Little Lucky Star of the 1970s Koi Fish [Entry]

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"This what this, there is no this that, although we do not say, but the heart is clear, when the movement, sent so

"This what this, there is no this that, although we do not say, but the heart is clear, when the movement, sent so many children to the countryside, she Fang Xie-mei everywhere looking for connections to make sick notes, is to leave her son to the city, and later find someone to engage in her son's admission qualifications for the University of Workers, Peasants and Soldiers, why let him take advantage of everything, you do not have a psychological burden." Your Mengmeng is married to the countryside, the children transferred to the city to study, no one will have a problem. Said to Fang Huiru squeezed a look of understanding. At present, the registered permanent residence in Beijing is very valuable. At the beginning, Fang Ximei's son graduated from university for a long time and did not find an acceptable unit. He was idle at home for a long time. It was not easy for him to find a wife, so he found a girl from a nearby county. Because the registered permanent residence was not in Beijing,aluminium coated steel tube, the nature of the girl's job in the unit was a temporary worker. Now there is a quota for transferring registered permanent residence in the hospital. Fang Xie-mei is eyeing this quota. Liu Jie's husband Chen Chunqiao is the dean and has the right to speak. Recently, Fang Xie-mei always went to Liu Jie to buy vegetables and inquired about the transfer of registered permanent residence. Fang Huiru remembered that the grandson of Fang Ximei's family was a registered permanent residence in Beijing, so how could he transfer his registered permanent residence to his daughter-in-law again? It's not that she doesn't like Fang Huiru's daughter-in-law. She thinks that people shouldn't take up this quota to transfer their registered permanent residence. In fact, there is this quota to transfer their registered permanent residence every year in the courtyard. Everyone defaults to keep it for the children. For those who once worked as educated youth in the countryside and gave birth to children in the countryside, they can't take their husbands/wives back to the city after returning to the city. The children will stay in the local area because of the registered permanent residence. One more place means one more child can go back to the city to study. This year, if adults do not have registered permanent residence and grain in the city also does not have much relationship,side impact beams, their ability is strong, can also be transferred to the city through the unit of registered permanent residence, their relationship is not strong, the big deal is to be a temporary worker, in addition to bad luck, other also do not hinder. But the child is not the same, children in addition to moving with their parents, no unit will accept a child, children without registered permanent residence is very inconvenient, not only to go to school is a problem, after the entrance examination is a problem. Over the years, everyone has a tacit understanding to leave the quota to the children who want to study, aluminium coated tubes ,side impact door beams, but Fang Xie-mei must take advantage of this, which is also very uncomfortable. At that time, every family in the college went to the countryside. Her son made a sick note saying that he would not go if he was ill. Later, the college pushed the students of workers, peasants and soldiers. Her son "recovered" and went to a university. Because his reputation was too bad, her son did not finish the university. After graduation, he could not find an accepting unit for several years. Later, Fang Xie-mei made some connections. She found a job in the school service department for her son. At least she arranged the job. Her daughter-in-law's job is also in the school. Although the income of temporary workers is a little worse, it basically does not affect her work and life. After hearing the news, Fang Huiru went out to buy breakfast and returned home in a daze. As soon as she entered the door, she saw Chen Mengzhen doing her homework. Xiao Min tutored her daughter to do her homework. Early in the morning, she had already tidied up the house. When she saw Fang Huiru entering the door with a cold body, she rushed over to help her change into a clean dress. The wet clothes and heels were hung at home for a while, and they would be dry before noon. Chen Xiaojun would exercise in the morning. It was snowing outside and he had no place to vent his strength. Now he helped his mother-in-law clean the dust on the roof of the house. As soon as he saw Fang Huiru coming in, he asked his father where he had gone. Fang Huiru said with a smile that Lao Tang could not be idle at home, and that he liked to go out and play chess with others when the New Year was coming. Xiao Min said, "Dad likes to play chess. I suddenly remembered a lot of things in the past these days. I remember when I was young, my father liked to play chess very much." Fang Huiru stood in the middle of the house for a while, until the cold on her body was swept away, and then she went to Chen Meng's side. She saw Chen Meng writing her homework. The handwriting was very neat, and it was a rare beautiful word in the child. Grandma, you came back. Mom said you must have gone out to buy breakfast. She asked me to do my homework at home for a while. If she guessed wrong, we would go out to eat. ” "Then your mother guessed right. Eat your breakfast first. It's still warm." When Fang Huiru went out, she brought a cotton bag to keep warm. If the steamed buns were brought back like this, it would be cold at home. With a cheer, Chen Meng stood up from his seat and ran to get the steamed buns. The big steamed buns made by northerners are more realistic, especially the steamed buns in the canteen of the unit. The meat stuffing is free, and the inside is full of pork stuffing. Chen Meng took a bite and said it was really delicious. Our dear baby is writing. Do you really want to go to Yanjing University in the future and come to accompany Grandpa and Grandma? "Well, I'll go to Yanjing University in the future." Chen Meng blinked her eyes and said, "Although it is very difficult to get into Yanjing University, people are not admitted. I don't believe that others can get into Yanjing University. I can't get into it. When I am admitted to Yanjing University, my grandmother will be taken care of." Chen Meng's ambitious words made Fang Huiru very happy, but also made her fall into melancholy. She herself has been the director of education in Xin'an, and she is very clear about the advantages and disadvantages of the local educational resources in Xin'an. It should be said that Xin'an is also a place rich in talents. However, due to the late start of basic education, although there has been a little progress in these years, compared with the educational resources in Beijing, the educational resources of H Province are still lagging behind. Although Chen Meng is enthusiastic and positive, she will also see some books sent by Fang Huiru from Beijing,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, but for children, the educational environment is not good enough, and she has to make more efforts than others.