Shura Supreme

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Suddenly a chaos in the head, all, only those scattered memories, and it does not seem to belong to my memory.

Suddenly a chaos in the head, all, only those scattered memories, and it does not seem to belong to my memory. I drew out my bloody sword and stepped back. Zero hair was lying on the ground, but it did not turn into the white light of resurrection. As long as I am willing to make up a sword at any time, he can not avoid the fate of returning to the city. But at the moment, my brain is completely occupied by images. Third brother! Lingling Gong and others rushed up and poured an elixir into Lingling's mouth, which finally eased him up. Court death When Lingxi and Lingcai saw that their brother had been so badly injured, they were so angry that they surrounded him. ……” Long Ao Tianya wanted to stop him, but there was a shadow in front of him. It turned out that purple had moved across his body. "Don't you think your opponent is me?" He sneered. Shura Ziyi pulled my love radish, who was about to come forward to block the joy, and shook his head calmly. Although I love radish with a puzzled face, I silently withdrew my long gun. Point, step, leap, move, move.. Still thinking about those in his mind, his feet began to move involuntarily, lightly dodging the attacks of Lingxi and Lingcai. At the same time,heavy duty plastic pallet, almost like a conditioned reflex, the blood sword in his hand seemed to hit a sword slowly, just to the body that Lingxi had killed at a high speed. A sword through the heart! Its own high attack plus the key attack, zero happy has not had time to make any frightened expression, has turned into a data stream to fly out. Lingcai's body shook wildly and he stepped back. He didn't believe that the brother who had been fighting in the holy city would be hung up in one move. Lingcai Gong on one side and Lingcai Fa, who had already turned awake, also had an incredible face. The people of the Dragon Gang have begun to stir. Don't move! Long Ao Tianya stopped his gang,mobile garbage bin, after all, the cause of this matter is entirely in their own side, if not for the zero wealth obsessed want to challenge these unknown strength of the people, things simply will not become like this. Although he also cares about his brother, he is not a person who does not distinguish between right and wrong. What's more, for a long time, he has been quite critical of his personality. The eldest brother Lingling Gong showed his puzzled anger. Long Ao Tianya sighed and pointed to the zero hair that had been able to stand up, and the latter immediately hung his head. The Dragon Gang is no longer involved in this matter. You can go. Long Ao Tianya turned to Purple. I'm afraid you can't keep your promise. With a sneer, purple looked at the money that had already begun to act. All the memories flowed into my mind like a sea of rivers, a loud noise, the original blurred brain finally regained consciousness again, and the sword of zero money has flashed to my eyes. Point! I silently recited the Braille formula in the footwork, and my body slid away in an almost impossible direction, plastic wheelie bins ,foldable bulk container, with a light step towards the left rear of the end of the zero zero sword. At the same time, the blood eyes shine, the heart is killing, the hidden blood helmet also removed its deceptive novice camouflage, a bright golden light mixed with blood flashed out. Gold gear? All the members of the Dragon Gang were stunned. Although they have not seen Long Ao Tianya's gold equipment, but such a strange set of gold equipment, obviously and the blood sword in my hand is a complete set, a complete set of gold equipment, that is simply a different but not desirable thing, at least, in the present, or so. I guess I was wrong. With a wry smile, Long Ao pointed to his eyes and said, "I didn't expect that my eyes could read countless people, but there are still times when I am blind." The long sword of zero money turned into a split. Although it was only a swordsman, his unique skill had not yet been revealed. Otherwise, with his strength, how could he be the leader of the four halls in the Dragon Gang? I felt the cold wind surging behind me, and the moving words of Shura's footwork came out, and my body moved sideways for a big step, narrowly avoiding the sword. Can you hide? With a sneer, the sword turned into a downward attack. As soon as the sword unfolded, it pointed to the lower body and heart, as well as the throat and other vital attacks. It seemed that he was determined to kill me. I secretly estimated that my agility and the footwork I had just learned should be able to avoid his attack. It was rare to meet such a master, so I simply used him as a sparring partner. Thus, in the eyes of outsiders, it became me to blindly avoid the attack of zero money, and I was almost helpless to fight back. Not good Purple turned around and rushed over, but in front of him was also blocked by a figure, Long Ao Tianya's smiling face became bigger and bigger in front of him. Chain of swordsmanship, chain of potential, I don't believe this can't avenge Ah Xi. Zero money good scar forgot pain to clamor, even the side of zero Gong showed his brother's disdainful eyes. It's a fight between the two of them, isn't it? "I want to die!" The purple dark magic blade is now in the hand, the magic mourns the world to be about to send out, but is surprised to find that he has been unable to send out that big attack. Impossible, impossible? Purple tried hard to control her body, but she could never feel half of the Demon energy. It was just sent out. How could it be possible? Purple took a look at the smiling dragon Ao Tianya, gritted his teeth, and the magic blade was about to sweep out. Purple A familiar voice sounded behind Purple, finally bringing him to his senses. Come back There is an irresistible majesty in Long Zhan's words. Purple took one look at Long Zhan and retreated shyly. Bat Long Ao Tianya saw another man who returned to the field at the same time as Long Zhan. Long Boss, long time no see. The golden bat grinned and said hello. What about deicide? Long Ao Tianya's face was a little dark, and he looked again at the green figure hiding behind Shura's purple clothes. Knowing that he could not escape again,drum spill containment, he had no choice but to stand out and smiled awkwardly and said, "Elder brother." "Why don't you come over?" Long Ao Tianya's face was a little cold, but he could not hide the concern in his eyes. Uh Kill God cleverly stuck out his tongue and walked over.