She is very ill (industry elite, cool and silent male protagonist, female protagonist of snake essence disease)

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Sue shook her head and chewed the bread. In half a minute. She glanced at the drink window before she opened her mouth.

Sue shook her head and chewed the bread. In half a minute. She glanced at the drink window before she opened her mouth. There are so many people, and I have finished eating when you come back. All right, don't talk to me. Don't tempt me to talk. I want to live longer. Jiang Jiagang wanted to say something when he suddenly found the people sitting in the back row of Su standing up. He carried his schoolbag on one shoulder and walked out of the dining hall with a plate in the other hand. Jiang Jia raised her chin to him and said, "Is that your great beauty?" Hearing this, Su looked back. He quickly turned his head back. Did he just sit behind me? "Yes." "Oh." “…… What are you doing? "If he sits down before me, I'm sure I can find him," Sue said with grief and indignation. But I didn't find him, which means he came later than me, and then from this angle, he must have seen me, but he didn't say hello to me. “…… Maybe he doesn't recognize your back. "Impossible!" Sue refused to admit it. "So I said he was a very ruthless man." Jiang Jia is a little speechless: "Does your great beauty know that you always speak ill of him like this?" "I didn't say that." Sue said innocently. ……” "That doesn't count. A lot of people know about it." Jiang Jia hung his head to eat the noodles and replied vaguely,14 needle valve, "Really?" "Of course, why can't I say something that everyone knows?" “……” "Zhang Lurang is very ruthless, sometimes I want to go up and beat him, if not because of him." Before Sue had finished speaking, a bony hand suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. White,brass tube fitting, slender, powerful. He carelessly put a bottle of milk in front of Sue. Then turn around and walk away. Sue could recognize the owner of the hand without looking up. And She didn't dare to look up. Jiang Jia finished eating the noodles before he raised his head. Noticing Sue's dull expression and the extra milk on one side, he said gloomily, "What's going on?" "Have you ever experienced despair?" She said softly. Ah Sue didn't speak again. She really didn't think Zhang Lurang would come back and brought her a bottle of milk. Looking at the milk on the table, Sue reached out and touched it. Hot. It seems that this brand is only available in the canteen. In this way, he really walked very fast. Sue now seems to be afraid to face the reality, constantly thinking about other things. She sighed. He inserted the straw into the mouth of the bottle and took a sip. She felt that her luck was not good at all. Every time you speak ill of him, you're bound to get caught. Radio gymnastics during the big break. The students of each class lined up outside the classroom and went to the playground. Several girls were anxious to borrow rubber bands from others and tied up their hair at random. The sun has come out. The temperature is not scorching, ball valve manufacturer ,stainless steel needle valve, but warm. It was sprinkled on Sue's body, shining with golden light. Because of her height, Sue is standing at the end of the list of girls. Her hair is naturally chestnut brown. Under the sunshine, the color becomes more and more obvious. The music of radio gymnastics sounded. As soon as Sue made her first move, she was pulled out of the queue. Before she could react, a loud rebuke came to her. Who told you to dye your hair? Sue was stunned and turned to look at the man. The grade director of the first year of high school. She pointed to her hair and explained softly, "I didn't dye it. I was born that way." He kept a straight face and didn't listen to what she said. Go back and dye me back black this week. "I really didn't dye it." Sue is explaining again. The grade director's temper suddenly came up, and his voice was loud and sharp: "Every student is caught by me, and the reason is innate.". Am I so gullible? Can't even change the reason? Sue is not talking now. Anyway, the teacher has a preconceived idea. No matter what she says, he won't believe what she says. Seeing that she no longer retorted, the teaching director's face looked better. He pointed to the direction of the teaching building and said, "Go back to the classroom. The people from the Education Bureau are coming today. Don't come out to make a fool of yourself.". Dye my hair back on the weekend. Sue looked at him and said with a cold face, "I can go back to the classroom, but I won't dye my hair black.". ” "You.." "Why should I suffer such consequences because you don't believe it?" Her temper also came up, word by word, "I said I didn't dye, I just didn't dye." He was completely unreasonable and was suddenly pulled in another direction by the topic. Who gave you permission to talk to the teacher like that? Sue didn't want to talk to him at all. "You don't respect me. Why should I respect you?" Then she walked in the direction of the teaching building. Not long after, another man flashed in front of the teaching director. He hurriedly shouted, "Eh!"! What are you doing?! Zhang Lurang turned his head and said in a cold voice, "I dyed my hair." Before Su could reach the teaching building, he was pulled by his elbow. She looked back subconsciously. When she saw Zhang Lurang, her first reaction was. Excuse me, I didn't scold you this morning. Zhang Lurang: ".." Second reaction. Don't you do exercises? What are you doing? Zhang Lurang did not speak and stared into her eyes. Sue thought for a moment and asked, "Did you hear what the grade director said?" He nodded his head. His voice was so loud that he looked at it subconsciously. I saw her. It was too far away to hear what she was saying. I could only hear the three words "dye your hair" that the teacher said. Sue doesn't care about other people's opinions, just his. She opened her mouth anxiously: "Don't listen to him. I didn't dye it." Zhang Lurang nodded again. Sue breathed a sigh of relief and began to educate him. Excuse me, I tell you,hydraulic fitting supplier, don't be afraid in this situation. Generally, as long as he is fiercer than him, he dares not say anything. He is a typical bully. “……” He thought.. "I was so angry that I thought it was reasonable to speak loudly." “……” She will cry.