The legitimate daughter of the reborn family

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The legitimate daughter of the reborn familyThe legitimate daughter of the reborn familyThe legitimate daughter of the reborn family

After Leng Tianxiao ate the specific medicine for internal injuries given to him by Shui Yingyue, he breathed cross-legged on the roof of Linglong Pavilion for an hour before dragging his injured body to Yawangfu. He didn't dare to go back to the cold house because he was afraid that his eldest brother would attack him again. Once the dark guards of Taiji Palace take over the task, they will not stop until they reach their goals, unless all the dark guards are dead. Think of kiss eldest brother to own pain under the killer, cold day roar deep in the heart or filled with pain. Even if they are their own masters, they are still brothers. However, this situation, this road, is their own choice, can not blame anyone. The night is deep, and the lantern festival has already ended. Leng Tianxiao stumbled back to Yawangfu, climbed to the gate of the palace, climbed on the door, raised his hand to knock on the door, his voice was still weak, his internal injuries were not lighter than Nangong Linglong. Nangong Linglong can get the True Qi treatment of Shuiyue Palace Lord, he only took one medicine, the effect is naturally not as good as Nangong Linglong. The cold wind whistled, like a knife, like a sword, killing Leng Tianxiao's body from behind. The white clothes on his body had been broken because of the fight. The other side was very cruel. His clothes were broken, his skin was scratched,Pietra Gray Marble, and his white clothes were dyed red with blood. Now he sealed the acupoints around the wound, and the wound did not bleed again. The black hair, which had been tied up at ordinary times, was also loose at the moment, the lips were pale and bloody, and the sword had fallen to the ground at the moment when it was swatted away by the black inflammation. Leng Tianxiao felt that this was the most awkward time in his twenty years. ……” Leng Tianxiao wanted to shout, but his breath was obviously insufficient, and in the end he did not spit out anything. In the middle of the night,Marble Projects, the chill was stronger, and he felt the biting cold. Retreating from the door, he labored to the wall and decided to leap into the house with his flying skill. Standing under the wall, he secretly carried the internal force, lifted it up, and the man jumped up. He flew up, but failed to jump over the wall. Instead, he fell from the top. His internal injuries were not healed, so he fell, the injury was more serious, and a mouthful of blood escaped from his lips when he fell. Covering his palm, Leng Tianxiao looked up at the wall in front of him. If he had jumped casually in normal times, he would have jumped over it, but at the moment, he fell down from it. He struggled to get up from the ground and sat cross-legged again to heal his wounds. Half an hour later, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Artificial Marble Slabs, he was so angry that he jumped up. This time, he finally jumped over the wall and landed safely in the garden of the outer courtyard of the palace. Perhaps the sound of his landing was a little loud, which alarmed the guards in the palace. Soon, dozens of bodyguards came in a hurry with big knives and torches, and surrounded him. It's me Leng Tianxiao said coldly. General Leng? The guards held torches high and saw that it was really him. They saw that he was in a terrible mess. His whole body was injured. The white clothes on his body almost turned into red clothes. The guards knew that something was wrong. Someone immediately came forward to hold Leng Tianxiao, and someone urgently informed Hanyu. General Leng, come on, get in. It's cold outside. Two bodyguards helped Leng Tianxiao walk into the house. Tianxiao, what's going on? Han Yu, who had gone to bed, was alarmed. Wearing a cloak, he came in a hurry. When he saw that Leng Tianxiao was injured all over his body, he hurriedly took two steps forward and held Leng Tianxiao in person. At the same time, he ordered in a low voice: "Please ask the royal doctor quickly. Be careful. Don't disturb others." Then he helped Leng Tianxiao into the room and sat down on a chair. He turned his head and ordered the bodyguard commander: "Let the iron father-in-law come to my room and fetch all the golden medicine." "Yes." The commander of the bodyguard turned around and went out. Tianxiao, what's going on? Cold Yu always gentle handsome face, at the moment become particularly serious and deep, phoenix eyes sharply staring at the cold sky roar. Who the hell hurt you? The person who can hurt Leng Tianxiao like this is absolutely a first-class master. I was overcast. Leng Tianxiao answered in a low voice, telling the truth of the matter, and also telling the fact that he met Nangong Linglong, who was involved in the killing plot because he helped him, and was also seriously injured. "What did you say?" Cold Yu suddenly pulled up the cold sky roar, phoenix eyes become like eagle eyes, mercilessly staring at the cold sky roar, low roar: "Long son injured?"? What about her? Where is she now? Damn it, why didn't you protect her? Nangong Linglong did not like to get along with him. On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, he was angry with Nangong Linglong for the first time. For more than ten days, he did not go to Nangongfu again, but his heart was still hanging on Nangonglinglong's body, and her every move was still closely affecting him. Even if he also calculated her, also used her, but his calculation and use will not really hurt her body. At this moment, when he heard that Nangong Linglong had been seriously injured, he suddenly regretted and hated himself. He regretted pulling Nangong Linglong into the struggle for the throne. He hated himself for calculating and using him. If it hadn't been for him, she would not have been involved in a conspiracy, and she would not have been seriously injured. Hei Yan's martial arts are far above Long'er's. How can his Long'er bear that palm? I, damn it. Leng Tianxiao lowered his face. If it wasn't for helping him, Nangong Linglong wouldn't have been hurt. The people of Shuiyue Palace saved him and Nangong Linglong, but the old woman did not tell him how Nangong Linglong was hurt. He was also deeply worried and guilty. No matter whether he is a minister or a friend of Hanyu, he should protect Nangong Linglong thoroughly. He's useless! It was his carelessness! He's not as good as others! Han Yu stared at him mercilessly and wanted to scold him severely, but looking at Leng Tianxiao's injuries all over his body, he finally suppressed his impulse and threw Leng Tianxiao back into his chair and sat down, his face full of anger, gnashing his teeth and shouting in a low voice: "Han Yao, you should die!"! Since you can't protect her, from now on, stay away from her! Leng Tianxiao stared at Hanyu, knowing for many years, he was the first time to see Hanyu with an angry face. Linglong Pavilion Nangong Linglong slept very restlessly. She dreamed of herself in her previous life,Slate Wall Panel, dreamed back to the world of her previous life, and dreamed of Zhao Ran's ruthlessness to her. In a twinkling of an eye, she dreamed of the little things that happened around her after her rebirth.