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"When I was preaching, men were wives and concubines, and when they saw women kneeling down and saluting,

"When I was preaching, men were wives and concubines, and when they saw women kneeling down and saluting, they raised their children and kept the three cardinal guides and the five constant virtues." "When I preach, women are gods, men are maidservants, and women are worshipped.." …… In Ye Xu's mind, the Queen of Heaven originally did not prove the truth, but with the help of the three treasures of the Emperor of Heaven, she forcibly raised the realm of cultivation to the level of proof. Unexpectedly, in World War I, she finally broke through the barrier and became the first woman to prove the truth. As soon as the Queen of Heaven demonstrated the truth, her strength increased sharply, which put more pressure on him. Yuxu, I have proved the truth and become the first female heavenly king through the ages. You have not yet proved the truth. How can you resist the siege of the four heavenly kings? The Queen of Heaven giggled and suddenly urged the tourmaline of the yuan and Ming Dynasties, only to see that this treasure could soar, get rid of Ye Xu's treasure entanglement, roar into the abyss of the yuan Cave, drill into the Xuandu Tianmo Tower, and enter the three palaces of crape myrtle. In an instant, she helped the Demon Emperor to get out of trouble. Ye Xu's face was grave and he slowly exhaled. Now, he finally has to face the most dangerous battle! At this time, the battle outside the Yuxu Palace of the Nine Heavenly Gods had come to an end,alloy die casting, and many gods and emperors under the command of the Heavenly Tomb, the Buddhist Realm and the Queen of Heaven had fallen and died, and their forces had been swept away. The Great Sun Emperor was finally destroyed by the God King of Tan Zu with the Infinite Altar for three generations. He was beheaded in the landscape map of the Qing Emperor and turned into ashes. Tan Zu God King also took this battle, and finally understood the realm of the emperor, communicated with heaven and earth, was recognized by heaven and earth, and achieved the emperor. Miss Tianyaoji, please come up for a while. We have something to discuss. In the Yuxu Palace, the two empresses,Steel investment casting, Feng Yanrou and Su Qiaoqiao, suddenly opened their mouths. Tianyaoji hesitated for a moment. She did not participate in the First World War of the Nine Heavens. The power of Emperor Hui was preserved. At the moment, the two empresses of Yuxu Palace invited each other. They did not know the real purpose, which made her a little afraid. I wonder what happened to the two empresses? Tianyaoji threw aside the hesitation in her heart and stepped into the Yuxu Palace. As soon as she entered the Yuxu Palace, she suddenly felt a huge shock in her heart. She saw a young man in a blue shirt with his hands on his back and his back to her. Suddenly, the young man in a blue shirt turned his head and said with a smile, "Yao Ji, you and I have always been enemies. We haven't had a chance to talk about it in detail. It's better to take this opportunity to talk about it." "Yuxu, how could you." Tianyaoji exclaimed, looked up and saw that in the Hongmeng embryo, there was also a Ye Xu with three flowers on his head, urging all kinds of treasures to fight with the four heavenly kings again and again, which really made her elusive, which is the real body of Ye Xu, which is the incarnation of Ye Xu! She quickly suppressed the palpitations in her heart and said with a smile, "Emperor, CNC machining parts ,titanium machining parts, is this your incarnation?"? And the one nine days away is your body? "Emperor Hui, the Queen of Heaven, the Great Blessed One, and the Demon Emperor, how overbearing the four emperors are! How can they be matched by their incarnations?" With a smile on his face, Ye Xu did not deny it. He waved his hand. The scenery in front of him changed. A palace appeared. He asked Tian Yao Ji to sit down. "Yao Ji, please sit down," he said with a smile. Day Yao Ji heart is a shock, the Queen of Heaven Emperor Hui and others have done their best, and Ye Xu unexpectedly has an incarnation in the Yuxu Palace, this is not to say, he still has spare capacity? "I don't know what the emperor wants to talk about when he invites his concubine." Ye Xu said with a smile, "I want to talk to you about the ownership of nine days after this war." Tianyaoji chuckled and said, "Emperor, although the battle of the Nine Heavens has been decided and the Yuxu Palace has won a great victory, the battle between the Emperor and the Four Heavens has fallen behind.". Whether the emperor can save his life is still a question. Why should we talk about the ownership of the nine days? Ye Xu smiled and said indifferently, "They have done their best, but I haven't played all my cards yet. The outcome is already clear." Tianyaoji looked up and saw that Ye Xu had caught his elbow in the Hongmeng embryo nine days away. He resisted the difficulties and began to urge reincarnation to Tianmen, struggling to compete with the four heavenly kings. He was confused and could not see where Ye Xu's chances were. Whew! The Gate of Heaven of Samsara suddenly opened, crazily absorbing the Hongmeng membrane, and sucking the Hongmeng membrane into the Gate of Heaven, only to see that the world in the door began to turn into a piece of Hongmeng, as if the world had not been opened and the chaos of heaven and earth had not been opened. Nine days away, Ye Xu's primordial spirit was suddenly cut off by the Great Blessed One with an axe, and then the Queen of Heaven stamped it, shattering Ye Xu's primordial spirit and turning it into Hongmeng Avenue, which was absorbed by the Heaven Gate of Samsara! "Sniff!" The Demon Emperor waved the Qiyao Banner, cut Ye Xu's body into pieces, urged the jade to finish the seal of heaven, pressed it down hard, and beat Ye Xu's body into Hongmeng purple gas, which was also absorbed by the reincarnation gate! At the same time, the Great Blessed One looked at the World Tree in the Heaven Gate of Samsara with an axe and cut it down. The Queen of Heaven, the Demon Emperor, and the Great Blessed One went all out to sacrifice the Nine Great Treasures and bombarded the Heaven Gate repeatedly. They even planned to destroy the Heaven Gate on the spot and cut off Ye Xu's hope of coming back to life. Only Emperor Hui, with an unbearable look on her face, withdrew from the battlefield and no longer participated. Boom! The Gate of Heaven of Samsara cracked and shattered, turning into a huge Hongmeng membrane. Treasures flew out of the gate one by one. The six samsara were broken again, and huge fragments flew out one by one. The Great Blessed One, the Queen of Heaven, the Demon Emperor and others snatched them one after another. The scene was extremely chaotic. Emperor, you are dead. What else can we talk about? Tianyaoji sighed and got up to leave. "Dong!" The Hongmeng embryo suddenly beat violently. When Tianyaoji heard the sound, she stopped hurriedly. Her eyes showed the color of disbelief. She lost her voice and said, "Emperor, which one is your real body?" Ye Xu smiled and said nothing. After a moment, Tianyaoji gritted her teeth and sat down. "What shall we talk about, Emperor?" She said with a smile. Chapter 1027 Hongmeng Testimony. Ye Xu smiled. In his eyes, there were countless changes of truth, like two small Hongmeng membranes, constantly deducing Hongmeng Avenue. He said, "Yao Ji,Magnetic Drain Plug, what I want to talk to you about is just a deal." Tianyaoji gazed at Ye Xu's eyes and felt unfathomable. She couldn't see the truth in his eyes at all. She said with a smile, "Emperor, the transaction is your love and my wish. We also need to see what you want and what you can give." Ye Xu smiled and spoke eloquently.