Ao Feng _ 4

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"Grandpa doesn't have to feel embarrassed. He came to admit defeat on the orders of the young master." Baili Wushuang looked calm and said in a faint voice, "Young Lord knows my relationship with the North Sea of the Broken Soul Sea.

"Grandpa doesn't have to feel embarrassed. He came to admit defeat on the orders of the young master." Baili Wushuang looked calm and said in a faint voice, "Young Lord knows my relationship with the North Sea of the Broken Soul Sea. He sympathizes with Wushuang's feelings, so he doesn't want to fight with Grandpa. In this competition, I, the strong man in the mainland, admit defeat directly. Wushuang just came to say hello to Grandpa." His tone was rather flat, but it sounded like a thunderbolt in his ears! All of a sudden, the faces were once again covered with incredible! The first important duel of the strong side of the mainland actually conceded defeat! It's so weird! Don't they know the importance of this competition? Once you lose, you have to lose your personal freedom. How can you give up a fight like this? The battlefield was quiet for a while. For example, the sea demon king on the other side of the Sea of Broken Souls was the first to wake up. He opened his mouth with a sneer and said, "This is the only courage of a strong man on the mainland!"! That sounds good. Don't sympathize with the mood of subordinates? After all, your young Lord is still too young. He only knows how to be emotional. He is fooling around like this for the sake of a big Lord who breaks the army level. I really don't know how he can be the young Lord who cuts the wind. Or maybe you are afraid of our soulless sea area and dare not fight with us, right? In the face of the sea demon king's cynicism, the incomparable indifference remained unchanged. The faint voice went on to say: "The sea demon king's words are not true. If my young master is not confident, he will not take the challenge of your soul-breaking sea area!"! Will give up this important competition for the sake of the matchless, just because my young master can be sure that the final winner must be my mainland strong! In that case, what if my young master gives you one? He is still so gentle tone, calm, even eyebrows did not move, but let people feel an indescribable shock! Many people were shocked by the words on the spot! Look at the tone of others, "let" give you a broken soul Haicheng ah! It seems that the mainland side has already had a well-thought-out plan and has not taken these three competitions to heart at all. This is simply a kind of utter contempt! Even Aofeng was startled by the matchless, and then showed a smile. This man deserves to be the leader of one side. Even though his character has changed because of setbacks, the heroic spirit in his bones has never been worn down. Just as he had drunk "swear to live or die with Bailimen" in Bailimen, he can also say "what if I give you one" today. Heroes, no matter how change and down and out, after all, there is a ray of heroic soul! Peerless performance is greatly unexpected, although it is to admit defeat, but it did not let the momentum of the mainland side have the slightest bit of depression, but because of his words added a bit of pride, applause once again into a ring! The other side of the Sea of Broken Souls was furious, shouting angrily, "Smelly boy, don't be arrogant!" "Less arrogant" and "wait and see" and so on, while the White Dragon King opposite him also showed a faint smile after being stunned. Warcraft, as one side of the Sea of Broken Souls, is so despised by a younger generation that he should probably be angry at this time, but the young man who can drive the momentum of the armed forces is his grandson! I am now the most important heir! How could he not be happy? The White Dragon King sighed with emotion, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet bins, "matchless, you look much better than the last time you saw me. It seems that you have found the meaning and purpose of life again.". When you left, you said you were going to find an important person to carry on your brother's legacy and protect her. Is that your young master of illusion? "Yes!"! She is the one I and Qing Xiao vowed to follow and guard all our lives! He nodded his head affirmatively. Now that you have chosen the Lord, don't doubt your decision. Go back. After saying this, the White Dragon King heaved a long sigh and continued to say in a voice that only two people could hear: "The foreign guild will bless you behind you. I hope that as you said, you will win the duel.". ” At this moment, the white dragon king's mood is absolutely complicated, but he eventually fell to his grandson, even though he will not openly betray the sea, but still can not help but want to see his heir beyond himself, under the oath, he is willing to lose personal freedom is his own, the elder's love for the younger generation is always so selfless and generous. Peerless cold eyes slightly stare big, cold heart suddenly seems to have a ray of temperature, eyes do not feel warm up. Since the death of Qing Xiao, he has never had the idea of giving up on himself, but now he knows that he is absolutely dead. He is not a poor man who has nothing. On the contrary, he has a lot of things. Look, here are my most loving relatives, and my most respected Lord! Understanding, support, tolerance, encouragement, they have given me so much, so much, what is there to feel sorry for? Qingshan man turned around, strode back, did not imagine the embarrassment or pain, but like a new life to raise a faint smile! Although the world is cruel, it still has warm feelings. [101] Chap. XIV, sect. 1. Section 1 Tian Ji Horse Racing "Brother matchless, you have a good grandfather." Looking at the return of a hundred miles of matchless, Ao Feng's eyes smiled with relief. She clearly felt the change of the man in the green shirt before and after. His body was obviously full of vitality that he had never seen for months. It must be that the White Dragon King of the North Sea said something to him alone, which made him hope for the world again. As for the general content of the speech, Aofeng can probably guess that the White Dragon King of the North Sea is a man of temperament, and this time it's really right to let a hundred miles go. The elder loves the younger generation in the same way. Don't you have a good father, too? Looking at Qin Shuo beside her, he also smiled. Ao Feng blinked and turned to look at his heroic father next to him, only to find that he happened to cast a ray of bright and gentle eyes, which were full of spoiling, so that she suddenly had an impulse to rush into her father's arms! This is the feeling of having relatives,drum spill pallet, and the fervent affection can really melt all the sadness and heal the wounded heart. But the present situation is not the time to enjoy the warmth, this moment of time, the other side of the second war also sent out. The South Sea Cloud Python King!.