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Jig Machine factory Description锛?/strong The jigger machine is a deep trough sorting operation. It uses water as the beneficiation medium and uses the specific gravity difference between the selected minerals and gangue for sorting. The jig mostly belongs to diaphragm type, and the stroke and stroke can be flexibly adjusted according to the specific gravity of the selected minerals. It is used for gravity beneficiation of tungsten, tin, placer gold, hematite, ferrous iron, manganese, titanium, antimony, lead, tantalum, niobium and other metals. Features Jigger Machine price is competiitve and friendly. It has the advantages of small footprint, energy saving and simplified process configuration. All of our mining machines adopt the modular installation, with no on-site electric welding operation. This can save more time and the installation cost. It is simple to replace the screen process, easy to operate the equipment, it is mainly used in grain, food, chemical, sugar, pottery, mining, medicine, metallurgy, building materials, mining, paper and other industries. Working principle: Industrial tests carried our of Jigger machine and Sine Wave Jig for comparison showed that the recovery rate for operation of Saw-tooth Wave Jig is raised by Sn:3.01%, W:5.5%, Pb:1.63%, Zn:2.04%; The water consumption reduces 30%-40% than traditional Jig. The area reduces 1/3 and the stroke may adjust also. The jigger machine is widely used in the beneficiation of non-metal mineral, metal mineral and smelting slag. The processing material is as following: 銆怤on-metal mineral:銆慴arite ore, fluorite ore,garnet ore,celestite 銆怣etal mineral:銆?Manganese ore, Antomy ore, Chromite ore, Tin ore, Lead ore, Scheelite ore, Iron ore, Wolframite, Copper ore. 銆怉pplication:銆憄lacer gold, diamond, tungsten, iron, tin, hematite, cope, tantalum-niobium, titanium, manganese, barite, zirconium, chrome and gemstone, etc. Technique Parameter: ModelShapeArea(銕?Feeding size (mm)Water added (m鲁/t)Pressure of water (Mpa)Capacity (t/h)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg) DME-JT0.57-1Ladder0.57銆?1~3銆?.51~2.51550*780*15300.61 DME-JT1-1Ladder1.04銆?01~3銆?.52~42270*1110*18900.9 DME-JT2-2Rect2.28銆?01~3銆?.54~83225*1550*20501.64 DME-JT3-1Ladder3.3銆?01~3銆?.56~103180*2000*26003.26 DME-JT5-2Ladder4.85銆?01~3銆?.510~153600*2000*26003.5 DME-JT1.5-2Rect1.53銆?01~2銆?.55~83200*1550*20501.52 DME-JT4-2Rect4.33銆?01~2銆?.510~153600*1850*26003.5 High quality material: brand new high quality raw material, durable and not easy to lose Reasonable design: the process is mature, the stress point is thickened and reinforced, which conforms to the mechanical design principle Contact锛?br/DESEN MINERAL PROCESSING EXPERT Whatsapp:+8613319277356 Email:Desen@oremagnetic.com Jig Machine factory website:http://www.ore-magnetic-mining.com/gravity-mining-machine/jig-machine/