All living beings, I only love you.

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Brocade, do you still have the butterfly incense you gave me last time?

Lu Nianjin: ".." She could not answer this question, no matter how the emperor treated others, but he had always been a loving father to her and Xiao Xun. Crown Princess, Kunning Palace has arrived. "Yun Jiang also saw Lu Nianjin's discomfort, and she took the initiative to rescue him.". Lu Nianjin smiled, "Taiji Hall is cold. When the princess returns to her room, remember to drink some ginger soup and then rest." Jiang Rongyue nodded, "thank you, Crown Princess." The two men entered the Palace of Earthly Tranquillity and walked to both sides. When Lu Nianjin entered the wing of the side hall, he still looked preoccupied. Yun Jiang undressed her and said, "According to the maidservant, Princess Shengping is playing the role of a poor princess. The Crown Princess must not follow her way.". Considering what she has done to you before, you have no need to help her at all. Lu Nianjin closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "but a young woman married to a wild land, and her husband is such an old man, after all, it is somewhat pitiful." "That also can't hand," Yun Jiang sharp way, "the ancients said, return good for evil, how to return good, must be straight for evil." "I know," Lu Nianjin nodded, "just listen to you, I don't care,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, I don't care about anything, is that all right?" "That's the way it should be!" Yun Jiang firmly said. She is a person who practices martial arts. She is always happy with her enmity and is very straightforward. Lu Nianjin went to bed, took a nap, got up again, and it was time for the feast. Xiao Xun paid his respects to the empress. After picking her up, he held her hand and said softly, "I've been kneeling in the Taiji Hall for so long today. Is there any discomfort?" Lu Nianjin shook his head, "there is no discomfort, Xiao Er is very sensible,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, and did not torment me." She clung to his chest again and asked, "What about you? Are you uncomfortable?" "No," Xiao Xun said lightly. "The futon I was kneeling on was prepared by Grandfather Fu. It was made of the best silk floss and filled with a heater." "That's good," Lu Nianjin nodded. "We have to thank Grandfather Fu another day. He always takes good care of Guoshi Mansion." Xiao Xun scraped her nose and did not answer the question, but changed the subject and said, "Yes, Xiao has found it." "Found it?" Lu Nianjin raised his eyebrows. "When and where did you find it?" "It was Zhang Jiugang who came back with a message that he had found it in a small town in Dingzhou, and he had already rushed back with people.". If you speed up, it's estimated that it will only take a few days. Lu Nianjin nodded, "he has worked hard." As they were talking, a little maid of honor came in from the outside and said, "Crown Prince, Crown Princess, the banquet is about to begin. The empress invites you two to come over." "I know, this is the past," Xiao Xun said, personally helped Lu Nianjin put on the big hair than armor, with her walking out together. In the main hall, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 stainless steel wire, the queen had already tidied up, with Jiang Rongyue, who looked more and more haggard, beside her. Are you two here? Seeing Lu Nianjin and Xiao Xun coming over, she asked with a faint smile. Xiao Xun took Lu Nianjin forward to salute, "Mother, let's go." With these words, a group of people walked out. The banquet was held in the open air, and as soon as he was seated, Xiao Xun stuffed a hand stove into Lu Nianjin. "Hold it, don't get cold." Lu Nianjin thanked him in a low voice. The next moment, his right hand was in his hand. The banquet lasted for more than an hour, and when it was over, Xiao Xun let go of her hand. After saying goodbye to the emperor, they walked out of the palace together. When he got into the carriage of Guoshifu, he couldn't help it any longer. He took her in his arms lovingly. "Are you sleepy? Would you like to sleep against her for a while?" Lu Nianjin shook his head, "not sleepy," said, she asked about Xiao Shi again, "did that adult Zhang say, how did Xiao Shi destroy the Lu family?" Xiao Xun shook his head. "He sent a letter back as soon as he found Xiao Shi. It was too late to ask." "Oh," Lu Nianjin answered sullenly, and after a moment, he said, "in fact, the most blessed one in the Lu family is my third sister." Xiao Xun held her hand and was unhappy. "What about you? Aren't you lucky?" Lu Nianjin looked at his eyes with a sweet smile and said, "I am naturally blessed, but I have never regarded myself as a member of the Lu family.". ” "You!" Xiao Xun raised his hand and gave her a gentle knock on her forehead. After a moment, he said, "a woman from a concubine is always better at weighing the pros and cons." This is what Lu Nianjin said when he praised Lu Nianyun for his good fortune. Lu Nianjin thought, it's true! Lu Jiayi and Lu Nianshi are both born by the emperor. They have been calling the shots since childhood, and some people are used to it, so they dare to covet everything they see, no matter whether they have the ability or not. But Lu Nianyun, because of the reason of the concubine, played small and cautious, no sense of existence, so she never dared to covet things that did not belong to her own, and only when her life was threatened, she dared to take out all the courage to gamble. Silence spread between the two men. After a long time, Xiao Xun looked at Lu Nianjin and suddenly asked, "Brocade, do you still have the butterfly incense you gave me last time?" "What do you want this for?" Lu Nianjin's face was suspicious. Xiao asked, "to Jiang Rongyue." "Jiang Rongyue?" Lu Nianjin raised his eyebrows. "What are you doing for her?"? You want to help her not to go to Siam? Xiao Xun shook his head. "No, just give her a chance." "How do you say that?" "The royal family of Siam has always had its own religious beliefs. Every few decades, they use butterflies to elect a new generation of saints. The position of saints in the whole royal family is extremely detached. They are respected by all royal families and can never marry." "So that's it." Lu Nianjin's eyes flashed with a touch of streamer. "It's fine. I'll give it to you when I get back." "Well," Xiao asked and nodded. He helped Jiang Rongyue, not because she was the queen's niece, his cousin, but because she was the subject of the cloud Dynasty, and he was the crown prince of the cloud Dynasty, from his point of view, he did not want to sacrifice a woman to establish diplomatic relations. Or, even if he had to sacrifice, he hoped that the people would not be so miserable. On one side,304 Stainless Steel Wire, Lu Nianjin and Xiao Xun returned to Guoshi Mansion, while on the other side, Grandfather Fu was telling the emperor about Chen Fei.