Rebirth chases beauty

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"Ha ha!"! European royalty? That's the funniest joke I've ever heard! Is there a member of the European royal family surnamed Liu?

"Ha ha!"! European royalty? That's the funniest joke I've ever heard! Is there a member of the European royal family surnamed Liu? The salesgirl laughed. Oh? Manager Li, I think you misunderstood, I am not a member of the European royal family! I waved my hand and said. You see, he admitted it himself! Said the salesgirl proudly. This Mr. Liu, the clothes on your body. Manager Li did not expect that he had made a mistake. But the clothes on his body. "Oh, it's this. It was given to me by a business partner." I said lightly. Sent? This dress can't be bought with money. Manager Li also began to have some doubts, this kind of clothes is generally not delivered ah? "Is it?"? So things are very valuable? Ask the old boy, Prince Rex, for some more some other day! I said easily. What? Prince Rex? Manager Li grunted and swallowed a big mouthful of saliva. Prince Rex is his partner! It's a pity that I didn't neglect him just now, otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep my job. You should know that Prince Rex is also one of the shareholders in his world-class jewelry store! Although he does not hold many shares, it is said that he has a good relationship with the top management of the group, and he still has the right to appoint and remove an employee. Manager Li hurriedly drove the salesgirl away and said to me in a more respectful manner than just now, "Mr. Liu, your patronage is really shining on the walls of our shop!" I smiled and did not answer, but I casually looked at the business card handed to me by Manager Li. I almost lost my eyes when I saw that the top line of the business card was written impressively: Shuguang Group-Shuguang World Treasure Trading Company. I rely on, early know not to mention that what Prince Rex, directly carry out Uncle Zhao, better than anyone else! Buy to buy,lycopene for skin, unexpectedly bought to my own place to come up! ww w . xia oshu m Chapter 065-Chapter 066 Situ Liang's Woman? I offered to buy two crystal heart necklaces. Originally, this jewelry was the flagship product of the group, and only two necklaces were made in Huaxia. Although Manager Li knew that my identity was not simple, if these two necklaces were sold all at once, there would be no main product for the time being, so he hesitated. And I am two must buy, is bound to win,turmeric extract powder, I can not be partial is not, can not favor one over the other, to buy Chen Weier not to buy Zhao Yanyan, this is not my style, a bowl of water to balance. I lobbied for a long time without success, so I had to call Uncle Zhao and tell him that I was going to buy a necklace for her baby daughter, but they didn't sell it. As soon as Zhao Junsheng heard this, he understood that I must be in Shuguang's own industry, so he asked me to give the phone to Manager Li. Manager Li's face changed greatly after listening to two sentences, and then nodded repeatedly. After hanging up the phone, he said regretfully, "Mr. Liu, I didn't know you were the son-in-law of President Zhao. How much you have offended him!"! You said why bother General Manager Zhao. Since it's a gift for Miss Zhao, best green coffee bean extract ,ghana seed extract, it's for Mr. Liu! "Forget it, you are also paid, how can you pay for it, besides, this is not the same!" With that, I took out the gold card and handed it to Manager Li. Manager Li hesitated for a moment and took the gold card, but still gave me a 20% discount. I picked out a diamond ring, hey hey, this is a special use! By the time I got out of the department store, it was already two hours later. Szeto Liang was already furious. I bought an ice cream at the nearby popsicle stand. After eating it, I walked up to Szeto Liang and pretended to meet him by chance. I was surprised and said, "Ah, isn't this Szeto? Why are you standing here?"? There are so many cars in the parking lot, don't hit you, but then again, it doesn't matter if you hit you, don't hit the beauty beside you! She was the object of my secret love! Yu Ting listened to my words and blushed. Szeto Liang was not so excited. He had been standing here for two hours and was very angry. Hearing what I said, he was even more confused. How do you want to die? Szeto Liang asked with a cold face. "How can you let me die?" I asked curiously. Do you believe that I can kill you and no one will hold me responsible? Szeto Liang threatened me. Then you can kill me. I said with a smile. Holy shit. Scare me? After hearing this, Szeto Liang almost lost his breath and vomited blood. For my secret provocation, Szeto Liang was even more angry and could not bear to punch me. No Yu Ting suddenly exclaimed, ran over in front of me, and said to Szeto Liang in a begging tone: "Please, don't make trouble!" "Xiaoting, get out of the way!"! It's none of your business! Said Szeto Liang with a wave of his hand. Suddenly, I have an impulse to see Yu Ting's current attitude towards me. Sometimes, the first love is always unforgettable, although I do not know whether she and I are the first love, but at least the kind of children's hazy love. I had a plan, so I said to Ting: "Yu Ting, you get out of the way, I will deal with him, when I was in military training, but even the instructors can win!" "Not the same!" Yu Ting stamped her foot anxiously and said, "He.." He knows martial arts! When Szeto Liang heard Yu Ting say this, he took a sinister look at Yu Ting and said, "Don't interrupt when men talk to women!" If Yu Ting tells others about this flower, others will certainly think that she is alarmist and knows martial arts? Think it's ancient times! But I am not the same, I have personal experience, I personally summed up the way of martial arts is mainly to practice internal force, so it is not uncommon for the children of a big family like Situ Liang to know martial arts. Yu Ting looked at me helplessly, stood aside and said softly: "Be careful." I don't know if it was to Szeto Liang or to me. When Szeto Liang saw that Yu Ting was no longer making trouble,tannic acid astringent, he wanted to teach me a painful lesson. In his mind, he also decided that Yu Ting and I were definitely not classmates before. Maybe I was one of Yu Ting's admirers. Szeto Liang also knew my prestige in military training, so he did not dare to be careless and used his family's ancestral skills.