Iron Rider Silver Bottle-Wang Dulu _ txt Novel Paradise

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Iron Rider Silver Bottle-Wang Dulu _ txt Novel ParadiseIron Rider Silver Bottle-Wang Dulu _ txt Novel ParadiseIron Rider Silver Bottle-Wang Dulu _ txt Novel Paradise

As soon as I thought of this, I couldn't help hating the robber, especially Mrs. Fang, who had cheated her son, and the little girl in her arms, who was also a liar! She helped her mother deceive my mother and son. There is no such thing in the world. I, Yujiaolong, have never been deceived or persecuted like this in my life. At that time, when she was angry, the girl moved in her arms and kicked her with her little feet. Yujiaolong's heart was even more inflamed. She suddenly took out the child from her arms and put it on the ground. She rode away without even paying attention to it. But after a few steps, she heard the crying of the child behind her, and her heart was filled with pity. She stopped the horse and turned around, only to see the little red quilt lying on the snow. One of the little girl's little feet was exposed, and she was crying like a lamb. The snow above was falling so tightly that it fell on the little girl's hair and face. Yujiaolong said again: "I am too cruel!"! It shouldn't be like this! So she quickly jumped off the horse again, ran back, picked up the little girl again, shook the snow, and covered her in her arms to keep her warm. The child was still crying, and her own tears could not help flowing down. She had to wipe away the tears, pat the child, and still got on the horse and walked away. She went to the west, intending to find a family and ask about the origin of the so-called Black Mountain Bear and Master Wu San, and where they were hiding. As long as she got the news, she still had to look for it together. By this time it was snowing and windy, the mountains were high, the roads were high, and the horses were tired. Her crying had stopped,inflatable air dancer, but her tears had not yet stopped. The Rouge horse had turned white, and the snow on the top of the two packages was very thick. It looked bigger and heavier. Her sword was silent, her whip was moving slowly, and she walked away blankly. It turned out that this place was already under the jurisdiction of Qinghai, and there were few people. The Wulanmulun River was not far to the south. At this time, it was all frozen, the earth was covered with snow, and the mountains were heavy with clouds. Even though Yujiaolong had a strong martial arts skill, she could not catch a thief. Even asked a few people, are nomadic people,Inflatable outdoor park, can understand her words very few people. No one knew the names of the Black Mountain Bear and the Third Master Wu, and the child of her own, whom she had not even seen once, seemed to have sunk into the sea without a trace, which made her feel really sad. Yujiao was able to search within a hundred miles of here for ten days without finding anything. She lived in a Mongolian cowshed for many days, and then she went east along the Qilian Mountains, into Gansu Province, across the snow mountain straight to Liangzhou, and to the city of Liangzhou, looking for a shop to rest, stayed for two days, she found out the new local magistrate, yes, is surnamed Fang, is transferred from Anxi state, there is a second wife because of pregnancy is to stay there, She had probably given birth now, but she hadn't seen anyone over there to deliver the letter, and she didn't know whether she was a son or a daughter, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable bouncer, and whether she was safe or not. I also heard that the magistrate was very worried and was about to send someone to Anxi to pick him up, but because the ice and snow on the road had not been digested, he had not left yet. Yujiaolong also dreamed that the magistrate here would be able to send someone to get his wife and children back. At that time, she would have to try to change the children back, so she changed to live in a shop that was less noticed. She found a local tailor, made herself two pockets like ordinary women, and lived here, supposing to be waiting for someone. She was worried every day, and sometimes impatient, but the child became closer to her day by day, and she felt like her own child. I was afraid that if the magistrate Fang brought back his wife and children, then, of course, they would have to exchange with each other, but his own son might not be as familiar as his non-biological daughter! She lived in Liangzhou city for more than a month, the weather has been warm, is the weather in February, I heard that the magistrate sent to meet the second wife has come back, people did not pick up, but brought a strange news, I heard that the second wife there, Qin Ma, even Fang Fu, is as early as years ago left Anxi to come here, to now have no whereabouts, are missing and life and death. Liangzhou city was not big, this is the magistrate's family wrapped things, so a pass ten, ten pass hundred, especially the shop wrapped people love to chat, Jane hundred make no one knows. People often talk about this strange thing outside the window of the room where Yujiaolong lives. Yujiaolong heart is very sad, this matter is known by oneself, but can not say to others. By this time, her body and mind were all well, and the little girl was already three months old and could laugh, and she loved her even more. After staying for a few days, he heard a piece of news from the shopkeeper, saying that a poor scholar, surnamed Han, had come from Ganzhou yesterday. This man claimed that he had lived in the same shop with the second wife of Futai. It was the end of last year. The second wife of Fang took her family, Fang Fu and Qin Ma, and held the child in her arms. On the way, she probably had an accident and met a robber. Although he did not know whether the second wife and his wife were alive or dead, But he knew for sure that the magistrate's own daughter was still safe and sound, and was in the hands of a young woman in a flag. If he caught the young woman, he would be able to find her back. The reason was that the young woman went to the shop to give birth to a child, and the second wife secretly replaced the girl with a boy. The next morning, she fled in the wind and snow. The young woman made a scene in the shop, killed the black three who pulled the camel with a sword, and rode away with the girl. Zhangxi County, Ganzhou Prefecture, is taking it seriously. As soon as Yujiaolong heard this, he knew that it must be the poor boy who came to live in Andian and could prescribe medicine. He came here to report to our magistrate to claim credit and ask for a reward. Although he was not afraid now, he could not live here any more! So she packed up her luggage and decided to leave on the same day. Thinking that her luggage should be as simple as possible, she called the clerk in the shop to take out some of her cash and ask the clerk to take it outside to exchange for a few silver notes, which were commonly used in Ili. She also took out a few clothes that she could not wear and asked the shopkeeper to take them out to pawn. She wanted to make the package lighter and smaller, but the clerk looked surprised and suspicious. I can't guess where this guest got the silver. Since he is so rich, can he be a good man? Yujiaolong asked the shopkeeper to buy a bamboo basket for her, and pointed to the child on the Kang and said, "As long as it can accommodate my child,inflatable amusement park, it's OK. It's not too big." The shopkeeper agreed in a daze, wondering but not daring to ask, so he had no choice but to leave.