Her skin was really white

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Her skin was really whiteHer skin was really whiteHer skin was really white

Both of them were stunned. Liang Wei smiled and looked up at Lu Shen. "What are you doing with a straight face?" Lu Shen lowered his head and said, "I'm worried." Liang Wei patted him on the arm and said, "There's nothing to worry about. I won't blackmail you." He said, "That's not what I meant." The doctor put away the iodine tincture to wash his hands and said, "There is no boyfriend who doesn't worry about his girlfriend. Girl, you are so good-looking. Your boyfriend must be particularly distressed.". Don't worry, it won't leave a scar. Before Lu Shen could say that she was not my girlfriend, the doctor interrupted and said to Liang Wei, "Pull down the skirt." Lu Shen turned around and wanted to go out and wait. Liang Wei grabbed his wrist and said naturally, "Don't go. I'm dizzy. You hold me." Liang Wei's body temperature came from her wrist, so warm that although she looked casual on the surface, her slightly trembling hand had completely betrayed her. He looked into her eyes, pursed his lips, was silent for a moment, and did not step out again. Liang Wei stood in front of him, lowered her head and pulled her skirt down to expose the corner of her buttocks, followed by a cool buttocks, the touch of alcohol cotton,Agate Stone Price, her whole person tightened up, her hands unconsciously grabbed Lu Shen's shoulders, Lu Shen's arms on both sides of the body suddenly did not know what to do. He used to hold Xiaoying when she had an injection, but now he didn't dare to stretch out his hand. The man in his arms tried to get close to him, and when the needle went into the flesh, Liang Wei completely hugged him, buried him in his chest,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, and hissed. The second she called out, Lu Shen immediately patted her on the back, his movements were very gentle, and he kept looking at the ceiling, not daring to move his eyes. In addition to the smell of disinfectant in the room, there is also the fragrance of Liang Wei's body. He looked at the white ceiling and saw the bright fluorescent lamp. A small flying insect seemed to be looking for a foothold. He wanted to get close to the hot lamp, but he dared not. He kept wandering in this cycle. Liang Wei clung to him. He tried to soothe her tight body and said, "It's all right. It's going to be over soon. It's like a mosquito bite." Every time Xiaoying had an injection, he coaxed her like this, although it was not very effective. Her body suddenly softened, and Lu Shen quickly hugged her waist, firmly imprisoned in his arms, and her panting became heavier and heavier. Are you all right? Liang Wei closed her eyes and could not pronounce syllables in her throat. The doctor pulled out the needle, Carrara Marble Slab ,Calacatta Nano Glass, pressed the alcohol cotton on the wound, and said to Lu Shen, "You press it." Lu Shen blinked his eyes and was at a loss. The doctor says: "Press quickly, press 3 minutes." Lu Shen glanced at the cotton carefully, not daring to have any skin contact with her. Liang Wei leaned in his arms without saying a word, and he could feel her trembling all over. Liang Wei is almost soft in his arms, her waist is very thin and very soft. Lu Shen is like a wood carving, not daring to cross the line. This is him.. Holding a woman for the first time 。 The three minutes passed in a flash, and he never felt that time could be so short. Lu Shen helped her pull up her skirt and asked softly, "Is it much better now?" Liang Wei shook her head feebly. Her complexion was really not good, her lips were white, and her forehead was sweating. The doctor says: "Help her go out breathe freely, this is liquid medicine, hit 4 needles again even, are you to come to me to be hit here or oneself go back to look for other doctor to be hit?" Liang Wei opened one eye with difficulty and said, "I'll take it back." "Remember to refrigerate. If you don't, it won't work.". Don't eat spicy food or smoke or drink in this month. Pay more attention. Lu Shen took the bag and thanked him for helping Liang Wei walk out. When she got to the door, she really couldn't support herself. She covered her mouth and staggered to the flower bed to retch. I'll buy you some water. He said as he helped her out. Disuse "I'm going to die.." she murmured on the edge of the flower bed. Her hair was disheveled and she was talking nonsense like a drunk. Lu Shen held her waist and tried to hold her. He said, "I'll take you to the bench over there." He held the vest bag in his mouth and picked up Liang Wei. Liang Wei lies dead in his arms. There is a small garden in front of the epidemic prevention station, where some evening primrose is planted. The fragrance of flowers mixed with the fragrance of camphor trees drifts with the wind. The night is quiet, with occasional insects chirping. The bench is set under a big camphor tree, and several leaves fall from the chair. Lu Shen brushed off the fallen leaves, put Liang Wei down, and sat down himself. Before he could sit down, Liang Wei leaned over and said, "I'm going to die.". He said, "Just wait." Liang Wei leaned on his shoulder and stopped talking, and he guessed that she was really uncomfortable. The cobblestone path ahead is concave and convex, with rotten leaves in the crevices, and the air has both the smell of summer and autumn, both hot and quiet. The moonlight is very bright and clear. Even though there are no street lights here, you can still see the trees and roads around you. The light scattered on them reflects a light blue halo, which is quiet and beautiful. He turned his head and saw Liang Wei's white face. The necklace pendant in her neck fell deeply and was fixed above the deep gully. The neckline of her dress was very big. Liang Wei's skirt was very short, and almost her whole leg was exposed. They leaned together. Lu Shen saw the obvious color difference. Her skin was really white. This may not be just a color difference. He moved his eyes away and gathered his arms, patting Liang Wei's shoulder gently, trying to ease her pain. The two of them sat for a long time, until Lu Shen's shoulders began to go numb, and he thought she had fallen asleep. When Lu Shen was about to wake her up, Liang Wei suddenly opened her eyes and gave a sound. A needle will be uncomfortable for so long, the feeling of darkness is like the end of the world, she can not breathe or walk, it is really the feeling of dying. Liang Wei got up and held her forehead for a while and began to tidy up her clothes,white marble mosaic, tucking her jacket into her skirt. Just now he just helped her pull up her skirt. Lu Shen stood behind her and said, "I'll take you back." When the car arrived at the town, Liang Wei suddenly asked him to stop. It was already eight or nine o'clock. People in the countryside went to bed early. Even the supermarket was ready to close. The town was peaceful. forustone.com