Queen's Strategy (Complete)

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I asked to demote myself to Zhaoyi and move to Guigong temporarily. Of course I know the effectiveness of my playing table, a stone must stir up a thousand waves.

The Northern Dynasty doesn't want to fight any more, but the Southern Dynasty can't. Came for peace, played right into my hands. Breaking a layer of paper, the two sides reached a peace agreement. The Northern Emperor was compensated by the Southern Dynasty for a large sum of military expenditure. A Zhou was stationed in Shandong and Shen Mi was stationed in Xiangzhou. The Southern Dynasty was able to retain most of their territory and recover all the prisoners of war. Tianhuan basically did not participate in the discussion of the details of the peace, he seems to have made up his mind to take care of the dragon body, often holding a volume of classics and history to read carefully. On the way back to Chang'an, he was reading the Analects of Confucius after I finished dealing with trifles. I can't help laughing, "the emperor is so profound, how to read the enlightenment of the Analects of Confucius?" He laughed. "I've seen it and recited it before, but I always feel like I'm missing something." I didn't speak. When the autumn wind rises, how beautiful it is to think of the moonflowers and osmanthus fragrance drifting with the wind in the palace of Chang'an. And the most precious thing of all-my son. Returning to the Taiji Palace this time, I always feel like in a dream. I rushed into the hall, and Mrs. Xie put Tai Yi in my arms. The child was thinner and stared at me with big black eyes. I looked at him. "Who am I?"? Tai Yi, you don't recognize me. "Every family, every family." Tai Yi suddenly said. He put his arms around my neck, did not cry or laugh, and just rubbed his light face with fragrance against my shoulder. My heart is sad, such a small child,push back racking system, already know the sorrow of parting. Tian Huan came over and held him in his arms. Tai Yi's voice shook the sky this time: "Daddy!"! Hug, hug. Tian Huan smiled at me and said softly to Tai Yi, "Aren't I holding you?" He held the baby, raised it to his head, and rocked it slowly. Tai Yi giggled. Wiping her tears, Mrs. Xie said to me,warehouse storage racks, "Miss Cui returned to her private residence before the emperors and empresses entered the palace.". The prince cried because she left. Miss Cui also cried, reluctant to part with the child. But she said that the daughter of the minister, who had received the emperor's kindness, could not take credit, so she went back early. I sighed for a long time. Mrs. Xie told me secretly, "Ruya has often come to the palace in the past few months, and she gets along well with Miss Cui.". Although the two of them are married, I think there is a chance. Her face lit up with joy. I said, "That's good.". It is said that the Luoyang peace talks were decided by Xie Jiahongguang. I know. There's a lot of talk in the city about the peace deal, so it doesn't matter if you don't mention it. I did not ask, until a few days later, when Tianhuan personally went to Xue Jian's house to pay his respects, I summoned Xie Ruya to ask clearly. After Tianhuan returned to the palace, industrial racking systems ,Automated warehouse systems, I remained calm as usual. He was also immersed in the memory of Xue Jian and told me a lot about the past. …… He was the one I planned to leave to my successors after a hundred years. I also feel sorry for what he said. I took the opportunity to say, "I understand your edict very well.". Even on the night when you were dying, I never wanted to be emperor. However, when I persuaded Mei Shusheng to surrender, I used my words to confuse his mind. I hereby plead guilty to you. He took my hand and bowed his head and kissed me once. "From now on," said Tian Huan, "I will never mention or think about your claim to the throne again. For me, that threshold has been crossed. Although the war has lost so much. But there are also many gains. I, you, are changing. Before he had finished speaking, Hundred Years preached, "Long live, Lord Cui, go to the side hall for an audience." Tian Huan stroked my sideburns. "Wait for me here. Don't go anywhere." His steps were exquisite, but this time after his illness, he was like a floating cloud. I copied the sutras and prepared to send them to the temple for the souls of the dead to cross over. As I wrote, I thought of what Xie Ruya had told me: Although there was peace, the war made the people complain a lot. Many officials at all levels in the Northern Dynasty pointed their finger at me. It was said that the empress was partial to the Southern Dynasty and missed a great opportunity. During the period of the emperor's serious illness, he insisted on making peace with the Southern Dynasty. They were worried that I would go to the road of governing the Northern Dynasty together from then on, and they were afraid that I would use my beautiful face to steal the power of the yuan family _ youyouliu _. I knew that. Although the facts exist, but I can not let everyone know the facts, that is not human. If I were a member of the Northern Dynasty far away from the battlefield, I would also be dissatisfied with a truce that paid a heavy price. As I thought about it, I saw Huitong, who had just served tea to the emperor, standing behind me. His face turned red. "What did you hear?" I asked. He approached me and told me. I was stunned. Is the emperor going to issue an edict against himself? Tianhuan said that he would not let us take the responsibility. But because of this, he issued an edict against himself. He is the emperor and diligent enough. Victory or defeat is a common thing for military strategists, and war and peace is an expedient measure. Why did he have to issue the first edict of sin in his life? In order to calm the matter for me? Tianhuan is going to issue an edict on the Mid-Autumn Festival, but I can't let it go. Persuasion is of no use to this man. So I chose another way. A month later, after hosting the Mid-Autumn Festival banquet, I sent one of my memorials to Shangshu Province. I asked to demote myself to Zhaoyi and move to Guigong temporarily. Of course I know the effectiveness of my playing table, a stone must stir up a thousand waves. I volunteered to be demoted to Zhaoyi. They always thought I was the queen, and they valued their position very much. But that's just a status, like a crown on the head, flashy. What I care about is that I am always the emperor's wife, and I am the only woman he has. Law of the Northern Dynasties: The queen is not allowed to live in the main palace. I can't misconduct penalty either. The princes seemed to be frightened by my preemptive strike. They can't understand it. Sympathy, understanding, all came to the queen. I'm glad I didn't let Tianhuan take the lead in sending a letter to sin. I only said to Tian Huan, who was unhappy about this, "There is no need for you to punish yourself." "Is it necessary for you to ask for surrender?" He smiled a little. It's the most annoying thing to treat me like a child. Have. It is better for me to have brought down myself to be an instrument than for you to have brought down yourself from God to be an ordinary husband with a loving wife. I say. He stared at me for a long time,metal racking systems, and his throat was hoarse. "Well, since you like it, you can go back to Gui Palace from tonight on." 。 kingmoreracking.com