Taoist priests in Jin Yong's world

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Not far away, Xiang Wentian appeared on the Su Causeway, dressed in white, fluttering in the breeze, and then boarded a boat.

"I can hold on!" With a cold hum, Ren said slowly, "This man, Xiao Yihan, is a great threat to the heart of the divine religion. If we don't take this opportunity to kill him again, it will be difficult to climb the sky." Xiang Wentian looked concerned and shook his head. "Master," he said. Let's go back first, and I'll go after him! "Don't delay!" Let me frown and cool my face. "As you know," he said in a deep voice, "he is proficient in array, and the village can be described as a dragnet. He wants to break in, and he is wishful thinking. If he returns to the mountain villa, he will let the tiger go back to the mountain! “…… Fine Xiang Wentian saw that the religious leader's face had changed. Not daring to disobey again, he nodded slowly and stood up. He looked around, his eyes like lightning, slowly passing through the crowd, and saw that there was no one who was good at martial arts. Moreover, even if the religious leader was injured, it was still a piece of cake to deal with these people, so he was relieved. Daddy! In the mellow and soft voice, Ren Yingying curled up and saw that Ren's face was not good, so he hurried forward to hold it. Ying Ying. Let me smile. Is Dad hurt? Although Ren Yingying wore a black veil on her face, Dai frowned. The color of worry is overflowing. Her jade palm suddenly reached out, and she wanted to press his vest to heal him. I'm all right. Ren Woxing stretched out his hand to open Ren Yingying's palm. With an amiable expression, he smiled and waved his hand: "Brother Xiang, you go!" "What is Uncle Xiang going to do?" Ren Yingying was curious and turned to ask the sky. Bright eyes like water. Xiang Wentian was caught off guard. I took a quick look and let me go. Let me look as usual and say with a smile, "Please ask my uncle to fetch something for me.". Ying Ying, let's go home! Ren Yingying nodded and stared at Ren Wo Xing with bright eyes. Still worried, she whispered, "Dad, are you really all right?" Has Dad ever spoken to himself so kindly?! He always had a straight face, a dignified expression and an unsmiling face. So abnormal, her heart filled with a sense of foreboding, always feel uneasy, staring at Ren Wo Xing, trying to find out the strange place. Master, I'm going! Xiang Wentian took a look at Ren Yingying, his eyes flashed a complex light,stainless steel welded pipe, secretly gritted his teeth, sighed, and folded his fists to leave. "Go to your brother." Let me wave my hand. Ren Yingying looked doubtfully at the back of Xiang Wentian who hurried away, always feeling that something was wrong, so was Dad, so was Uncle Xiang! Xiao Yuesheng and Jiangnan Yun walk in the street, walking calmly, the crowd is like water, they are like fish, the body is flowing, leisurely and leisurely. Jiangnan Yun is dressed in a white moon shirt, with a white jade face and a noble temperament. When a gust of wind blows, her clothes flutter, just like a fairy in the dust, without a trace of earthly fireworks. She moved her lotus feet lightly, walking like a clear lotus in the water, pursing her cherry lips tightly, and peeking at Xiao Yuesheng from time to time. I was curious, but I didn't dare to ask more questions. Master was obviously in a bad mood. If she opened her mouth, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, she would be angry. Don't be so uncomfortable. After a while, in silence, out of the city of Lin'an. Master, let me do it..? Jiangnan Yunwei couldn't help but ask each other in a low voice with her sexy red lips slightly open. Xiao Yuesheng stopped, turned around and glanced at her. His eyes were cold, but he was not sad or happy. Jiangnan Yun's heart was awe-inspiring, so she was afraid, as if the master would abandon everything and disappear. Xiao Yuesheng stepped forward and said lightly, "I have wasted my martial arts." "Oh." Jiangnan Yunzhen nodded slightly and took two steps to keep up with him. He glanced at the master, chuckled, and said softly, "I guess the master will do the same." "You can be good!" Xiao Yuesheng horizontal her one eye, in the eye's vision gradually gentle, had some feelings. Jiang Nanyun chuckled with a strange smile and whispered, "I'm so perverse. I guess Shifu won't kill him. After all, he's Miss Ren's father!" Xiao Yuesheng squinted at her, snorted coldly, and strode forward. Jiangnan Yun hurriedly displayed his posture and followed him, but he was still unrelenting. "Master, Miss Ren may hate you so much!" Xiao Yuesheng kept silent and walked slowly. After a while, he sighed softly: "Nine times out of ten, the world is not satisfactory. How can I get my heart?" Alas, Miss Ren is also pitiful, but she has such a father! " Jiangnan Yun shook his head and sighed, and his jade face was full of regret. Don't pretend to be merciful here. Let's go quickly! Xiao Yuesheng laughed and scolded, and then his expression went down again. Master Jiangnan Yunchai was depressed and wanted to make him laugh. "Now it seems that Master's mind is very heavy, and I'm afraid she can't get rid of it for a while." Master. Why are you walking so fast? She was deliberately looking for trouble, trying to bicker with the master and distract his mind. Xiao Yuesheng shook his head, looked at the sky, and then looked behind him. With a sigh, the pace slowed down. The place that should come will come eventually. Jiang Nanyun saw the master so inexplicable, big is puzzled, but see his look, do not seem to be able to help themselves, had to not ask. When they came to the West Lake. "Master," said Jiangnan Yun with a smile, "shall we go and have a look at Sister Su?" A few beauties, together with the sound of Su Qingqing's piano, may make the master feel better, Jiangnan Yun thought with good intentions. Xiao Yuesheng thought about it, nodded, and they turned around and went up the embankment and stepped on the boat parked under the willow tree. Float out leisurely. Not far away, Xiang Wentian appeared on the Su Causeway, dressed in white, fluttering in the breeze, and then boarded a boat. Master and disciples stepped on the boat, and the internal force at their feet urged them to move automatically without wind, so there was no need to swing the oars. Break through the waves. In a twinkling of an eye, I arrived in the middle of the lake. Su Qingqing's paintings stand quietly and sway with the waves. "The sound of the lute is clear and exciting, and the sound of the lute reveals the spirit of a golden iron horse, an iron plate and a bronze lute." This must be Sister Su. Jiangnan cloud laughed, the boat stopped, the two figures flashed, appeared on the painting. Small incense just pick out the curtain, a goose yellow Luo shirt, beautiful and moving, look up to see two people, show a sweet smile, a gift, did not speak, two people directly to the inside. Jiang Nanyun walked ahead and went in with a curtain. "Sister Su is making a big move,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet," he said with a smile. "Is it someone who has provoked you?" In the middle of the painting, it is warm and fragrant. Song Mengjun sat in the window seat, which Xiao Yuesheng had always liked to sit in. sxthsteel.com