I have Goldfinger.

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I have Goldfinger.I have Goldfinger.I have Goldfinger.I have Goldfinger.

The old man's back was straight, and his sitting posture looked like an army man or a former soldier. Well, how can I say that? It's enough to admit that my fourth brother saved him. I don't want to say anything else. Your child didn't beg my fourth brother to save him. It was the fourth brother who was honest. The words were somewhat choking and somewhat mocking, and the Guan family all heard them, blushing with shame. Their family members were badly hurt by the smelly boy, and the good reputation accumulated in their life was ruined by the smelly boy. They also learned that Shen Qinghe almost died because he saved his own child. Now that he is good, he will not be able to do heavy work in the future. If a young man can't do heavy work in the countryside, he will not be able to earn work points. If you can't earn work points, how can you support your children and parents? It will harm them for a lifetime. The Guan family knew three days ago that since they had come to apologize, in addition to bringing some items, they had to help the young people solve their future survival problems. The old man is an old Red Army man, the three sons of the family are also in the army, and the eldest is transferred back to his hometown of Xinde City. He was transferred back for a year, and his family had a stable life. Who knows that their eldest grandson is actually a coward, actually do this thing, really lost the face of the old Guan family. Guan Yundong and his wife are even more ashamed not to want to speak, their own cowards are really. Let the couple lose face. Guan Yundong's wife, Cui Xin, is also a soldier, a military doctor and a director of a department. After knowing Shen Qinghe's situation, he also consulted Shen Qinghe's medical records when he was hospitalized at that time, and knew that the injury was really serious, that is, after the body looked fine, in fact,Inflatable water park on lake, it hurt the foundation. Need to raise a few years, but farmers that leisure time will raise a few years of body, will raise a couple of years is only better. Cui Xin understood that it was even more impossible to be an ungrateful person, and the family all wanted to help Shen Qinghe find a job, which must be formal. Two days before I came, my family's relatives came to the house. When they spoke, they had no intention of revealing that the city government canteen was recruiting a small canteen master. The old master was single and had no children. He was old and could not do it. I'm going to retire soon. Let those who come later study for three months and cook later. This opportunity is good, Cui Xin said this matter, relatives are willing to help this, the next day to do this matter. It's just that the Guan family won't talk about it in front of all the people in the yard. As the two families chatted,Inflatable mechanical bull, Guan Cheng shamelessly approached Shen Qinghe. "I'm sorry, brother. I'm really scared silly. It's not irresponsible." "I don't blame you. I heard that you sent things the next day. I know those things are more useful than money." Shen Qinghe also did not haggle with the child who was fifteen years old in front of him. It must be the child who ran out of home and wanted to go up the mountain to pick up the leak. Out of such a big thing, dare not say, both in reason and out of reason. In the previous life, the Guan family also came later, but the original body was already dead at that time, and the Guan family had been taking care of the original body's old parents and two children. It was not until the two children got married that they did not take care of them. The rescued child also repented and took care of the original pair of children. The Guan family did not have an accident in those ten years, and they spent those ten years steadily. People are also conscientious people, who can blame, blame the original body overrated to save people, blame Guan Cheng, he concealed for more than a month. Conceal not to conceal the past life of the original body can not be saved, behind the family did a good job, what else can be said. Guan Cheng is doing wrong, but people are not so bad, no matter when there are many people like Guan Cheng, such people are not bad people, inflatable amusement park ,inflatable castle with slide, nor selfish. After the late governor, a lot of people changed. He is like that because he is too young to carry things. Second, because life is too smooth, I have not encountered anything, and I am timid and afraid. After a while, the two sisters, Shen Lihua and Shen Xinghua, got the letter and came in a hurry. Pear Flower began to drive people away when she entered the door. "Uncles and aunts, there are guests at home, so we don't leave everyone to sit down. Let's go back, let's go back." Tigress is Tigress, and when she enters the door, she drives people away. Go back, the pear flowers are beginning to drive us. An uncle teased Shen Lihua. "Uncle Hong, it's not to drive everyone away. It's just that there are so many people making a lot of noise. My brother hasn't got all right yet. He can't quarrel." Shen Lihua tiger returns to the tiger, or knows to defend oneself two, the words also say nicely. Soon on the threshold, all the people in the courtyard dispersed, leaving only two families. The three sisters sat in the hall with small benches, and the Guan family had already sent gifts, including old clothes for the children, two sets of new clothes, and the food and money saved from their mouths, all in big bags and small bags. When Guan Yundong talked about his work, the two elders of the Shen family did not know what to say. If life is OK, they will not want this job, but now the son can not do heavy work, to the city government cooking work is more necessary, is an urgent need. The Shen family was silent and stopped talking. After a while, Shen Qinghe said, "Thank you. I shouldn't have accepted it. It's just that my body can't do heavy work now. I can only accept this job.". I'm a man who can't be supported by my parents. Thank you. After thanking him again, Shen Qinghe did not speak again. No, thank you. We are sorry. We are preparing this job to make up for you, because you saved Guan Cheng from injury and could not do heavy work. Guan Yundong that has the nerve to let others thank their own, without their own muddy boy, Shen Qinghe will not become like this. Shen Qinghe need not worry, Shen father in the village to open a good certificate, to the family, people will arrange everything, including a dormitory, these things are not abuse of power, they themselves can not control the city government, is to ask relatives to help. The Guan family left the Shen family with the certificate. The three sisters, Shen Taohua, Shen Xinghua and Shen Lihua, were happy for the fourth brother. Big bags and small bags, there are three big bags of clothes, the whole family of five people have, there are old army cotton-padded clothes, three adults have, as well as the four seasons of single clothes, is also the army's old clothes, and a bag of children's old clothes, two people each have two sets of new clothes. I also found six hundred yuan, which was specially left by Guan's family, and a letter. Take it. Now that it's here,Inflatable 5k obstacle, take it. No matter what the other side means, it is reassuring to accept the Guan family. Besides, Shen Qinghe also felt that he should accept it for his original body. joyshineinflatables.com