Honghuang yuandao

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Taoist sitting in the empty cave. The Taoist's eyes were slightly closed, and there was a shining purple gas in his breath, which was the condensation of the essence of heaven and earth.

Looking at the bottomless indifference under the calm eyes of the apocalypse, the unwise elder of the White Lotus Zen Society of Donglin Temple was naturally surprised. This strange young man was so calm that he suddenly had an idea in his mind. Although the young man's whole body meridians were blocked and he was not suitable for practicing magic power, his mood seemed to be far superior to ordinary people, which coincided with my Buddhist and Taoist mind refining method. There will be great achievements in the future! His thoughts could not be suppressed, and they became overwhelming in an instant like a prairie fire. He was the great virtue of the White Lotus Zen House, and naturally knew that it was extremely difficult to find a suitable successor for the Heart Refining. For hundreds of years, those disciples with a little aptitude and understanding had practiced all kinds of magical powers to subdue demons, but few people would choose the way of Heart Refining, which was very slow to take effect. The White Lotus Society's mind refining has naturally declined, and now that I meet such a young man who seems to be born to practice mind refining, it is naturally difficult to bear the idea of inheritance. Elder Wuzhi did this in his mind, and his haggard face showed a soft smile. His eyes, which had been slightly squinting, slowly opened, staring at the still indifferent eyes of the apocalypse. But for a moment, the golden auspicious light shone in all directions. Then he narrowed his eyes again, and the smile on his face became softer and softer. At this moment, the apocalypse was a shock in his heart. When the old monk opened his eyes, the golden auspicious light filled the air. He actually saw the rising of the sun and the setting of the moon in the old monk's eyes. It was wonderful. He was born with a heavenly eye, and naturally he could see that it must not be an illusion. Therefore, even his spiritual practice could not help being affected by it. This look in the eyes,shuttle rack system, this mind, the end is fierce! Lushan Donglin Temple, Pure Land Sect White Lotus Society, really good! It would be better to go to the Donglin Temple and the Lotus Society first to see the means of the Pure Land Sect of Buddhism. After realizing my long-cherished wish, I thought about the ban on dead wood in the small red box. The thought that had flashed through my mind before was naturally more firm. I did not speak at that moment. I just went to the old monk with a haggard face and looked at his eyes silently. Elder Wuzhi silently watched the young man coming towards him. The more happy he was, the earlier he had achieved the method of mind refining. He had opened the mind of Buddhism and was well-informed and comfortable. With such magical power of Buddhism, he could see things in the world naturally Pure Brightness. So when he looked at Tianqi's eyes, he knew what the young man meant. As a matter of fact,Teardrop Pallet Racking, he just opened the eyes of the Buddha with the method of mind refining, that is, in order to show this young man the method of mind refining of the pure land sect of Buddhism. The reason for this is not to accept this young man into the door in the future and practice the method! Now the boy is willing to follow, how can he not be happy? "Now that you are in this wild sea of fire, and you don't know where you came from, I'll call you a fire from now on!" Elder Wuzhi looked at the apocalypse and said. The apocalypse nodded slightly. The unwise old monk couldn't help laughing. He reached out his hand and pulled Huosheng. His eyes glanced at the feet of the two men. A lotus and white clouds had already risen. Then the old monk took Huosheng to the white lotus. With a flash of light, he fluttered past. The unadorned monk who was left behind was stupefied for a long time by the strangeness between the strange young man and his own Elder Martial Brother. When he found that the Elder Martial Brother had gone, he smiled, chanted the name of the Buddha, and followed him with the light of escape. He said to himself, "My heart has been refined, and I have finally passed it on!" [Volume 1-Volume 4 Chapter 46 Dayan Closed Mountain (I)] At this time is the cold winter season, all over the mountains in the vast mountains, everywhere is a thick layer of snow, the cold wind swept, cantilever racking system ,industrial racking systems, snowflakes all over the sky, mixed with debris ice grains, the end is freezing cold, these snow ice was rolled up by the wind, filled into those depressions, the whole depression completely frozen into a piece of ice crystal! Deep in the vast mountains, the infinite peak is like a sword piercing the sky, straight into the sky, standing tall in the howling wind! Under the mountainside of Wuliangfeng, there is also a thick layer of snow and ice. The higher you go, the thicker the ice is. At the height of two or three thousand feet, the ice has already wrapped up the whole Wuliangfeng, and the whole has become an ice peak. The cold wind whistling in has carved layers of strange ice sculptures on the outer layer of the peak of ice and snow. All of them are tens of feet wide, but only a few feet protrude from the peak body, polishing them strangely. But it is the brilliance inside, the cold light flows, and the sunshine shines on it, which is very dazzling. However, to four thousand feet away, the wind whistled, the dark body of the Infinite Peak all wiped out a dense spark, made a gap hole, where can we see the traces of ice and snow? Then to a thousand feet, then to the top of the infinite peak, dark with a faint red peak without any breath of life, bare, unusually desolate, which is also dotted with a few red crystal jade, only to hear the sharp whistling sound of the wind through the stone hole crevice, can also see a little spark. A hundred feet down from the peak, there is a cave on the side of the dark peak. The entrance of the cave is not big. It is hidden in a crevice of stone holes. If you don't pay attention, you can't find a deep cave in this dense crevice of stone holes. Inside the cave, there was a little light in the sky, which was still bright. At this time, there was only a white-haired Taoist sitting in the empty cave. The Taoist's eyes were slightly closed, and there was a shining purple gas in his breath, which was the condensation of the essence of heaven and earth. The heavenly spirit of the top door of the Taoist sat cross-legged with a baby, whose face was vaguely similar to that of the Taoist. It was the primordial embryo of the Taoists who practiced and melted their souls. Looking at the solid state of the Taoists' body at the top door, coupled with the dense flow in the orifices of the top door, there was a trace of brilliance from the heavenly spirit, which was closely connected to the primordial embryo of the Tao body, which seemed to be a solid body. According to the Taoist classics, this kind of practice has already entered the wonderful realm of Tianchong. Since then, the immortal gate has been in front of us. As long as the soul of Tianchong has been removed, we can soar to the upper realm and get the road of immortals! And this Taoist, naturally, is the Tianyan Taoist of Dayan Sect. Tianyan Taoist refines Qi and grinds the spirit. He is running Xuangong to boil the body of Tao. Suddenly, his heart moves and he opens his eyes. The body of Tao sinks from the top door and enters the orifice of Tianling,mobile racking systems, and the thick and bright purple light shrinks into his breath. He stretched out his hand a little in front of his eyes, and when the aura around him turned, a figure appeared. It was Daoyuan Taoist. jracking.com