Mecha is a God

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Mecha is a GodMecha is a GodMecha is a GodMecha is a God

The warhead did not explode, and apparently it was not filled with explosives, as if it were a prank or a lame military exercise. Zhang Yifan and others were puzzled when they suddenly saw ripples on the surface of the water, and later the surface of the water fluctuated more and more violently, forming a whirlpool, one by one with long black hair all over the body, as big as a cylinder cover of an alien spider poking its head out of the whirlpool, eight hairy feet shrinking and releasing, spraying out countless thick as little fingers from the mouth, black and tough spider silk. To those diamond ants floating on the water. These alien spiders are riding in those "warheads", although the number is not as many as the diamond ants, but there are tens of thousands of them, this attack, there are nearly ten thousand diamond ants are firmly wrapped, may be the reason for species restriction, the outer armor of the diamond ants was as hard as steel, but was wrapped in black spider silk, immediately softened, and then was fiercely strangled, immediately fell apart. Was sucked into the abdomen by an alien spider. These spiders seemed to be so hungry that they wiped out nearly ten thousand diamond ants in the blink of an eye, but they were still not satisfied and attacked again. Diamond ants encounter natural enemies, just fierce has long disappeared, have wanted to flee, but all around are "hungry" spiders, where they can escape, several rounds of predation down, tens of thousands of diamond ants on the surface of the water, the remaining is less than 500, full of long armor thick, strong head ants and so on. These head ants are not as easy to deal with as the common diamond ants. Even if one or two spiders join hands, they will not move, and the disaster is imminent. These head ants are very United, holding each other's heads and tails, forming a circular defensive circle against the spiders. Although these spiders are the natural enemies of the diamond ants, and have a natural advantage, they can not be dealt with for a while. These golden steel ants are also clever. Zhang Yifan smiled, the spider destroyed the diamond steel ant, he also rest assured a lot, after all, these spiders can sit "warhead" fly, obviously someone behind the operation, since there are people behind, it is easy to discuss: "but the number of disadvantages is too big, even if they how to unite, it is more time to delay." "That's right." Zhang Liguo nodded and said, "The person who released these spiders is still our great benefactor. We should thank them later." "Oh, these people deliberately raised so many spiders, and put them over with warheads, I'm afraid it's not just to destroy the diamond ants to rescue us so simple, whether it's an enemy or a friend, but also to see." Zhang Yifan smiled coldly: "Friends are the best, if the enemy, I'm afraid we have some trouble." When their voice fell, five hundred ants were besieged by spiders, Inflatable water obstacle course , and there were less than four hundred left. Suddenly, the ants howled in a harsh voice, which was so sad that people palpitated. With the sound of these ants howling, the water surface in the middle of the ant circle suddenly boiled and rolled. After a while, a column of water with a diameter of tens of meters rose into the sky. The water surface rose sharply by nearly two meters. The spiders around were caught off guard. They were washed back by the waves for more than ten meters, not to mention the hundreds of ants holding their heads and tails. The defensive circle was almost scattered, and it was very dangerous. Then I saw a huge golden shadow like a castle, rising sharply from the surface of the water. In an instant, it rushed out of the water, bringing waves like mountains and rivers to beat on all sides. Hundreds of ants were topped by the waves, and the defensive circle collapsed in all directions. Nearly ten thousand alien spiders surrounded by it were also frightened back, one by one baring their teeth and claws, very uneasy. Zhang Yifan was surprised to see the monster. It turned out to be a giant golden ant, with a head and tail 100 meters long, floating on the surface of the water, just like a hill. On both sides of its body, there were 16 pairs of dark blue foot pincers, each pair of which looked like the wheels of a giant truck. Its two eyes were dark red, as big as the mouth of a water tank. The armor covered by its body was extremely thick, and the pieces were closely arranged like fish scales. Look like that, even if it is directly bombarded by a laser gun, it may not fall off one or two pieces. The strangest thing is that this giant strange ant has a metallic luster all over its body, as if it is not a flesh and blood creature, but a steel one, and its biological characteristics have almost completely disappeared. "Damn it, it's so big. Is it the ant king?" Peter was so surprised that he couldn't help swearing. It's the king of ants, and according to the information, this is the king of ants. Dou Wei opened his eyes even wider: "Inside the diamond ants, it is very difficult to produce a king ant, because the diamond ants who dare to be king will basically be killed by their own kind.". Unless it is hundreds of thousands of large ant colonies, it is possible to appear ant king, unexpectedly this group of golden steel ants only tens of thousands, there is an ant king, but also the king of kings. Now we're in trouble again. Obviously, everyone hopes to win the spider side in the end, after all, there are human beings behind the spider, everything is easy to talk about, but now it seems that the spider side is obviously very dangerous. As soon as the king ant appeared, instead of attacking the spider, he opened his mouth and swallowed the remaining four hundred ants into his mouth. He swallowed them without chewing, and then his scales trembled angrily and became like a huge hedgehog. At this time, the alien spiders just sprayed thousands of silk to wrap it, but it rolled on the surface of the water, only with the scales on its body, the silk was completely cut off. After breaking the attack of the alien spider, the king of the golden steel ant did not stop. His body, like a hill, moved on the water. It was very fast and dexterous. Wherever he went, 16 pairs of foot pliers on his side turned over like flying. Every time the pliers went down, dozens of spiders were dismembered, and the scales on his body were cut. In the blink of an eye, nearly a thousand spiders were killed. For a time, the water was covered with the remains of spiders. Spider blood almost stained the waters. These spiders are also extremely arrogant, knowing that the king of the golden steel ants is fierce, but they are the natural enemies of the golden steel ants, and they are born to hold down one of the ants. Over time,inflatable bounce house with slide, it has become a habit, and naturally they refuse to retreat a little. Although the casualties are tragic, they still roll over and struggle with the king of the ants.