Ice Dragon Warrior of Online Games

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Escaped Xiner did not dare to come forward, in the side with the sword gas harassment, lightly write light description of two people, holy light chop, sword gas even put, output is also good!

Escaped Xiner did not dare to come forward, in the side with the sword gas harassment, lightly write light description of two people, holy light chop, sword gas even put, output is also good! Linger's output is quite terrible, the five elements of magic can destroy more than 5 each time, so that people have begun to doubt her identity as a priest! It's just that Linger is holding a 115-level ghost weapon with the damage of 5. If someone can get a ghost weapon, it's estimated that the blood gas can go up to 10,000, then what's the 5 blood gas? Small language and fire dance two people's spells can hit tens of thousands of points of damage every time, who said that the hidden profession is more than the ordinary profession nB, fire dance is also a common fire method, attack output is almost not weaker than small language! As long as the equipment is strong enough, garbage professions can completely abuse hidden professions, not to mention that the game has never had garbage professions! I had no choice but to let them play a rest, or simply can not pull the hatred, at this time the other players of the butterfly dream also began to attack, although most of the numbers played on the Bss body rarely have more than two hundred points, but also jumped out of more than half of the Iss, but tens of thousands of players together to attack is a bit scary, within half a minute actually knocked out millions of Bss blood gas. Let me have to sigh, this more people is good ah, even if the fairy beast Bss in the tens of thousands of people together under attack, I am afraid it will not last more than ten minutes! But the immortal beast class Bss will not be so easily killed, especially like Wang Yun so dare to call the king of high intelligence Bss, only to see it roar to the sky,plastic pallet price, the system immediately sent a hint: "Ding, Wang Yun used the skill Wang Ba's Wrath to reduce your attributes by 15% in 5 minutes!" Is attack defense agility all attributes to reduce 15% of the skills, as expected, this drop, the output of the people immediately reduced, although only a mere 15%, the original players can barely break the defense now can not break the defense! Immediately after that, Bss raised his sword, which seemed to be the starting gesture of sweeping thousands of troops. I hurriedly shouted: "Xin'er, Fire Wall!" “16791!” “17611!” “16461!” Blood gas suddenly only one fifth,collapsible pallet bin, if not for the timely release of Xiner's wall of fire, I'm afraid I would have hung up this time, hurriedly opened the shadow of ice instantly opened the distance of 3 meters, Bss's sword gas is also quite awesome, if this will be hit, I will definitely hang up! Linger hurried to give me back blood, yun3 also don't chase me, turned to the opposite crowd to kill, a time the sword gas, the Bss sword gas actually don't have to cool down time, although the attack is slightly weaker than the ordinary attack, but also not ordinary players can bear, the crowd every second to hang dozens of, as expected half a minute did not arrive, A small mercenary regiment of nearly two or three thousand people have been killed by Bss 7788! But see the fire dance is not distressed at all, I concluded that these people are just butterfly dream of the flower protector, butterfly dream said to fight territory on their own initiative to help, I am afraid the fire dance itself did not expect butterfly dream can have so much energy! As soon as the blood gas was full, I rushed up, plastic pallet containers ,plastic pallet suppliers, and Xiner's blood gas was almost empty. After the two men opened the shield, their defense was almost the same as Xiner's. Needless to say, this Bss still had to be resisted by me! I saw the fire dance shouted to chat with me privately: "Idiom, we use long-range fight, this Bss sword gas is not as powerful as ordinary attack, it is easier to resist!" "What about those people?" Fire dance wanted to say: "No matter them, as long as the Bss killed on the line, more people and so on to divide our experience, perhaps also points what the equipment!" My aversion to cold, this fire dance is a typical bird to the end of the bow hide, rabbit dead dog cooking ah, but what she said is also reasonable, less experience is also good, and I really do not have the confidence to carry the attack of Bss, can only be like this! So a few of us will ride a white-striped tiger with a few mages and priests far away, one after another put long-range, Bss sword gas is also more powerful, but not enough to kill a few of us, so after a while did not catch up, had to vent their anger on the others, so those butterfly dream flower protectors suffered, only to see Bss rushed into the crowd, slashing. Thousands of mercenary regiments were soon wiped out! Fire dance afraid butterfly dream loss is too big, let the members of the gang are scattered to stand in every corner, the results of those escorts thought that the butterfly dream sent to encourage their own, in order to show plus not afraid of death desperately attack, hit the Bss blood brush value, we also reduced a lot of pressure! At this time, Bss began to use skills, only to see one hand knot seal, one hand holding the sword in his hand fiercely waved, a visible airflow impact out, standing in front of the first few hundred players were immediately overturned, has been extended more than 3 meters, even the houses behind were smashed! Everyone was dumbfounded, BSS this blow I'm afraid killed one or two thousand people, only to see BSS change a direction is a broken impact, several people immediately scattered around, just those who were hit by the players have emerged more than two hundred thousand damage value, I am now more than 1 point of defense, if hit is absolutely dead! But BSS seems to put skills put very hppy, there is no meaning to stop, has been several broken impact released, it is estimated that half a minute dead in its hands has tens of thousands of players, I hurriedly said: "fire dance, this is not good, you hurry to let those players spread out to fight mobile warfare, do not stand in place waiting for BSS attack!" As soon as the fire dance heard the order, the players began to disperse and stand away. The room in the middle of the square had already been smashed by the broken impact of BSS, so a large group of people began to disperse around the constant attack of BSS. Bss simply put the broken impact vertically and horizontally with sword gas, which made the players tremble, fearing that the next attack of BSS would come to them! I also reminded the fire dance to maintain the strength of the butterfly dream, let the players of the butterfly dream stand at the back of the crowd waving flags and shouting, so as not to stand in front of don't Bss attack, understate and shout treachery, I also smiled and admitted that, after all, those people are just for the butterfly dream of that group, not really loyal to the butterfly dream, kill the task PK and so on,secondary containment pallet, once or twice may also come over, I'm afraid more times are not willing. Unless those people are incorporated into the sub-alliance of Butterfly Dream, we can't count on them too much!