Legend of the Fox

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If we can really solve the problem of Crocodile Beamon, we believe that there will be a very broad prospect of cooperation between Varel and Paso.

"Miss Firna, we are here to give a good start to the friendship between Varel and Paso," Komozi paused and continued. "Although the Paso Plain has a large area of land, there is not much land suitable for cultivation, and transportation is not convenient. Food will be a major problem for a long time to come. But Varel is a big grain-producing country. If the two sides can cooperate and open up a business road, it will be a very beneficial thing for both sides. "Your Highness said it was the Tyston River?" Filna frowned slightly and said, "Your Highness must know that the Tiston River is now in the hands of crocodiles. Although they are also Beamons, their xenophobia is very strong, and they are not bound by the laws of the Empire. I'm afraid my nominal Lord doesn't see them at all." Crocodiles, that is, crocodiles Beamon, are excellent amphibious fighters, who have been living in the Tiston River in the Paso Plain since the late period of the Shenmo War, but they do not buy the account of the Beamon Empire, and regard the big Tiston River as their own back garden, all intelligent creatures are not allowed to pass through, and live a life more closed than barbarians. It seems that many countries on the other side of the Pamir Mountains wanted to open up the channel of the Tiston River. They even sent a water army with the acquiescence of the Beamon Empire, but without exception, the channel was closed all the time, and those countries had to continue to transport by sea at the risk of being plundered by pirates. Yes, if someone else were Lord of the Passo Plains,mirror stainless steel sheet, I wouldn't have to bring this up, but Miss Filna is different! Comoz said with a smile. Different? Do you want to sell your sex? Filna felt a chill in her heart and a bit of anger at the same time. She did not speak, but waited quietly for an explanation. Beamon the Crocodile, as we all know, has always refused to allow people to enter their sphere of influence, but as far as I know, there is a man who not only crossed the Aston River safely,304 Stainless Steel Bar, but also won the friendship of Beamon the Crocodile. Comoz's words are not crisp, half hidden and half exposed. However, Firna was interested. After learning that the Paso Plain was her own territory, she also looked for relevant information. She also heard a lot about Beamon, a crocodile clan. She was frightened to think of those horror movies about ancient giant crocodiles in her previous life, but she did not consider the unique geographical location of the Tiston River. All the information about the Teston River or the Crocodile Beamon reveals the gory fact that any intelligent creature who is not invited into the Crocodile's sphere of influence will die a terrible death. To be treated as a guest of honor by those who kill people without blinking. Great man! "As far as I know, the person who can get in and out of the crocodile Beamon residential area is the chief priest of Zunshi Gangsa." Commoz revealed the mystery. With such a great teacher, it's natural to be a disciple. However, Firna considered that since the chief priest of Gonza enjoyed a certain prestige among the crocodiles, he could not turn a blind eye to such important events as the opening of the Tiston River Channel, which was beneficial to the country and the people, there must be another reason. What's the reason? Perhaps seeing Firna's doubts, Komoz was not unhappy this time: "Miss Firna, you must be wondering why the chief priest of Gonza didn't persuade Beamon, the crocodile clan, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, to open the Tinston River?" Seeing Firna's inquiring eyes, he spread out his hands. "I don't know." Nonsense! Firna wouldn't mind being an executioner if her eyes could beat her, but. After considering the identity of the man in front of her, she was able to turn her eyes to other places. Comoz still continued his words: "Although I do not know the reason, but do not rule out this possibility, it depends on human effort!"! I believe in Miss Filna's ability. Filna said indifferently, "Your Highness thinks highly of me. You know, there are not only crocodiles Beamon in the Paso Plain, but also barbarians, robbers, undead in the Black Forest and all kinds of Warcraft.". ” "But Miss Filna also has pangolin warriors, golden titans, and Hopkins, the great magician of the undead, under your command. It's a lot of talent. With you as the Lord, I'm afraid those robbers won't have a good time." Tan Ruisi said with a smile. Filna looked at the royal Highness with some surprise, although after sitting down, Tan Ruisi did not speak much, but the words must be right, is indeed a woman who can not be ignored, much better than those posturing aristocratic children. Almost everyone knows about the Pangolin Tribe and the Golden Titan Tribe, but Hopkins rarely appears in front of people, but they can know, can see, and have worked hard to collect information. Section 110 Agreement (II) "Miss Firna, if we can solve the problem of crocodile Beamon, we can not only import food from our Varel, but also cooperate in other aspects." Comoz said earnestly, and there was no sign of hypocrisy in his eyes. Then we have a deal. If we can really solve the problem of Crocodile Beamon, we believe that there will be a very broad prospect of cooperation between Varel and Paso. Filna said with a smile. In any case, both sides of the conversation were satisfied with the result. After seeing off the Comoz brothers and sisters, Filna was also thinking about the opening of the waterway by Aston. There is no doubt that trade routes play a vital role in the development of a territory, and the Paso Plain just lacks such an opportunity. Since the teacher left such an opportunity, she could not miss it. Firna sipped her tea, but her mind was thinking nervously that the Passo Plain was not just a problem for Beamon, the crocodiles, but also a headache for the Beamon Empire. In order to prevent the bandits from harassing the interior, the Empire built a fortress near the Black Forest, not only to guard against the dead in the Black Forest, but also to prevent the bandits. After all, the undead spend most of their time in a certain area of the Black Forest, and the robbers. That's a real roving bandit, and he will take advantage of it. As busy as Firna is, there is Baker. For Baker's background, Filna did not ask too much, everyone has their own secrets,304 Stainless Steel Coil, even if the parents can not say anything, she only heard Witt simply mentioned, but also vague. sxthsteel.com