Wolong gives birth to the Jade Hairpin Alliance

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Sister, what are you thinking about? The body hasn't recovered yet, so don't work too hard. Ding Ling turned

Sister, what are you thinking about? The body hasn't recovered yet, so don't work too hard. Ding Ling turned her face and said with a smile, "I'm thinking that Xu Xianggong's skill is so fast. It's really something I've never heard of. If the third uncle doesn't come when the old ghost of the cold family catches his body, I think Xu Gengong will not allow him to succeed. It would be nice if he could give the old ghost a little hardship.." As he spoke, his heart seemed to rejoice. Ding Feng replied, "The old ghost of the Leng family is really hateful. As soon as he saw the third uncle coming, he immediately took advantage of the wind to turn the rudder. On the contrary, he said he was playing with us. This man is really crafty." Ding Ling nodded and said, "My sister only knows that he's afraid of the third uncle, so she won't embarrass us. In fact, he's trying to please the third uncle. He wants to use his power to get rid of Xu Xianggong. If he succeeds in this plan, then he's going to plot against the third uncle and us. This man is more vicious than a jackal." "Oh," said Ding Feng, "why did Xu Xianggong meet all these people? Sister, do you think he will suffer losses? The words are full of concern. "Don't worry, sister," Ding Ling said with a smile. "Don't say he has a golden second child, but he doesn't have a golden second child. With his skill, I'm afraid few people in Jianghu today can embarrass him. Don't you see that even the third uncle and the cold old ghost can't help him?" Ding Feng did not speak, and her face showed a look of relief. Ding Ling added, "Xu Xianggong is an extraordinary man. Even the God Beggar Zong treats the strange swordsman who values Wulin in that way. I think he will be able to do something extraordinary for Wulin." Yunmeng Erjiao, although born in the Greenwood family,rosmarinic acid supplement, and young, has already spread the world in the name of ruthless and clever, but the girl is still emotional in the end, not to mention these two girls, but also temperament. The people around them were either rough greenwood high-rollers or treacherous and cunning Jianghu figures, so when they saw Xu yuanping, they felt that he was a person with a clear wind and a misty moon, and had a very good impression in their hearts. Later,akba boswellic acid, Xu yuanping pretended to be a rickshaw puller and went to the ancient capital of Luoyang. Later, because Ding Ling was injured by Sanyang Qi, Xu yuanping pursued the purple girl for her and ventured into the bamboo and stone array.. During this long period of time, all these things made her two people's impression and feelings of Xu yuanping increase day by day, so they did not know when they would see each other again, and they had an indescribable melancholy. Along the way, they unconsciously talked about Xu yuanping. The two of them did not know how far they had gone in this kind of lost love. Looking back, they saw that a vast and winding grassland path had been completed. Looking up, it was a sparse forest in front of us, because it was late autumn, the branches and leaves of the forest were already very scattered, only maple and cypress trees, still left a little autumn, fluttering in the autumn wind. The two of them had nowhere to go, so they crossed the forest. At the end of the forest, they looked out through the trees. In front of them was a continuous hill. Under the hill, best green coffee bean extract ,pumpkin seed extract, there was a long figure walking there. Ding Feng gently dragged the corner of Ding Ling's clothes, pouted, and said, "Sister, look, there are people walking in front of you. They must be approaching the store." When Ding Ling heard this, she looked forward and saw that the man was wearing a long gown and carrying a long sword on his back. Although he was not fast, he was not slow either. Ding Ling is the most careful person. As soon as she saw the man's back, she stared at him for a long time and said to herself, "It's strange that there are people walking in such a desolate place. They must be people in the martial arts world." Ding Feng was rather playful. "Shall we go up and have a look?" She hurriedly interrupted. Ding Ling hesitated for a moment, then shook her head and said, "No, my body hasn't recovered yet. You still have to take care of me. We'd better not bother.." 。 "I'm just saying whether I want to have a look or not," said Ding Fengyi. "I'm not saying I want to take a look." Then she turned to Ding Ling and said with a smile, "My sister used to love to catch up with the fun and be naughty. Why has she changed since she met Xu Xianggong.." 。 When Ding Ling heard this, she secretly scolded, "The ghost girl is getting more and more naughty.". But even though there were only two sisters in the girl's family, she didn't want people to know what was on her mind. She pretended that her face would sink and said, "Two girls.." Ding Feng stretched out her tongue and said with a smile, "You're not in good health. I won't make you angry. My good sister, can you forgive me?" These words made Ding Ling laugh, too. Ding Ling stared at the man in front of her for a while and said to Ding Feng, "Second girl, where have I seen the back of the man in front of me?" 。 "All right," said Ding Feng! Then let's go up and have a look. Ding Ling did not make a sound, but nodded, then two people will speed up, through the woods, to meet the past in the oblique. The man in front, dressed in a long gown and carrying a long sword on his back, seemed to have no idea that such a desolate place would be stared at by others, so he walked very calmly. Not long after, Ding Ling and Ding Feng walked out of the woods and saw that the man was already walking along a small hill. "Sister," said Ding Feng, "whether we know that man or not, in my opinion, we'd better not meet him face to face for the time being. We can go around the hill and have a look from his side first." Ding Ling said with a smile, "I can't believe you've made a lot of progress these days. It's worth a little thought." As they talked and laughed, the two sisters lowered their bodies and hurried to the front fence. After about two cups of hot tea, Ding Ling calculated that she had probably caught up. At this time, she was afraid that Ding Feng would speak, so she had to point to her mouth with one hand and shake her hand, suggesting that Ding Feng asked her not to make a sound. With the other hand, she pointed to a rock seven or eight feet above the ground. Two sisters from small to large, are together, will naturally get each other's mind, Ding Feng a look at Ding Ling's move, know that has caught up, sister's meaning is to hide behind the big stone, peep who is coming. The two of them took a few steps forward and hid behind the big stone. Ding Ling felt a little tired because she had been in a hurry for a while. She leaned on the boulder and gasped gently, motioning to Ding Feng to see who was coming. Ding Feng looked up and shook his head at Ding Ling to show that he did not know her. Ding Ling breathed a sigh of relief,lycopene for skin, and as soon as she stretched out her head, she immediately drew back. Ding Feng couldn't help whispering in her ear, "Does my sister know this man?" Ding Ling nodded. prius-biotech.com