Criminal Criminal

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The short spear was made by a famous craftsman of the State of Chu. One weighs 35 Jin, and the other weighs 50 Jin.

The short spear was made by a famous craftsman of the State of Chu. One weighs 35 Jin, and the other weighs 50 Jin. But this Zhuang does not know, the martial arts is also quite not vulgar. He joined the government relatively late, and three years ago, he was recommended to become a warder in Pei County. At first sight, it is easy to be deceived by his appearance. Smiling. A harmless look for people and animals. But people in Pei County all know that this person is ruthless. The treatment of prisoners is ferocious. Anyone who is put in prison, no matter what the charge, must first receive twenty sticks. In the words of Zhuang Buzhi, these prisoners are all outlaws and unruly. Twenty sticks, just to kill their power and prestige. If you are not obedient. There are other lives. However, most of the prisoners, after eating the twenty sticks, were honest and did not dare to make trouble. It is precisely because of this reason that Zhuang Buzhi has made remarkable achievements. Li Fang attaches great importance to it. Instead is Xiao He, see this person is quite bad. However, such a tyrannical person, Liu bang is very respectful. No wonder, in the eyes of Liu Da and others, Liu bang is an unlearned. An idle knave. But in the majority of life and the bottom of the people, Liu bang temperament heroic, magnanimous, is a hero worth following,lutein eye complex, is a great man. When Liu bang was captured, and Bo Zhou Lu Wan Zhou three people, are also implicated. ZhuangBuShi did not embarrass them, although nominally he watch Liu bang, but in fact. To Liu bang four people without the slightest slack. Since GuanZe set out, ZhuangBuShi with seven or eight county officials, Liu bang four people on the road. Originally, before Guan Ze was captured,jujube seed powder, Liu Bang and others were going to turn around here and go to Yu County (now Yu County, Shangqiu, Henan). After bypassing Meng Zhuze, they went east to Fengyi. But now, after Liu bang was arrested, they were ordered to escort Liu bang to xiangxian. All the way. Zhuang Buzhi couldn't help wondering, "Brother Liu.". What did you do? Why did Lao Qin arrest you? At this time, it happened that Liu Fei attacked the prison car in Surabaya County. Make a big deal of it. But before that, Peixian did not make things clear. Only said Liu bang committed a crime, so to send him to the county to interrogate. Meng County did not explain clearly. And Liu bang, don't even know what happened. ^ ^ ^ ^ In his mind, he doesn't seem to have caused any trouble. All these years in the Surabaya Pavilion, perhaps it is a misunderstanding? Hearing Zhuang's inquiry, Liu Bang was also at a loss. If he has offended anyone. I'm afraid it's Liu Da of Loucang! But what happened in that year has passed for many years, shouldn't it? Besides, ghana seed extract ,turmeric extract powder, if Liu Da really want to clean him up, will send someone to come over in person. So, Liu bang after a doubt, immediately denied the idea. If in addition to Liu Da, he really didn't offend anyone these years. What can happen? Liu Bang shook his head blankly. Maybe there was a mistake. I haven't caused any trouble in the past two years. As he spoke, he took a look at the two of them. That means asking the two of them, "Are you making trouble behind my back?"? Lu Wan Bo Zhou, also shook his head. As for Zhou Ke. Not a troublemaker. Besides, his cousin Zhou Chang work in the warehouse, very Liu Da's trust. Although they have different ideas, they are relatives after all. If Liu Da really take action, Zhou Chang will certainly find a way to inform Zhou Ke. So, Liu bang once again ruled out Liu Da. As everyone knows, everything is secretly planned by Chen Ping. Had it not been for Liu Da's inquiry, he might even have been kept in the dark, not to mention Zhou Chang. A group of people went south from Guanting and arrived at Qixiang a few days later. In front, it is Dangshan County. After Dangshan, we entered Surabaya County. The identity of Liu bang is a prisoner, natural impossible into the county. So Zhuang didn't know how to leave him in Qixiang, let people take good care of Liu Bang four people, went to Dangshan alone. Dangshan county, need to replace the disc, this is also the law of the Qin Dynasty. Qin Fa attached great importance to Guan Di, especially the Three Fields Rebellion in Qilu, which was originally somewhat slack. All of a sudden, it was back to its previous tight state. If there is no clearance, it is impossible for anyone to pass the clearance. Therefore, Zhuang does not know that he must first change the disc before he can pass Dangshan County. Zhuang Bushi is gone! Liu Bang and others were imprisoned in Qiting prison, and several officials from Pei County were guarding them outside. At noon, everyone felt hungry. Just then, Qi Tingting accompanied an old villager. Came outside the prison. Where did these prisoners come from? "Tell you, these people are prisoners taken to Xiangxian County.". On the way, we need to change the disc, so the prisoner is temporarily detained here. So it's a tour here! Liu bang looked out from the prison door, only to see the swim, dressed as a military officer. You, one of the three elders, is responsible for arresting criminals. He came to inquire and interrogate. It's not surprising. So Liu bang also didn't take it to heart. He sat in the haystack, leaning against the wall, but he could not help but miss the small home in Fengyi City! I didn't feel anything before, but when I was in trouble, I realized that the dilapidated home was so warm. I couldn't help sighing. Looked at Bo Zhou and Lu Wan three people, can not help but feel guilty: "a few brothers, Liu Ji dragged you ah!" "Why did Big Brother say that?" Lu Wan hurriedly said, "We didn't do anything anyway. It must have been a mistake by the government office." When we get to Xiangxian, we will naturally be able to redress our grievances. "To redress the wrongs?" Relatively silent Bo Zhou, but at this time Hou opened his mouth. I don't think it's that easy. "What do you mean, Lao Zhou?" Bo Zhou shook his head,tannic acid astringent, "I don't know.". It just feels like it's not that simple. Several people were talking when they suddenly heard the smell of rice. Liu Bang was stunned and looked up. See Qi Tingting long with people, carried two barrels, which filled with fragrant rice.