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In the depths of his eyes, there seemed to be billions of stars twinkling, as if they contained some kind of truth that could not be described in words.

In the depths of his eyes, there seemed to be billions of stars twinkling, as if they contained some kind of truth that could not be described in words. Boom, boom! Suddenly the middle-aged man stood up slowly, and in the depths of his eyes, billions of stars were annihilated at the same time, and the breath on his body soared. Breakthrough, finally breakthrough! The middle-aged man was ferocious, laughing crazily, and emitting a terrible evil spirit all over his body. Boom! The middle-aged man suddenly raised the huge soles of his feet and immediately fell down. A terrible crack to the soles of his feet began to spread to the endless earth. In an instant, a huge crack appeared on the barren planet, which directly divided the whole planet into two parts. Boom, boom! The middle-aged man raised his feet again, and then fell. This time, the power was even better. The barren planet, which was five or six times bigger than the earth, turned into fragments and fell one by one toward the vast universe. Destroy a planet with one kick! This middle-aged man at least has the cultivation of the main realm of the middle world! "Bloodpool, my only blood is lost in Bloodpool, and Tianchi.." The middle-aged man's eyes burst out with a real murderous look, that is, the father of Emperor Yao, Tuoqiu! "Hum, there is no need for the broken world of the blood world to exist." With a hard step on the sole of Tuoqiu's foot, the space collapsed, and he went directly into the world of nothingness and swept towards the earth. Tuoqiu now has the main realm of the middle world,phycocyanin spirulina, even if there is no main artifact of the middle grade, crossing the world of nothingness, at most two or three years, will be able to reach the earth. Dark as ink in the world of nothingness, a terrible wind of silence raging, a black s s è dragon-shaped warship like a ghost, flying rapidly past. In the original universe, it is impossible to break through the speed of light, but in the world of nothingness,pumpkin seed extract, it is not subject to any restrictions, as long as you are strong enough, the speed can be infinitely fast. Whoosh! Whoosh! The wind of silence, which could easily obliterate the strong in the void, beat the dragon-shaped warship crazily, but it could not shake the warship. Ke Bei, do you think the little dust will forget me? Inside the black sè dragon-shaped warship, Luo Ling made a pot of tea, poured a cup for Ke Bei first, then poured a cup for himself, put the cup to his mouth, took a sip gently, then raised his head, stared at Ke Bei, and suddenly asked. Ha ha ha, silly girl, don't be cranky, fenugreek saponins ,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, you are the mother of the dust. No matter when, the dust will never forget you. Ke Bei gently rubbed Luo Ling's slightly frowning brows and said with a light smile. Mother Luo Ling nodded slowly, as if thinking of his mother who died in the ice prison clan, and the God sè became a little gloomy. Linger, I will destroy the Ice Prison Clan! Ke Bei slowly stood up, hugged Luo Ling from behind, whispered in his ear, although the voice is very soft, but the tone contains an undoubted firmness! "Yes." Luo Ling nodded gently and clenched his hands into fists. I will become stronger and avenge my mother and father! Ke Bei rubbed Luo Ling's purple hair, his eyes became a little erratic, he thought of the bearded father, thought of the mother who had no impression. "I have no influence on my mother." It seems that there is no such person at all. After a moment's silence, Ke Bei hugged Luo Ling and said softly. Ke Bei ~ Luo Ling turned around, hugged Ke Bei tightly, and gently touched Ke Bei's lonely and cold heart with her tender body. She was very lucky to compare with Ke Bei. Childhood, father's love, mother's love, although now parents are gone, but the appearance of parents is clearly imprinted in the mind, can miss, but Ke Bei? He doesn't even know what his mother looks like. "I'm fine. I'll ask Dad when I find him." Ke Bei put his chin against Luo Ling's forehead and said with a smile. Buzz ~ ~ In the world of nothingness, the black sè dragon-shaped warship crossed a streamer of light. In a twinkling of an eye, three years have passed. At this moment, the world of blood, towering peaks, stands a huge dark tower, this tower is called Qitian! The fecundity of the human race is very strong. After entering the world of blood, with the resources of the world of blood, its strength has improved rapidly. In a short period of four hundred years after Ke Bei left, the human race has become the third largest force in the blood world. The first force is naturally the ancient God beast, the blue sky silver wolf clan, the second is the temple, and the third is the human race. The human race now has millions of people who have cultivated the realm of the God of War. There are thirteen thousand and six strong people who have opened the wheel of life, one hundred and three strong people in the realm of the void, one strong person who has completed half a step in the realm of void, and two strong people who have completed the state of void! Han Lingyue is the third strong person in the human race who is perfect in the virtual realm, Ren Ye is the strong person who is perfect in the virtual realm, and Tang is the strong person who is perfect. Eighteen strong people at the peak of the virtual realm! The overall strength of the human race is much weaker than that of the temple and the ancient gods and beasts. For example, there are about 20,000 strong people in the virtual realm of the temple alone, and there are about 20,000 strong people in the virtual realm of the silver wolf clan in the blue sky. However, there are only more than 100 strong human races in the virtual realms. There is no way. The foundation and details of the human race are still too weak compared with those of these natives in the blood world. However, the human race can rank third in the billions of races in the world of blood, naturally because the peak force is very powerful! Blue Sky Silver Wolf Clan, there are two virtual realm perfect strong, three virtual realm half-step perfect strong, there is no virtual realm perfect strong in the temple, half-step perfect strong is only two people, and the human ethnic group Han Lingyue is the virtual realm complete strong, Tang, Ren Ye virtual realm half-step complete strong. In terms of the peak of the strong, it is only the Blue Sky Silver Wolf Clan that can overwhelm the human race. At the top of the dark Qitian Tower, a little boy in a green cotton-padded jacket with a pink face, holding his chin in his little hand,turmeric extract powder, stared blankly at the pale red sky. The little boy looked seven or eight years old, but in his clear eyes, there was a touch of maturity that did not match his appearance. So sad.. Why can't I grow up? The little boy lowered his head and turned over his fleshy little hands. God was a little depressed.