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Zhou Tian did not have any feeling of joy, but instead raised his heart at that time, for those professionals in the black blood plateau

Looking at the figure of those strange birds leaving from a distance, Zhou Tian did not do any more superfluous action, simply looked around, and found that there was nothing worth his attention, but while restoring his demon power, he also went to a safe place. Where is the safest place? Zhou Tian may not have known before, but on the night of the blood moon, Zhou Tian now knows where it is relatively safe. Where the strange birds come from, Zhou Tian will go somewhere. According to the performance of those strange birds, they are as ferocious as the ant colonies on the earth, and when the number reaches their point, along the way, anything that can be their food can not escape their claws, since they have been swept by those strange birds once, then even if not to say that there are no other creatures on that route, but at least a little tough. Most of this time should have all become the rations of those strange birds, Zhou Tian to go in that direction, the probability of encountering danger will definitely be much smaller. And the situation is not much different from what Zhou Tian thought. When Zhou Tian went in the direction of those strange birds,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, he really didn't meet any more opponents. Although there is still a lot of trouble, but compared to the previous encounter, behind the encounter of those fierce beasts, Zhou Tian is not a threat at all. So, even in the later period of time, Zhou Tian encountered more attacks than before, but Zhou Tian's state is instead in this constant battle slowly recovered. After all,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, a strong opponent is always more threatening than ten thousand weak opponents. Until Zhou Tian is such a way to walk nearly one or two miles or so, finally the night of the blood moon, finally disappeared in the happy eyes of the rest of Zhou Tian's life. When the night of the blood moon disappeared at that moment, a group of Warcraft who were still attacking Zhou Tian immediately stopped their movements and looked at each other doubtfully. Finally, after discovering the bloody smell of Zhou Tian, they ran away with a wail without saying a word. Zhou Tian did not go after the Warcraft, because he was attracted by another thing at that time. Zhou Tian only knew the horror of the night of the blood moon, until now after a night of the blood moon, he did not understand why so many people would come to this place knowing the danger of the Black Blood Plateau. At the same time, because of the experience of a blood moon night, Zhou Tian probably now understands why there are so many more masters on the Black Blood Plateau than outside. Of course, part of the reason is that the dark professionals practice faster than the orthodox way, but more of the reason is because of the help of the blood moon night. At the moment when the blood moon disappeared from the sky, brushed stainless steel sheet ,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, the blood-colored moonlight and the rising sunshine converged, but there was a strange change at that time. When the golden red light shone on Zhou Tian, Zhou Tian's ears actually sounded the prompt of the system at that time. Feel the special energy, the system independently absorbs Ding, gains 10 million experience points, host level Ding, host level can not be upgraded, experience points accumulate, automatically absorbed after transfer. What is the concept of 10 million experience points? Even if Zhou Tian rises from level one to level thirty, it is estimated that it is already enough! Although for Zhou Tian now, 10 million experience value is not enough for him to upgrade, but even so, for Zhou Tian, it is also a lot of experience income. The system determines that the energy is special energy, so it is directly converted into experience value. Although it is not clear whether there is any harm in the direct absorption of this energy, one thing is certain that if this energy is absorbed normally, it will certainly enhance a person's strength. Zhou Tian only experienced a blood moon night and got 10 million experience, even if others would not absorb so much experience as Zhou Tian, but after years of experience, after many blood moon nights, as long as those special energies can be absorbed and digested smoothly, and not trapped on the top of the bottle like Zhou Tian, then they will reach the holy land. It's probably just a few years. Although the existence of the top of the bottle makes it difficult for 99% of people to make progress after they reach a certain level of strength, the lucky few, with the help of that special energy, will be able to naturally raise their strength all the way to the holy realm, the demigod, or even the divine realm. After understanding all this, Zhou Tian did not have any feeling of joy, but instead raised his heart at that time, for those professionals in the black blood plateau, the heart is already a little more wary. If Zhou Tian's idea is not wrong, then the water of the Black Blood Plateau is much deeper than he thought before. In the future, it is necessary to be careful when acting on the Black Blood Plateau. Otherwise, if you accidentally bump into a super genius without a bottle top, maybe you will be given seconds directly. Zhou Tian never thought he was a genius. It was only because of the help of the system that he could have the strength he has now. And this black blood plateau itself is a huge plug-in, if afraid that its ability is not as good as the system, but if some geniuses make good use of it, then their achievements must be too high now, understand that there are such a group of people in the dark, how can Zhou Tian not be nervous? The more in-depth understanding of the Black Blood Plateau, Zhou Tian acted more carefully,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, after experiencing a blood moon night, Zhou Tian not only did not return to the professional sphere of influence again, but instead went deeper into the wild at that time. sxthsteel.com