Across the second world

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Across the second worldAcross the second worldAcross the second world

"Wait, wait, wait." With a strange cry, this fellow took out a pile of treatment sticks from the item column and handed them to his second brother. "Give these points to the treatment. Let me see that post, ntbsp." Chapter 148 the means of hell's wandering souls. Chapter 148 of the main text, the means of the wandering soul in hell. Ready, the ghost of hell has opened the monster. Necromancer is really awesome! An undead control was thrown on the carrion monster, and the pile of rotten meat rushed wildly at the defenders around him. All of a sudden, the three strange nests were fighting against each other. The scene was very lively. Two T took the opportunity to run up and pull away a defender respectively. Undead control is not a panacea, this skill has great limitations, the same monster can only be controlled three times, and each time is shorter and more dangerous. The first control time is two minutes, the success rate is 8%, the second time is one minute, the success rate is 5%, and the third time is only 30 seconds, the successful rate is 3%! The undead control is very attractive to the monster's hatred, and the first target of the monster after breaking away from control is the necromancer! This requires us to kill a defender within three minutes and thirty seconds, so that T can free up his hands to protect the ghosts of hell. Time is pressing, the mirror with the degree of pull steady hatred, we output with all our strength! To tell you the truth, although the level of hell wandering soul is much higher than mine,White Marble Slabs, I am not convinced that DPS ranks second. After level 20, the next copy of my output has not fallen behind anyone! I output with all my strength, while observing the ghost of hell, to see why he is higher than my output. Look carefully, I immediately speechless. I have calcium oxide! This guy's baby is so sick! The same shot defender, my flat shot damage 8, his baby flat shot damage 3! Although look at the number, I am much higher than his baby,White Marble Mosaic, but you should know that his mother has six babies! The little skeleton archer looked trembling and felt like he was going to fall apart when the wind blew. It was incredible that he had such a high attack! The same is the necromancer, sausage baby and others of a comparison is simply throwing goods! Other people's baby 3 injury, sausage. Not even the defender's defense can be broken. After seeing the means of hell wandering soul, I am full of confidence in the future of sausage! With such a perverted baby, it is absolutely not a dream to kill a commoner career in the group p! Under everyone's crazy output, it only took two minutes for the first defender to fall! But just as the defender fell, the carrion mutinied! After regaining his freedom, the carrion monster gave an angry cry and twisted his fat body to rush towards the ghost of hell! The wandering soul in hell reacted so much that he threw a chain of bones in the past. By the arm thick white bone chain is firmly entangled, the rotting corpse strange degree suddenly slowed down. At the same time, the sky in the mirror charges, provokes, and cuts the hatred successfully at one go. Strange little now, hell wandering soul also did not control again, so the hatred is too deep, it is also a trouble to rob the hatred after T. Generally speaking, the tactics were successful this time. After seven or eight minutes, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,white marble slabs, all three monsters were put by us. Sitting on the ground to rest, I opened the system message channel to watch, kill a carrion monster actually gave three thousand experience, the defender also has more than two thousand, according to this, out of the copy of the time I should be able to upgrade one level, immediately feel unspeakable pain. The inner corridor is shaped like a huge question mark. We came in at the bottom of the question mark, while the passage leading to the second floor was at the beginning of the question mark, which should be the southwest of the whole temple. The passage between the inner and outer cloisters was separated by a large iron gate and guarded by Sisera, the first Bss Dark Light Keeper. If you want to open the iron gate, you must not only kill Sisera to get the key, but also open the three gates in the southeast, northeast and northwest corners. The demand to open the gate is not high, only requires three hundred, many of the soldiers present can now meet this standard, but each gate side is heavily guarded, want to open the gate, but it is not easy. Most of the mobs on the corridor are in groups of two or three, and the distance between each two groups is very far, as long as you pay more attention to the patrol of 11, it is basically not difficult. Unimpeded all the way to the southeast gate, we encountered the first trouble! Strictly speaking, this should be regarded as two sets of monsters, the front is two carrion monsters and a defender, and the back is really guarding the gate is two dark light lava awakener! Darklight Lava Awakener (Humanoid, Elite) Rating: 43 Attack: 117-1376 Defense: 149 Qi and blood: 97 Fire immunity This monster is very troublesome. When attacked, it has a certain chance to release a flame ring, which deals 6-8 fire damage to all targets within five meters of it. And there are many ways to attack: the fixed damage of flame piercing is as high as 1 or more, with a reduction effect of 8 seconds. Although the damage of the rage totem is not high, it has the effect of adding blood. If a totem is inserted on the ground for three seconds and no one cares about it, its healing effect on the lava awakener will be more than five thousand. Compared with these, the most disgusting thing is the skill of awakening the lava puppet! Awaken Lava Golem: Summons six Lava Golems of rank 35 to work together. Although the lava puppet is not an elite monster, but the attack is very high, look at the screenshots on the post, the damage to the commoner profession can be as high as more than 600, and a move is six, if not immediately pulled away, it is a great threat to T! Their way of dealing with the awakener is to temporarily change people, and get eight curse mages to give the awakener a silent curse in turn, which is simple and effective, basically ensuring that the awaken can not summon the monster. But this method is obviously not suitable for us, the second brother and a dragon under the curse of more than level 3, a total of these two people. Simply say how to play. My heart is extremely contradictory, Zhao Wei Qingqing? This place must be no problem, to put it bluntly, I'm afraid a few strange Wei qingqing a person can single out, but too early to call out Wei qingqing can only make everyone dependent on her, there is still a long way to go, once what is the situation,Silver Travertine Slabs, without running-in team is easy to destroy the group, don't recruit? I'm really afraid I can't get through this. After, I endure the call Wei qingqing impulse to listen to the second brother below. Chapter 149 Sisera the keeper.