Over the rainbow for the rest of my life

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"Ah Lin." Cheng Qi asked, "What would you do if someone liked you, but he was not in the same world with you?"

"Ah Lin." Cheng Qi asked, "What would you do if someone liked you, but he was not in the same world with you?" Gu Lin thought the words were familiar. He thought of Xu Mingle and said, "Look at the depth of my feelings for her." But, Brother Cheng. You know my past, and you know people my age. If someone really likes me, then my feelings for her must not be as deep as hers. Gu Lin, "so you should give up." You can't be together if you love each other. The world is too complicated. Gu Lin smiled and joked, "Does anyone like Brother Cheng?" Cheng Qi shook his head, "No.". But Ah Lin, if you don't like that person later, even if it's suitable, don't be together. I'll rearrange the person. Gu Lin nodded, he thought, "in fact, I just can't rest assured, but now I'm not worried, so there's no need for a blind date." “……” Cheng Qi had a bad feeling. "What's the matter?" He asked. "Xu Mingle said he would take care of him." Cheng Qi: ".." Cheng Qi: "No,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, this is too much trouble for others. You might as well quit smoking and drinking and keep in good health." I'm worried.. There was an accident or something. After all, he fell flat into the hospital. Then there's me and my brother. Cheng Qi said, "If you are worried about causing trouble to your brother, then Xu Mingle doesn't have to think about it. He will get married and have children in the future. It's better for me to take care of Maomao." "I'm alone anyway." Gu Lin: "..." I can't answer that. The author has something to say: How are you in 2019. Chapter 23 Twenty-three Fire Gu Lin once again lamented that Cheng Qi had changed a lot, knowing that he had not been so calm before. However, Xu Mingle will also get married and have children? Gu Lin slanted his head and looked out of the window, and he had a sense of unreality for no reason. Gu Lin thought for a while and thought it might be because Xu Mingle was too sure that he would not be with the person he liked. Right What does Gu Lin think of? "What do you mean by not talking about the same world?" Cheng Qi did not notice the word "children" for a moment. He held up an example and said,akba boswellic acid, "For example, the age difference is too big.." It seems that Xu Mingle is much younger than Gu Lin? "What is that?" Gu Lin was puzzled, "is this not so serious?" “……” Then Cheng Qi says again: "If that is homosexual?"? Like two men or two women together. Gu Lin was stunned. Cheng Qi looked at him quietly, a little worried that he had said it. In fact, "Gu Lin opened his mouth, he did not look surprised, but rather plain," I do not feel that there are people living in two worlds in this world. " Two people like strangers may also have the same troubles, which in Gu Lin's eyes is also a kind of intersection between them. But Gu Lin put it in an interesting way: "For example, we all live on the earth." Cheng Qi smiled. Besides, it's good for two people to like each other. Gu Lin is very calm, homosexuality is also a person, there is no need to show surprise. Cheng Qi would like to say that the point is not to like each other, lutein eye complex ,pumpkin seed extract, ah, he is worried that the person really turned you into a homosexual, although he does not discriminate against homosexuals, but the world is not tolerant of this group. He was afraid that he would receive strange looks and sharp words from others. That thing without substance will destroy you again. But Cheng Qi did not say anything, after all, said more, it may be Gu Lin guess what. Gu Lin is always smart. But Gu Lin's cleverness did not apply to close people, he just thought along the idea that Xu Mingle would not like a man, so he would be so pessimistic. The thought flashed through him, and for some reason he quickly interrupted it. —— The blind date process is plain and light, when wanting to separate, Gu Lin looked for an opportunity to say the thing of Mao Mao, that girl is stupefied can say thank you. Gu Lin didn't understand. Then the girl said goodbye to him, "You are a good man." Gu Lin thought the words sounded familiar, so he reacted for a while, and then listened to the girl and said: "But we are not suitable." Gu Lin: "..." Oh, yeah. Xu Mingle said the good man card. Crisp and neat refused, Gu Lin is still a little in a bad mood, politely sent the girl home, Gu Lin went back with a wooden face. There was a small bamboo forest behind his home in the countryside. Gu Lin walked from there and saw Xu Mingle sitting in the doorway, staring blankly at the front. Maomao should take a nap. Gu Lin whispered past, Xu Mingle a pair of empty appearance, he just wanted to walk past, saw Xu Mingle suddenly showed an expression. Just a shallow smile with slightly curved eyes. It's like thinking of something very happy. Gu Lin walked over, "what are you thinking about?"? So entranced. Xu Mingle froze, "so soon back?"? I thought you would be back in the evening. Gu Lin shrugged his shoulders and simply went over and moved a stool to sit next to him. "Tell me what you were thinking about first." He cares a little. Xu Mingle said frankly, "I wonder how I will react if that person is going to be with me." "And then?" "I think." Xu Mingle laughed again: "It's too late to be happy." Gu Lin nodded and asked, "who do you like?" Xu Mingle's smile stiffened and his eyes fell on Gu Lin's face. Gu Lin stared at him for a long time. He said, "Can't you tell me?" Xu Mingle shook his head, "not now." Will be shown the door and sleep on the streets. How was your blind date? Xu Mingle asked a little perturbed, then felt bad, and laughed: "So early back will not be a failure, right?" Gu Lin nodded, but Xu Mingle was stunned. "Really?" He said in disbelief. Gu Lin nodded again, and then looked at Xu Mingle suddenly angry, "she is not blind ah, you are so good!" Gu Lin just wanted to remind people not to say that, but he was stunned, pondering the words just now, and felt something was wrong. Can also think carefully, it seems that there is no wrong,jujube seed powder, after all, he is really good, a tall leg long face is not bad. But the girl thinks you have a stupid son. Xu Mingle was indignant. Gu Lin smiled. "It's all right. I don't like her either." “…… Ture 。 prius-biotech.com