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Caotuoer, who was white and looked over a hundred years old, suddenly raised his head to the sky with a loud roar.

Caotuoer, who was white and looked over a hundred years old, suddenly raised his head to the sky with a loud roar. His head suddenly turned black, and his old and withered body suddenly became young and strong. In the blink of an eye, he became a young man of seventeen or eighteen years old, and his body was extremely strong. His whole body was covered with strong muscle knots. Xin Long'er's initiation not only restored Cao Tuoer's youth, but also promoted him to the strength of a practitioner in the golden elixir period. As far as Xin Long'er's cultivation today is concerned, it's just a simple task. What a miracle it is for the aborigines such as Hantuer! When Hantuer excitedly lifted a huge stone weighing more than ten thousand Jin and then smashed it with one punch, the aborigines went crazy. A God who can rejuvenate people, a God who can make people have the power of the legendary gods, such a God, no matter what his origin, is worthy of their belief! Besides, didn't these gods say? They are the real gods, and the priests worship the evil gods! Abandoning the evil gods and putting them under the seat of the true gods, what is wrong with luck? Three months later, hundreds of ancient statues of Wu Chen have been built on the planet, and hundreds of millions of indigenous people worship under the statues. And the statue of the ancient Wu Chen has indeed blessed these aborigines with good weather and no more terrible natural disasters in the past. Hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes and other disasters, just like last night's nightmare, suddenly disappeared without a trace. The belief of the aborigines was firm and stubborn, and when they began to believe in the ancient Wu dust, the huge power of belief immediately converged along the statue and spread through the air to the thirty-three heavenly palace. The belief of one or two aborigines is not strong, but when the power of belief of trillions of aborigines comes together, it becomes a flood of the power of belief,rosmarinic acid supplement, which continuously pours into the body of the ancient evil dust and is transformed by the wheel of pious belief in his body. Invisible to the naked eye, the strange combination of divine consciousness and magic spread from the body of the ancient evil dust. The core disciples of Jiuyou Dao suddenly felt light all over, as if their brains had calmed down a lot, and their mood was bright and solid, just like a glass pearl, emitting a brilliant light to protect their whole body. Change is imperceptible, and very few of the core disciples of Jiuyou Dao are aware of this change. Occasionally, one or two people with profound cultivation show their own differences, but they only think that it is the influence of their own cultivation. On the numerous planets in the human world, the angels with white wings behind them are constantly flying over, where there are rivers of blood and mountains of corpses, but the belief in the ancient evil dust is also established in this mountain of corpses and sea of blood, and it is extremely stable. With the efforts of the disciples of Jiuyou Dao and the people of the Angel Clan, every planet has been incorporated into the belief system of the ancient evil dust. A hundred years later, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, almost all the planets in the human world have become the places of belief of the ancient Wuchen, and every moment there is a huge force of belief pouring into the body of the ancient Wuchen. Unprecedented unification of the human world, so that almost all intelligent creatures become their own followers of the great cause, in the hands of the ancient Wu Chen. This is not the only change caused by the ancient evil dust after it became a saint. I was in a bad mood. Yesterday, I went out in thin pants. It snowed heavily in Shanghai. The pig's head caught a cold. I was in the early stage of a bad cold. Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang Chapter 464 recognition of relatives. Heavenly Palace, Peach Garden. Gu Xiechen, wearing only a pair of beach pants, is taking a shower. The wooden bucket he carried in his hand was carved from golden sandalwood with a dragon pattern of 100,000 years old. In those days, those yellow-turbaned Hercules used this kind of bucket to carry the spiritual water of the Milky Way to water the flat peaches. The water tanks in front of him were all made of the essence of the Milky Way's silver star sand. Along the walls of the flat peach garden, there were 10,080 such water tanks, which were used to store the spiritual water of the Milky way. Waiting for him to take a shower beside Gu Wuchen was a very beautiful girl with green temples and beautiful face. These girls are beautiful, but a little less popular, although they look like ordinary girls, but under the eyebrows and skin, there is a faint green gas. They are the female immortals of the oldest peaches in the Peach Garden, and now they have become the personal maids of the ancient Wu Chen. In the words of Fuya 7 Ming, she was not at ease to serve the ancient evil dust with other women. It's only these fairies made of flat peaches that she doesn't have to worry about at all. -She didn't believe that Gu Wuchen would be interested in a few tall old trees! This makes people feel helpless, but it is also true. Under the service of these female immortals, Gu Xiechen took a shower without any distractions, changed his clothes lazily, put on a big bathrobe, and walked slowly to a pavilion under a flat peach tree. As soon as he sat down, a group of little girls running around came up with all kinds of fruit snacks and tea fairy wine, and put a lot of them in front of the ancient evil dust. The corpse emperor sat on the opposite side of the ancient evil dust, holding a book from the secret pavilion behind the Lingxiao Palace, and was looking at it with relish. Seeing the ancient evil dust coming over, he casually dropped the book made of nephrite and asked with a smile, "What is the taste of a sage?" After crossing his legs and hesitating for a while, Gu Wu Chen shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently, "It's exactly the same as before. I feel even more bored." Before becoming a saint, the ancient evil dust had to haggle over this and that, and to prevent fear that someone would come to calculate him, that someone would hurt his relatives and friends around him, and that he always felt that he was in trouble all over his body and could not stop for a moment. Now that he has become a saint, he is the only saint in the three realms, and has taken the place of Hongjun and become the representative of the way of heaven, but suddenly he finds that he has nothing to do. What else could he have done? Take the roof of Lingxiao Palace as a bed, take a shower in the Peach Garden, soak your feet in the Milky Way, and set up a hammock on the osmanthus tree of Taiyin Star to doze off. He did not know how many strange things he had done, nor did he know what else he could do. After becoming a saint, all the pressure was gone, and it was really boring. But he certainly can't do anything just to have some fun. Now he has a little action,saw palmetto extract, then the countless immortals around him will immediately take the big thing to help him first, originally just a little thing to have fun, will immediately become dumbfounding. prius-biotech.com