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Chen Han rushed into the staircase corridor, the first idea is ready to go down, but just down a rush, suddenly the body suddenly stopped

Chen Han rushed into the staircase corridor, the first idea is ready to go down, but just down a rush, suddenly the body suddenly stopped, in this basic no one to walk on the stairs, he faintly smelled a taste of blood, now Chen Han's senses are dozens of times more sensitive than ordinary people, especially intentionally, and Chen Han is more sensitive to blood, Chen Han thought in his heart, in the fight just now, This man should not be injured, there is blood, should also be the blood of the opponent, but his clothes are obviously temporary clothes, blood spilled on the body, seeped over, but the smell is really on the top. Chen Hanmeng a step, more than a dozen stairs directly over,Flushometer valve, at the foot to speed up, has soon reached the roof, the roof door is open, the other side obviously did not expect someone to follow, Chen Hanmeng breathless concentration, control of his body, quietly looking out of the door. The man who saw Song Zian in the competition just now was turning his back to Chen Han,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, who was standing on the edge of the corner of more than 30 floors, looking at the lights of the New Year everywhere in the city from a distance, but his mood was obviously not so good. Feng Wen Ding, you egg, take me as a monkey to play, let me come to this place to compete with others, but also say what for the family plan, I Bah.. "Had it not been for your deceit, I would have entered Heaven many years later, and the position of head of the family would not have been yours." "A bunch of idiots, a bunch of bastards." ……………… Chen Han is also a Leng, this voice he is very familiar with, this is not some time ago to the Niujia Martial Arts School to kick the hall of Fengyun Hao. At this time, stainless steel toilet ,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, he was standing on the roof, saying to himself that he could not roar as hard as ordinary people, otherwise people around and even in the building could hear it. After all, it was almost impossible for a man to roar like an ordinary person, and some people would hear it for several kilometers or even more. Before I just feel some familiar, did not expect that it is Fengyun Hao, he is really unlucky, Tianji strong to do this for him, but also really depressed enough. After all, which one is not high above, the world's characters, even if there are some for the use of dignitaries, are also respectful, can only be regarded as mutual cooperation, which will be like now, to compete with others, by countless people around the bet to win or lose. Feng Yunhao soliloquized for a while, then controlled his mood and looked around. Chen Han knew at a glance that he was ready to leave. That's a good point. Chen Han suddenly opened his mouth and came out from behind, smiling at Fengyun Hao. Who As soon as Chen Han made a sound, Fengyun Hao gave a cry and turned back fiercely. At his feet, his body was like sliding. He slid back ten meters and looked at Chen Han carefully. As a Tianjianqiang, he was already very careful, mainly because he was afraid that others would have no face to go on after they knew it, but there was no one to follow him, which shocked him. Chen Han.. More shocked is still behind, see Chen Han, Fengyun Hao face suddenly changed. "" Chen Han said with a faint smile: "The game just now was really wonderful. I also pressed hundreds of millions of yuan. I won a lot of money this time. Don't you come here specially to thank me? If you play again one day, you must inform me. I will support you." Feng Yunhao saw that Chen Han's face was not right. Hearing what Chen Han said, it was more painful than stabbing him with a knife. His face became extremely ugly. He glared at Chen Han: "You want to die!" Chen Han did not attack just now, because Chen Han knew that a sneak attack might hurt Fengyun Hao, but it was impossible to kill Fengyun Hao with one blow, because the most powerful thing in the wind family was the body. And even just outside his body there is a layer of protection Gang Qi flow, in this case the sneak attack effect is not big, it is better to come out to stimulate him. Chen Han continued: "I still have the video of your bold, brave and sincere confession just now. I think you must be very willing to listen to it. If you upload it to the Internet, it will be more wonderful. By the way, I just recorded your profile. Do you need to take a positive close-up and shoot it again?" Updated, updated, everyone support the monthly ticket, it's the end of the month. ) (To be continued, if you want to know what happened, please log in,Flush Retrofit Kit, more chapters, support for making, support for genuine reading!) 。 cnkexin.com