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Those strings are on the bow, on the bow held by hundreds of archers of the Moon Wheel Kingdom.

Ning Que could see clearly that on the old body of the first lecture, not to mention any knife wounds, there was not even a trace to be found. He could not help but feel cold both physically and mentally. He remembered what Qimei had said in front of the small courtyard. There are thousands of Buddhas in Buddhism, and they are inseparable from Buddhism. What they practice is to meditate into the Buddha and become a Buddha in the flesh. Both the body and the mind are indestructible, while the poor monk has practiced to become a Buddha in the flesh. After the battle in the small courtyard, Ning Que knew very well what kind of strength and terrible repair ability the seven bodies had, and he was only the first disciple to lecture, but only to become a Buddha in the flesh. This is the first lecture of the Hanging Temple. The thirteen arrows of the yuan Dynasty could not be shot through, and the Pu Dao of Haotian Shenhui could not leave any trace. It is obvious that he has reached the supreme realm of Buddhism where both body and mind are indestructible! Why is King Kong indestructible? That is, no matter how you fight, you can't break it. Then how can we fight this battle? Ning Que never knew how to write the word despair, but today he seems to have finally understood the strokes of the two words. The head of the lecture changed into a new cassock. Then he raised his head and looked quietly at Ning Que, who was tens of feet away. He slowly put down the tin staff in his hand. Previously, the tin staff in his hand had been falling, but Ning Que's action was too fast, and his action was too slow, so after Ning Que cut eighteen knives, the tin staff had not fallen to the ground. Until this time, the tip of the branch finally touched the ground again. The top of the tin stick sounded as clear as a bell. The tip of the stick pierced the ground easily and silently. There is no deafening sound, nor the momentum of the shaking of heaven and earth. Tens of thousands of moon wheel citizens bowed to the ground and felt nothing. Incomparably violent voice, then quietly silent. It's a violent vibration,Magnesium Sulphate price, so I can't feel it. Ning Que was the only one who felt the shock. The shaking of the earth. Ning Que's feet trembled, and the broken boots were all crumbled. The tremor spread to his legs and his trousers tore in an instant. Then his body trembled, and then Sang Sang on his back trembled. Two poof. Ning Que spat a mouthful of blood on the ground in front of him. Sang Sang spurted a mouthful of blood on his shoulder. The head of the lecture picked up Xizhi again and walked slowly to Ning Que. Ning Que was so disappointed that his only thought was to jump into the lake behind the temple with Sang Sang on his back, but at this time he felt that all his bones were broken and there was no strength to escape. The first place of the lecture was very slow, and every step required a tin staff to support the ground for a temporary rest. Whenever the tin staff fell to the ground, the head of the staff would make a clear and melodious sound, and Ning Que,Magnesium Oxide price, tens of feet away, would be hit hard again, as if the tin staff had fallen on his heart. The head of the lecture walked towards Ning Que step by step. Ning Que and Sang Sang kept spitting blood, watching each other coming to him. At this time, he would rather lecture faster, because the slower the other came, the more painful it would be for him and Sang Sang. More than a hundred Buddhist monks occupied the surroundings of the Buddhist temple, and hundreds of archers of the Moon Wheel Army, waking up from their previous shock and frenzy, drew their bows and arrows and aimed them at Ning Que in the field. Only seven masters, for some reason, were still standing on the periphery of the crowd. Ning Que tried to pull open the iron bow, only to find that he could not make any movement at all within the sound range of the tin staff before the first Buddha. The first speaker came slowly and looked at him indifferently and asked, "Where is the chessboard left by the Buddha?" Ning Que smiled painfully, his teeth full of blood, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Oxide powder, and said, "In my deep mind, you can kill me and see which part of my brain is hidden." With a sigh, the first lecturer looked at Sang Sang's pale little face and said with pity, "Poor child, you have been in the world in vain. You have suffered a lot for many years and you will be free today." Ning Que coughed two mouthfuls of blood and struggled to squeeze out a sarcastic expression. He said, "Buddha said to save all living beings. So this is the method of liberation. Why don't you free yourself first?" At this time, the situation was critical and desperate, and he was still in the mood to mock the other side, thinking that before he died, it would be worthwhile to laugh at such a big man as the first lecturer, and he was not desperate. The reason why there is no despair is that he has the last hope. That hope does not lie in him. On the man he was waiting for. When he was in Lanke Temple, he waited for the man for a long time. After leaving Lanke Temple, he waited for the man in Chaoyang City for a whole winter. He has been waiting for that person, because he has always firmly believed that that person will come. On the day of Lanke Temple, the man came, so he should appear in the White Pagoda Temple today. It's just, will that person really come? "Ping!" The answer to Ning Que's question was the sound of a harp. Qin is a kind of musical instrument with strings, often seven strings, and its sound is peaceful and elegant. This place is a white pagoda Buddhist temple, covered with corpses and endless blood, which is exactly what Buddhism calls the Shura Realm. The sound of the piano is not in harmony with this place. Moreover, there was no harp in the White Pagoda Temple, and no one carried the harp in the field. However, there is a string in the field, although the string is a single one, but when it is tight, if someone plucks it with his fingers, it can also make a clear and pleasant sound. Those strings are on the bow, on the bow held by hundreds of archers of the Moon Wheel Kingdom. The sound of the harp comes from a bow. But the person who played the piano was obviously a little urgent, so when his fingers dropped the string, he exerted too much force, and the tight bowstring was broken, and the white sides of the bowstring suddenly broke and turned into a gray rope. Then, the sound of the piano sounded again. Hundreds of archers of the Moon Wheel Kingdom have hundreds of bows, and hundreds of bows have hundreds of tight strings. When the person who plays the harp points to the bowstring, there will be a sound of the harp, and then the string will break. In the White Pagoda Temple, the crisp sound of the harp is dense and continuous, like a group of pearls falling into the king and plate, like a shower into the iron urn, without any interruption, but it seems to be sounded at the same time! "!"! Ferocious! The ferocious Feng is ferocious! It seems that after a long time, in fact, it is only a very short moment, the dense and crisp sound of the piano,calcium ammonium nitrate price, and then disappeared at the same time, leaving only some lingering sound, echoing in the White Pagoda Temple.