Necromancer End World Bank

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Necromancer End World BankNecromancer End World BankNecromancer End World Bank

Ice burst arrow rain, is Qin Bingxin's new skill, the power of the legendary peak, a shot, directly covered the radius of kilometers, within kilometers, thousands of ice power condensed into arrows, each of the power is very amazing, at this time fall, the surrounding air, unexpectedly all frozen, there are countless fine ice debris. The sound sounded, extremely sharp, where the rain of ice burst arrows fell, the people of the United Legion were hit one after another, and in an instant, all of them turned into ice sculptures. "Wild Thunder Dance" Seeing the power of Qin Bingxin's blow, Yang Lan seemed to be ready to fight, prepare directly, accumulate strength, and then display a new skill, the skill of the sub-holy level. Suddenly, a huge rumbling sound sounded, only to see countless thunderbolts dancing in the sky, shuttling through one by one, as if the end of the world was coming. Then, a purple thunder, each with the thickness of an arm, fell through the air one after another, covering a radius of two thousand meters. The believers of the United Legion within a radius of two thousand meters were attacked one after another, and in an instant, they were destroyed without any resistance. This Wang Ling and others have opened their eyes, one by one stunned appearance,electronic board for classroom, incomparable shock, everything in front of them, has been beyond their imagination. When Rex and others saw Yang Lan's power, they were naturally unwilling to lag behind. The "Great Balrog Chop" long sword rolled up a hundred-meter-long huge fiery red sword awn, cut it down, and in an instant, it directly tore the sky like a scorching heat. One by one, the strong people of the sub-holy rank displayed the skills of the sub-holy rank. Needless to say, the power was naturally very strong. Under their attack, the people of the United Legion had no resistance at all. They killed one after another, just like cutting vegetables and melons. If it goes on like this, it is indeed possible to kill all the millions of people in the United Legion. In the minds of Wang Ling and others,interactive digital whiteboard, such an idea came out one after another. Look at their hand, each attack, at least can kill each other thousands of people, ten attacks is tens of thousands of people, and eight people respectively ten attacks, can kill each other two or three hundred thousand people, plus other in the killing of the legendary order of the strong, in a short period of time, the United legion of millions of people, has been lost more than three hundred thousand nearly four hundred thousand, a large vacancy. Such a speed of killing can be called terrible. When can I have such strength? Wang Ling muttered to himself that his heart, while extremely shocked, was also extremely envious and yearning. Tang Fan, on the other hand, took a look at Wang Ling, smiled at the corners of his mouth, and did not say anything, but Tang Fan's heart, in fact, had already made a decision. Return to the earth, the most important thing is to develop the power of the earth, strong, classroom interactive whiteboard ,smart board whiteboard, in order to ensure that the earth is not invaded by foreign enemies. The enemy is too strong, run away. Not everyone in the United legions of the Holy See of Light and the Holy See of Darkness was not afraid of death. Under such a unilateral massacre, some people began to feel afraid. With a loud voice, they hurriedly threw away their armor and ran away. However, it was no use. They were killed before they had run a few steps. Hundreds of young people scattered, forming a circle of encirclement, not to let any escape, made up their minds to kill all the millions of people here, leaving no one. As for the power of their souls, if only a small number, Tang Fan also looked down, but now there are enough 1100000, Tang Fan will all be collected up, perhaps there will be other uses. Volume II: The New Age of Chaos 49 Sensation 49 Sensation Strong smell of blood, floating in the air, the naked eye can see strands of scarlet, swaying, on the ground, countless corpses, or broken limbs or lost their heads, blood constantly flowing out of their bodies, converging into countless rivers flowing slowly, to the holes that were bombarded by energy. 1110000, a full 1110000 of professionals, all dead, no one escaped. Wang Ling and other seven people, one by one completely stunned, do not know how to react, as if turned into seven pieces of wood. Shock, it is too shocking, even with more than one hundred people, in the case of not damaging one person, the other side of more than one million people were slaughtered, and the time spent is not very long. Is this the strength of the real strong? It's really terrible. A storm is brewing in the hearts of Wang Ling and others. Tang Fan looked at Wang Ling and other seven people, smiled, he let Wang Ling and others to see this scene, is to inspire them, if they can get motivation from it, then their achievements will not be so bad in the future, if they feel depressed and negative, then there is no need to cultivate. But at present, it seems good, as for the future, it remains to be seen. At the same time, at the beginning of the battle, Tang Fan also quietly recorded this scene completely with the memory spar. Have someone open the base. Tang Fandao. Then, I saw Tang Fan a throw, a group of dark purple with a silvery flame appeared, quickly fell, into a spark, the body on the ground blood and so on all burned, but in the blink of an eye, hundreds of thousands of bodies and blood, unexpectedly under this strange flame, all burned out, completely disappeared. Wang Ling and others, all thought that they had an illusion, how so many corpses, want to dispose of, also need quite a long time, they have already thought well, once returned to the base, immediately sent outside members of the divine religion to dispose of the body, did not expect Tang Fan just a wave of a strange flame, a few blink of an eye time, then all the blood of the body burned away, No drop is left. As if there had never been a terrible massacre. Wang Ling sobered up, quickly took out the transmitter, then, the ground cracked, an all-metal elevator slowly rose,smart interactive whiteboard, the door automatically opened, Tang Fan and others all walked into it. The space of this elevator is very large, which can accommodate thousands of people at the same time.