The Plane Shop of Female Super Scholar

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Zhou Qingzhou wanted to join in the fun, thought about the landlord's words, there are important things in the bag, in order to avoid the crowd, or lifted his feet to the busy street.

Zhou Qingzhou wanted to join in the fun, thought about the landlord's words, there are important things in the bag, in order to avoid the crowd, or lifted his feet to the busy street. As soon as he arrived at the street, Zhou Qingzhou just wanted to find a small restaurant to solve the problem of hunger. As soon as he looked up, he saw Liang Kui. He was tall and thin, white, and the back of his head was beautiful. Standing in the crowd, he was also the most handsome one. It was difficult for people not to see him. He had one hand in his pocket and a beautiful girl beside him took his hand. The girl pulled him past the door of the restaurant and the door of the coffee shop. As they walked, they stopped. Zhou Qingzhou looked past the Blue River Hotel. The girl pulled the beam and went in. Zhou Qingzhou lowered his eyes and lifted his legs into a small restaurant in the alley around the corner. Small restaurant business is general, the lights are dim, six tables are greasy, Zhou Qingzhou went in with the cool evening breeze, she chose the middle table on the left. The owner and chef came over and asked her what kind of noodles she ate. Only then did Zhou Qingzhou know that it was a noodle shop. "The hottest," she said. The boss says: "The most hot is minced meat hot, you must choose a kind of face." Zhou Qingzhou had no choice but to look at the menu. There were many kinds of noodles on it. She pointed to the wide one: "Why is it called sliced noodles?" The boss says: "One knife one knife is cut go out, one knife one ah." Zhou Qingzhou put down the menu: "This is it, put more pepper." The boss went to the kitchen to cook, Zhou Qingzhou sat waiting for noodles,stesweet stevia, outside the noise is very noisy, but no one came into this small noodle shop, if she is a warm person, should ask the boss why so few people. Too bad she's not. The boss sliced the noodles very quickly, and the minced meat was prepared long ago. In less than ten minutes, a bowl of sliced noodles was served, along with a large clove of garlic. Zhou Qingzhou broke off the bamboo chopsticks and picked up a noodle without any taste,carnosic acid price, so he put two big spoons of hot pepper beside it. The boss is holding a cigarette, look not at the side: "You want to mix to eat together." Zhou Qingzhou obediently stirred the noodles, the white noodles quickly turned into red oil, hot and spicy taste is very appetizing, Zhou Qingzhou filled a chopstick into his mouth, a moment of tears will be spicy out. The boss wrapped himself in a cigarette holder and shook his head. "Don't try to be brave if you can't eat it. It's like his noodles taste bad.". The bell on the door of the shop rang and someone came in. The boss put out the cigarette and stood up. "Where are you sitting, handsome boy?"? What to eat? The poor Mandarin greeting rang out again. Zhou Qingzhou did not lift his head, but felt someone sitting opposite her with a cool evening breeze. She heard Liang's cool voice: "You invite me to dinner." Zhou Qingzhou raised his head, and Liang Yan seemed to have come for an appointment. Looking at her red eyes, he did not feel strange. He also calmly said to his boss, "I think she should be jealous." Boss Lazy: "That is to say, can not eat spicy, you add vinegar Oh, all spicy cry." Zhou Qingzhou had no face, naringenin price ,ghana seed extract, and for a moment she did not know whether to be happy or sad, and she simply did not understand herself. The boss carried a bottle of vinegar to come over, talk with Liang Wei: "So you know, that handsome boy, what noodles do you eat?" Liang Kui looked at the boss, then looked at Zhou Qingzhou, who lowered his head again, and said, "Invite me to dinner." Only then did the boss understand that such a handsome young man, without money, was a soft rice drop, and immediately rolled his eyes. Zhou Qingzhou said sullenly, "No, please!" Liang Kui didn't feel embarrassed either. He said, "Didn't you say you would invite me to dinner last time?"? Go back on your word? Zhou Qingzhou said, "Didn't you go back on your word last time?" Instead of answering her, Liang took out a square tin foil bag from his pocket and put it on the table. He said to her, "Then I'll exchange it with this. You invite me to dinner. I have no money on me." That thing is square, Zhou Qingzhou has never seen, she holds in the hand just want to ask what, see the boss's colorful face, and see a few letters on it. Not having eaten pork and heard of pig running, he was too surprised to calm down. Zhou Qingzhou clenched the tin foil bag in his palm and looked at his head like a beam. He is still so calm look, even smiled: "Not enough?"? I have another one. ” Zhou Qingzhou did not have such a big face and hurriedly said: "Enough!" "Oh." Liang stopped his movements, then reached out and dragged Zhou Qingzhou's bowl of noodles over, broke off a pair of chopsticks again, and tasted it. Zhou Qingzhou: "…" That's hers! Liang Wei said, "This tastes good. You can order another one." Zhou Qingzhou: "…" Boss Too shocked, do not know what to say, can express their inner mess of how many threads. Zhou Qingzhou steeled himself to order the noodles again: "Have another one." The boss can be said to be able to speak: "If you can't eat spicy food, just change it. Don't torment me." "Order her noodles in clear soup," Liang said, agreeing with the boss. Chapter 11 Evidence of Eating Noodles When Zhou Qingzhou returned to school, he was busy with the seed store. She discussed with the people of the seed station that the manager of the shop, Mr. Zhao, must insist that the shop was invested by a teacher of an agricultural university. The person of seed station is well-informed, think she is to want to rub aureole to increase credibility to sell a seed more, also agreed, still assure their seed by the way how much good. With the support of the store, Zhou Qingzhou has been upgraded to a VIP member of the seed station. He can not only visit their newly cultivated new varieties, but also join the WeChat group to observe the growth of their new varieties in real time. Moreover, it is not too convenient to buy agricultural medicines. While Zhou Qingzhou was busy, he also paid attention to the news that he had lost the competition of intelligent automated new energy vehicles developed by the laboratory. The so-called loss is not to get the ranking that can be said to show off. Maybe they can't get the top five, but it's too surprising that they don't even have a place. Lu Ziyang once said that he could win at least three or four places. However, the judges insisted that the safety factor of their vehicles was not high enough,jujube seed powder, although the design was very good, but as long as it was not safe, there was no practical value.