Ao Shi Yan Tian

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When Aofang came to the backyard martial arts training ground, he saw Du Hongyi and Murong Xue competing.

When Aofang came to the backyard martial arts training ground, he saw Du Hongyi and Murong Xue competing. I said, "Elder Martial Brother, walk backwards and use some strength. Haven't you eaten yet?" Murong Xue easily avoided Du Hongyi's attack while speaking to stimulate Du Hongyi. "Du Hongyi snorted.". White Murong snow one eye, the strength gap between the two is too big. Murong Xue is just acting as a sparring partner, not at all. In the corner of the martial arts training ground, Xiao Qi lay quietly enjoying sunbathing, half squinting. Looks lazy, suddenly a familiar figure appeared in the eyes of small Qi, Qi originally misty eyes lit up, followed by the excitement of the past. Du Hongyi and Murong Xue saw Xiao Qi suddenly move, stopped to look in the direction of the gate, and found that it was Shibo who had been away for a long time. "Teacher.". The two men also ran to Ao Fang. Xiao Qi came to Aofang's side and rubbed his head on Aofang's body intimately. In eight months, Xiao Qi was much taller than before. He was almost as tall as Fang, who was 1.83 meters tall. Ao Fang gently stroked the two slightly longer horns on Xiao Qi's head. The more I look at it,pumpkin seed extract, the more I feel that Xiao Qi is very similar to the legendary Kirin. "Shibo, you are finally out of the pass. This time you have been in seclusion for a long time." "In Aofu, you eat well, sleep well, and are in the period of development. Du Hongyi is also much taller than more than half a year ago. He is nearly 1.6 meters tall. With a well-fitting white robe, he looks like a juvenile version of Fang. Murong Xue is still the same. He has followed Ao Fang for a long time,saw palmetto extract, and his original naughtiness has been restrained. He is still so beautiful and moving. I see both of you have made progress. Shibo is very happy, hehe. Hearing Aofang praise himself, Du Hongyi and Murong Xue showed a knowing smile, but Aofang is the most admired person of the two. They are happier to hear Fang's praise than to get a good magic weapon. After all, there are many advanced magic weapons in Shibo. What haven't you seen before? "Two exquisitely made flying swords appeared out of thin air in front of Du Hongyi and Murong Xue. One was lavender, and the other was water blue. Murong Xue, who was more knowledgeable than Du Hongyi, screamed first." These two Xiapin immortals are the rewards that Shibo gave you at that time. "Xie Shi" two people do not forget to immediately recognize the Lord when they are happy, but they have been waiting for Ao Fang's fairy for a long time. Ao Fang smiled and refused to give them the fairy ware before, mainly because he was worried that once their fairy ware was exposed, ghana seed extract ,phycocyanin spirulina, it would bring them danger, and now his clan is almost established. And their own strength has risen a lot, there is no such concern. Remember to practice hard when you receive my things. "Yes." "Both said yes respectfully." "Xiao Qi suddenly touched Ao Fang.". Ao Fang looked down and found that Xiao Qi was staring at himself. "Haha, Xiao Qi, do you think I'm much better than before?" "Well," Xiao Qi nodded. Why don't we have a competition. Speaking of the competition, Xiao Qi was so excited that he nodded excitedly and ran to the middle of the martial arts field first. The martial arts training ground was very big, and Ao Fang walked leisurely to the opposite side of Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi, bring it on. Ao Fang has a confident smile on his face. Seeing that Aofang and Xiaoqi were doing it again, Du Hongyi and Murong Xue hurriedly retreated to one side. They were all full of curiosity about the strength of Aofang after breaking through. Before the competition between Aofang and Xiaoqi, neither side could win the other. What happened after the breakthrough? Small Qi oncoming force is fierce, reach the speed of the later period of the robbery, Murong Xue and Du Hongyi only see a vague shadow. When Xiao Qi was about to bump into Ao Fang, Ao Fang's figure was just a flash. The whole person disappeared in place. Squeak Xiaoqi's collision fell through. A quick brake left four long marks on the ground. Turn around. Ao Fang was already standing behind Xiao Qi. Or negative hand and stand, or so natural and unrestrained. With a loud roar, Xiao Qi rushed to Ao Fang again. When Xiao Qi was about to bump into Ao Fang again, he disappeared in front of Xiao Qi again, and Xiao Qi's collision failed again. Du Hongyi and Murong Xue were stunned. Younger martial sister, can you see Shibo's movements? Murong Xue shook his head subconsciously. As soon as the book was written, it was as old as Wanshu Yingqu, and the speed of writing Xiaoqi was already very fast for them. It was very difficult for them to see the moving figure of Xiao Qi. But they couldn't even see how the square was moving, so fast that they didn't even leave a shadow. Xiao Qi, you are much slower than me now. "" Ao Fang laughed. " "One man and one beast confronted each other, and Xiao Qi seemed very unhappy and shouted at Ao Fang." Ha-ha, are you not convinced? Then come again, if you can meet me, you can do whatever you want. "" Ao Fang's words are full of absolute confidence. " "At the foot of a force, set off a thick dust, Xiao Qi will speed up to the limit of the past once again rushed to the Aofang.". Ao Fang smiled leisurely and disappeared again. “。“ 。 Du Hongyi and Murong Xue, who were watching the battle on the sidelines, saw a scene in which they did not know whether to laugh or cry. Every time Xiao Qi rushed to Ao Fang's side, Ao Fang would appear in another place in an instant. Xiao Qi rushed over again, and Ao Fang would appear in another place again. So repeatedly, I don't know whether Ao's speed has reached the limit or intentionally played Xiao Qi. Every time when Xiao Qi was about to meet him, he threw it away,carnosic acid price, which made Xiao Qi almost mad. Xiao Qi pounced again, and the result was naturally lost. Roar. This time Xiao Qi did not rush to Ao Fang again, but stood in place and shouted at Ao Fang a few times. It looks very uncomfortable. Roar and roar and do.