Rebuild the Prehistoric Recipe of Adverse Life

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"Yes, Lao Zu, we understand." Thirteen mixed yuan can prove enough to prove their talent, and they are Luo Kui carefully trained

"Yes, Lao Zu, we understand." Thirteen mixed yuan can prove enough to prove their talent, and they are Luo Kui carefully trained, in Luo Kui under countless years, nature will soon be the meaning of Luo Kui, with one voice. Then he immediately stood in a row behind him, alert and staring ahead. "En" Seeing that the thirteen mixed yuan understood his meaning, Luo Wei nodded with satisfaction and said nothing more. He put his eyes on the seal of the demon world, and his face suddenly became very serious. "Kill God Dao" With a deep roar, a magic sword suddenly appeared in Luo's hand. It was his life Lingbao Slaying Magic Sword. It was a top attack Lingbao designed for killing. Its attack power was so powerful that it could catch up with the innate treasure. Its blade was so dark that it had endless evil spirits. But now, with more than a billion years, Luo has been tempered day and night with endless blood of life, and now the dark body of the sword is full of eerie blood red, and the attack power has risen to a higher level than the general innate treasure. Give Ben Zu a break. In the eyes of the fine awn skyrocketed, Luo Kui hands clenched the sword over his head, a majestic magic force rushed into the blade, an amazing momentum burst out from Luo Kui, and then saw a long blood-red sword awn appeared above Luo Kui's head, with a towering momentum suddenly cut forward, and soon it had been cut on the seal. Now, follow my attack. On the side of the flood and famine, Xuanlin's eyes rose sharply, and he shouted to all the mixed yuan sages beside him, and then he took the lead in launching an attack. Twelve grades of Jingshi White Lotus were released from Xuanlin's hands, rotating and enlarging in the air, blooming endless holy light, and flying towards the demon world that was breaking the seal. Other mixed yuan strong reaction is not slow, immediately brewing their own attacks, then, they saw Zixuan threw out twelve grades of reincarnation purple lotus, constantly rotating in the air to become bigger, blooming a monster incomparable, so that countless monks soul can not help but a burst of palpitating purple light,stesweet stevia, followed by the white lotus behind the speed toward the demon world. At the same time, Lao Tzu and others also manipulated the Taiji diagram and other treasures, and launched a fierce attack on the demon world. With the sound of an earth-shaking collision throughout the demon world, Dao Mang finally cut down on the seal. The great magic power contained in Dao Mang, the power of the silk law, and the strong impact force instantly invaded the seal. Soon, a piercing sound came from the seal covering the whole demon world. In the blink of an eye, the seal covering the whole demon world was broken in one fell swoop under the attack of Dao Mang. The demon world was completely connected with the flood and famine. Also at the moment when the seal was broken, the attacks of Xuanlin and others broke through the air one after another, passing through the already broken seal compartment and entering the demon world. Sure enough, as expected by Ben Zu, he felt that the imposing attacks appeared in front of him at the moment when the seal was broken, and Luo's secret way in his heart was just a little puzzled in his eyes. Because although these attacks are powerful, Luo can feel that they are all issued by the mixed sage, but the breath of these attacks is very strange, and there is no familiar breath of Ye Feng Hongjun, the two "old friends". This makes Luo Kui very suspicious, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, Ye Feng Hongjun is not hiding, good opportunity to attack him, think of here, Luo Kui heart suddenly alert unceasingly. But alert to alert, at this time in the face of these attacks, Luo Kui hand attack is not slow, and has long been prepared for the thirteen mixed yuan subordinates, have sent out a powerful attack to the extreme, toward the attack of Xuanlin and others. (PS: Ask for tickets and ask for collection) Chapter 247 two armies against each other! Chapter 247 two armies against each other! Boom, boom With the constant collision in the air of the attacks from the two sides of the immortal Buddha and the demon world, a deafening explosion echoed in the flood and famine land and the demon world that had been connected with the flood and famine, and endless hot air waves burst out, one after another, spreading rapidly around, evaporating innumerable white clouds. It took a long time to subside, and the air, which had burst into a strong light from the attack and collision, quickly returned to Pure Brightness. "It seems that the strength of the Demon World Army is really incomparable." After seeing that the sneak attack was ineffective, Xuanlin, who had taken back Jingshi Bailian, secretly said in his heart that he should know that they, including seven saints, had seventeen masters at the level of Hun yuan. This sudden attack, although Xing Tian because he is not good at far attack, did not shoot, but add up to also have 16 mixed yuan strong at the same time launched an attack to sneak attack. However, these attacks were all blocked by the army of the demon world, which shows that the strength of the army of the demon world is no less powerful than the two immortals and Buddhas. But strong to strong, Xuanlin practice for countless years, what storms have not seen, naturally will not be frightened by the strength of the small magic way, still calm. But he also did not let a group of mixed yuan sage with him to attack, after all, sneak attack this thing, the best effect is the first time, since the first time are invalid, then not to mention the back, so, they are just quietly hanging in the air, waiting for the army of the demon world to come out from the demon world. Men, follow this ancestor to kill, kill every prehistoric monk in front of you, and raise the power of the Demon Way. The quiet on the western side made him realize that the two immortals and Buddhas had no more sneak attacks, so he immediately shouted to the rear army, and then took the lead in launching his posture, quickly out of the demon world, and headed for the flood and famine. But his face has always been alert, because until now he has not noticed the breath of Ye Feng Hongjun, which is very unusual, revealing a strange, so that Luo can not feel at ease. Kill "" Is a burst of deafening shouts constantly sounded, one after another, driven by Luo Kui, hundreds of millions of magic repair have been like out of the cage of ferocious tigers and wolves, under the leadership of the thirteen mixed yuan strong,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, mighty to the flood and famine, with crazy color on his face, eyes filled with bloodthirsty light. The monstrous evil spirit and murderous look rose to the sky. "Sure enough.".