Midnight Hades Marriage: The Ghost Husband Is Cute [End + Side Story]

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Midnight Hades Marriage: The Ghost Husband Is Cute [End + Side Story]Midnight Hades Marriage: The Ghost Husband Is Cute [End + Side Story]

Only when I saw Yuya, I suddenly felt that Yuya was more beautiful than before. She was as beautiful as a fairy. Between her eyebrows and eyes, there was also a mystery that ordinary people could not see through. In the next few days, the plague at the foot of the mountain gradually improved. There are not many people seeking medical treatment. But at this time, Yuya's body, began to gradually change, it should be said that she became more and more plump, at first, the aunt are wearing a uniform wide robe, also can not see what. But after a few months, he couldn't hide it. Yuya is pregnant and her belly is bulging. But now she is a monk, how can she be pregnant? This is a big taboo to defile Buddhism. Even if Yuya has excellent medical skills and saves countless people, the temple can't accommodate the sister-in-law who doesn't abide by the rules and regulations. And in charge of the aunt, the original also cherish money, because there is no jade ya, they this poor mountain ditch temple, will not have today's incense. So when the host sister-in-law learned about it, she came to persuade Yuya. Ask her who the father of the child is, if it is a good family, also do not object to her to marry a vulgar person, but if there should not be evil obstacles, then go. To say that this poor girl in the gully, after all, there is no culture and Buddhism, and what she adheres to is the way of women's Taoism. But when Yuya heard this, she only smiled and said, "This child is my own, not anyone's." As soon as the host sister-in-law heard this, she knew that Yuya was unwilling to confide. Had no choice but to say frankly: "If you do not listen to advice, then you will not stay in the temple, after all, this is a quiet place of Buddhism." But the jade Ya, as if the naive little wench, only then understood the host sister-in-law's meaning, asked: "The host is wants to drive me to go?" "Yes, go down the hill." Jade Ya also did not beg what, immediately, tidied up their own soft, with a bulging belly, will go down the mountain to go home. When you get to the door. Many good sisters-in-law come out to watch the fun, although they are usually polite on the surface, but now, they look at Yuya like a joke. But jade Ya, unexpectedly does not have the slightest sense of shame, as if does not understand, the monk has the pregnancy, is what kind of matter, only step by step down the mountain. But I didn't want to. On the mountain path, which was usually very quiet, today there were several dudes from the town. They had heard that there was a Bodhisattva's aunt in the temple on the mountain, who was as beautiful as a fairy. They looked for a chance to see what kind of beauty it was. On the winding mountain path, a girl with a big belly came and looked at her face, which was really beautiful. I'm just looking at the belly that's gathered up. As if a moment ago, the unworldly beauty was like a fairy, and suddenly, it turned into two pieces of bird shit, which were pasted on his face. The aunt, who was praised as a Bodhisattva by Shiliba Village, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,grey marble slab, was also a slut. He was driven out of the temple. This kind of feeling, no doubt is the fairy turned into a prostitute, a few playboys originally with the heart of looking up, immediately gone, only looking at the beautiful face, want to play, humiliate and humiliate Yuya. All of a sudden, they surrounded Yuya and said all kinds of provocative foul language. I thought Yuya would cry with shame and indignation. But unexpectedly, Yuya seemed to be unable to understand and just looked at them quietly. This sister-in-law is not crazy, is she? Someone raised a question. "It's good to be crazy," said the other. "It's fun to be crazy.. Have you ever played with a pregnant woman with a big belly? "Hey, hey, hey, don't kill anyone." "What are you afraid of? This kind of bitch, in our hometown, has already invaded the pig cage. It is also her good fortune to let her serve us." The splashy skin looked at Yuya, only to feel that the more they looked at her, the more beautiful she looked. The idea of playing was gone, so they wanted to keep her. Anyway, there was no one on the mountain path at ordinary times. Desire is like the devil, once it takes root, it sprouts quickly. When the first one of them reached out to Yuya. Only then did Yuya seem to realize what these people were going to do. She was angry and warned, "Don't mess with me. The consequences will be very troublesome." But the scoundrels are not willing to listen. One of them, who was the most bold, rushed directly at Yuya. Jade Ya as if finally to the point of hiding, her forehead position, suddenly a flash of black light. This black light is like the fire of hell. The splashy skin only took one look and fell to the ground dead in an instant. And around a circle of splashy skin, do not know what happened, only know that a flash of black light, one died, and the other two close, also saw the black light, but did not die. They went crazy in an instant. He ran away with a crazy giggle. And the few who survived, their eyes widened in horror. Jade Ya is still light, said: "I have said, do not provoke me, the consequences are very troublesome." But after that several scoundrels reacted, they ran away with a loud cry, shouting as they ran: "Sorcery, sorcery killed people..." Jade Ya did not pay attention to, continue to hold out his round belly, go home. After three years of absence, Yang Laowei and his wife had a fairly good life. It's just that as soon as the girl came home, she was completely fried. For no other reason, the girl who had been out of the house for three years came back with a belly. If she put it in the village, she would be poked in the spine for a lifetime. Yang Laowei's daughter-in-law was so worried that she didn't know what to say. She only asked, "Yuya, tell Niang the truth. How did this child come from?" Yuya stroked her stomach and said, "I let him come myself." Sure enough, asking is the same as not asking. Fire can't be wrapped up in paper. Good things don't go out, and bad things spread thousands of miles in an instant. Some people who had asked for Yuya but could not get it even formed a team to come to the door of Yuya's house to shout abuse and throw broken shoes. Yang Laowei and his wife were too shy to go out, but Yuya was fine and should eat and drink. But in the end, Yuya was annoyed by Yang Laowei's daughter-in-law, so she had to confide the truth quietly, saying: "Actually, I don't know where I came from, I don't know where I'm going, I only know what I seem to be looking for.." But after all, I do not really have three souls and seven souls, can not survive in the world, can come to this world,Marble Granite Price, although only a short dozen years, I have been very happy, as for the child in my belly. 。 forustone.com