There is a ghost husband in the family: pestering a little wife

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There is a ghost husband in the family: pestering a little wifeThere is a ghost husband in the family: pestering a little wife

"Well, master, teach me quickly!" Cher beamed when she heard me say that. I took out a flower needle from one side and said casually, "This needling method is called Duanyang. It is located at the perineum point under the lower abdomen. Just prick it.." Duan Yang is mainly used to purge fire, but the use I taught Cher really made her shrink Yang! "Perineum point?" Cher gawked at me, then blushed, probably knowing where the perineum hole was. In fact, not to mention Cher, even I think this move is a bit perverted. Let me help a man shrink his penis. I'm sure I can't do it. That is, Cher is now in a critical situation, so I have to teach her a way to defend herself. Cher listened to my teaching, and practiced a few times, is a small success, plus she still has ten days to prepare, when the time comes to deal with a fool, should not be a problem. Soon, Shangguan Fu came back, and I was ready. Cher, be sure to practice hard, when the fool wants to hurt you,white marble slabs, you stab him! I finally told Cher. Master, I know.. "Cher was a little embarrassed to lower her head, and her face exploded.". Well, after all, Cher is just a little girl, and a girl of her age in the human world doesn't know anything. Shangguan Fu took me out of the house, got into the carriage, and drove slowly towards Yunshan Mountain. Although Yunshan looks not far away,Agate Slabs Countertops, the road is bumpy and there are detours on the way. I'm afraid it will be 20 kilometers. Shangguan Fu sat in front of the carriage and took me all the way out of Yunshan City before Matsushita became alert. Senior, the distance from here to Yunshan Mountain is not close. There is dry food and water in the car. If you are hungry and tired, you can eat and sleep. Shangguan Fu laughed. OK Nodding my head slightly, I heard Shangguan Fu give a light sigh and asked curiously, "Senior, I saw you teach Cher the needling method before. I don't know if you are the elder of the Peach Blossom Sect?" Peach Blossom Pie? I really haven't heard of this pie. Stitching is just one of the skills I've learned. I'm not of the Peach Blossom School. I replied directly. In this way. Shangguan Fu nodded his head. Then he was silent for a while. Then he asked, "Elder, the younger generation is curious. How on earth did you get hurt? Why did you lose your strength?" I curled my lips. "I was chased by a fake immortal who was about to become a real immortal, and then I had a fight with him." "Eh?!" Shangguan Fu's body shook and looked at me incredibly. Scared? ! overChapter 632 recovery! ! goShangguan Fu was stupefied for a long time. Then he came to his senses and asked with an embarrassed smile, "It turns out that the senior was fighting a fierce battle with a master who was about to step into the true immortal. That's why he was seriously injured." I snorted, "He wants my life. If I hadn't run away, I'm afraid I would have died at his hands." As soon as Shangguan Fu's pupils shrank, he gasped again and asked with some shivers, "Can Banxian escape in the hands of the pseudo-immortal peak?" I looked at Shangguan Fu and said with a smile, pietra gray marble ,Granite Slab Supplier, "He was also seriously injured by me. He won't be able to catch up for a while. But with his cultivation, he should recover soon, so I have to hurry up.". Besides, don't ask any more. The more you know, the more dangerous it will be. When I recover, I will repay your kindness and take Cher away from Shangguan's house. Shangguan Fu was silent for a while before he opened his mouth and said, "Senior, the reason why I help you is not because I covet your return, but because I think you can really take Cher away." "I'll take her away and you won't see her." I looked at Shangguanfu with strange eyes. What was the boy thinking? I guessed seven or eight points. Even if it was boring for Cher, she really regarded her as her own sister. So what if you can't see it? Cher is the apprentice of her predecessors. She will be strong in the Shangguan family in the future. I should bless her. Shangguan fu some relieved finish this sentence, then no more words, peace of mind on the road. I stared at Shangguan Fu's back thoughtfully. After a long time, the carriage stopped and we arrived at the foot of Yunshan Mountain. When I looked at the towering hillside, I couldn't help shivering in my heart. With my body now, it's hard to climb the mountain. I won't die on the way. In the end, Shangguan Fu took the trouble to carry me on his back. On the top of the mountain, the ground was very smooth, as if it had been split by a sword. I felt the strong power of thunder here, and my heart rippled. I couldn't help squatting down and touching the rock. Predecessors can't touch it. The power of thunder is extremely overbearing. If you are not careful, you will be seriously injured. Shangguan Fu stopped me hurriedly and sighed, "Someone practiced here before and tried to absorb the power of thunder, but not only failed, but also left internal injuries." I smiled faintly: "No hindrance, others are afraid of this thunder, but I am not afraid.". The more powerful this mountain is, the faster I will recover! It's just that if the thunder hadn't fallen in the last few days, I wouldn't have been able to fully recover. "Senior, there are still ten days left for Cher. Senior can practice at ease and recover as much as he can!" Shangguan Fu looked serious and said, "Lin Chu, the silly son of the Lin family, is not smart, but very lascivious. It's been a long time. I'm afraid.." I nodded slightly, which man in the world is not lustful? Fools only reveal their true nature. If you leave the water and food, go back to Shangguan's house quickly, so as not to make people suspicious. The rest depends on God's will. I sighed, "If I can't fully recover in ten days, you can take Cher out to find me first, as long as they are here, no one dares to touch you, and once I recover, they can't stop me." "So good!" Shangguan Fu's eyes burst out with a fine awn. He gritted his teeth and folded his fists and said, "Senior, it's all up to you!" After Shangguan Fu left, the sky gradually darkened. I sat down cross-legged, absorbing the power of thunder to my heart's content, and moistening the life array. This life array plate because of the power of thunder to join,Porcelain Marble Slabs, immediately happy, the speed of operation is also faster and faster. However, my life array has also been damaged because of the loss of blood gas. I'm afraid it's not so easy to open the space inside. Be quick! I urged myself to close my eyes and quickly absorb the power of thunder.