Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear

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Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick WearFancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear

Lin Tsai-chen fell ill before she was twenty years old It was during her prime of life that she gradually lost everything How could she not hate her Therefore all possible obstacles must be eradicated! At the first sight of Xu Ruyi she vaguely remembered that this was once a strong competitor Because the other side like her is smart beautiful brave straightforward and courageous But in the end it was defeated by her What Xu Ruyi lacks is not wisdom but too soft-hearted to easily forgive and pity her enemies Lin Caizhen lives in the rich and powerful family courtyard since childhood is immersed in the infighting between several aunts she knows well that it is impossible to stand out in the harem without some means Now that we can defeat this girl once we will get rid of her without mercy sooner or later A gentle smile rose on her face and Lin Caizhen put on a kind smile like a big sister Sister Ruyi I'm a few months older than you so I have the cheek to call you sister Do you mind Naturally he took Xu Ruyi's hand and said kindly Xu Ruyi gazed slightly as if thinking for two seconds and then put down his guard She showed a slight closeness to her but it did not completely eliminate the strangeness of first acquaintance Such Office School Supplies a move but let Lin Caizhen relax some vigilance Xu Ruyi was gently clasped by the hand she held and she also held it Of course not Sister Caizhen what's the matter Curved the beautiful lips and the delicate eyebrows like willow leaves she showed the girl's charming and lovely side just right Lin Caizhen stared at her and for a moment she had some palpitations The beauty that comes out of the other person's bones is really not comparable to his own As long as the emperor has seen it he will never forget it! Get rid of this man as soon as possible! The first time she saw these eyes she was deeply shocked The eyes of the autumn water are bright and shining like stars And these eyes are full of wisdom vivid and moving It has to be said that such a girl is enviable Lin Caizhen thought so in her heart but her face was not alarmed at all She lowered her head pinched each other's small and soft fingers and suddenly felt more jealous I have climbed to such a high position and I have absolute confidence in myself When she stopped carefully to observe everything around her Lin Caizhen realized that if she hadn't taken advantage of other people's weaknesses how could she have won so easily But it doesn't matter this time she has more chips she will not lose! Lin Caizhen came to her senses and said softly "Sister Ruyi I heard that the maple forest will be open for half a day tomorrow and we can have a rest How about going to enjoy the flowers together" Xu Ruyi lowered his eyes and thought about it then the corners of his mouth bent slightly "Well if my sister doesn't mind then we'll be together" "Lin Tsai-chen hid the expression in her pupils and said with a clever smile" It's a deal She took her arm and made their movements intimate Xu Ruyi also did not pull out slightly sideways to her gentle smile I like you very much Lin Caizhen suddenly said took a small step China Manufacturers looked up at the sky and sighed with a light smile "I can't imagine that I can find someone who is so congenial to me in the vast sea of people" Chapter 5153 Miao Empress vs Gao Leng Emperor Xu Ruyi was just stupefied then blinked her eyes and nodded smartly "Sister Caizhen I also like you" With a look of relief on her face Lin Tsai-chen said in all earnestness "Sister we're new here and we're not familiar with anything in the palace" There may be many thorns and frustrations along the way I hope we will not forget our hearts and walk hand in hand "Yes I see" Here I don't have any relatives and I look up to my sister to take care of them Xu Ruyi said earnestly You can rest assured that when you come here I am your relative and your sister Lin Caizhen smiled and solemnly promised Two "good sisters" were born and agreed to work together and make progress together in the future No matter who gets the emperor's appreciation first the other one should help and lead Lin Caizhen told her that only by supporting each other can they go a long way together against the enemy What Xu Ruyi showed was not that he was unsophisticated and believed everything all of a sudden Sometimes she occasionally flashed a hint of indecision But on the contrary it will not arouse the other side's vigilance and suspicion Lin Caizhen went back to watch her leave and went to chat with other girls to get closer After hard training the next day the two sisters went to enjoy the flowers After they went there they found that other girls also found their own partners in a short time and they were already traveling together Those who are temporarily alone will be Packaging Printing formed on the spot in twos and threes so as not to be lonely Just as several people were rising suddenly there was a sharp cry "Your Majesty is here please avoid!" "Huh" The emperor is here "Your Majesty" Where is the emperor "What does the emperor look like" Is my hair in a mess Are the clothes neat In an instant the girls became excited and forgot the rules they had learned the day before They all swarmed to the entrance to find out Unbridled! Don't stand down quickly! The chief eunuch came over first and shouted in a harsh voice "Have all your education been wasted" How can you look at the emperor's face at will! "This father-in-law we are this year's new show girl is the emperor's harem woman what's wrong with meeting her future husband" At this time a rather bold girl stood out There are also some in the following whispered seconded "Yes ah perhaps the emperor is to know that we are here just came to see" "Who are these people" Don't drag on! As he spoke someone had come forward and forcibly dragged them away The rest of the show girls are not very bold at this time all one by one silent He lowered his head and stood there not daring to breathe Take them back As soon as the chief eunuch gave the order the girls all consciously avoided it In the middle of the walk Lin Caizhen took her hand and whispered "Sister Ruyi aren't you curious about what the emperor looks like" "Huh" Xu Ruyi looked a little surprised