, temperature, humidity, acid and alkali) as well as dust characteristics (such as particle size, viscosity, grinding property) should be considered, and filter bags should be selected correctly and appropriately to satisfy the needs of dust removal equipment.

  function of cyclone separator using pulse jet cleaning technology, cleaning capacity is good, dust removal rate is good, low emission concentration, small air leakage rate, less energy consumption, less steel consumption, covers an area, stable operation, good economic benefits. Applicable to metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical, electric power, light industry flue gas dust removal. Box adopts air tightness design, good sealing, inspection door with excellent sealing materials, the production process with kerosene leak detection, air leakage rate is very low; The use of separate chamber air pulse jet cleaning, cleaning period is long, low consumption, can double the life of the filter bag and valve disc; The upper pumping bag is used to change the bag. function of cyclone separator The working mechanism of cyclone separator is that the dust particles are filtered down by the dust-containing gas through the filter material. The coarse dust is mainly captured by the filter material by inertial collision, and the fine dust is mainly captured by diffusion and screening.

  function of cyclone separator