China Manual Valves factory

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China Manual Valves factoryChina Manual Valves factory

China Manual Valves factory Applicable Standards锛?/strong DESIGN MANUFACTURE CONFORM WITH: EN 13709, ASME B16.34 CONNECTION DIMENSION CONFORMS WTIH: EN 1092, ASME B16.5 INSPECTION TEST CONFORMS WITH: EN 588-1, DIN 3202, ASME B16.10 MATERIAL CONFORMS WITH: EN 12266, ISO 5208, API 598 Features and Application: Bellows globe valve adopts sealed stucture.In common valves, the packing seal of the stem ages fast and it is easy to leak,but this design totally eliminates these short comings.Apart from increaseing the efficiency of materials and the safety of production equipment,it not only reduces maintenance the costs and frequent maintenance of products but also provides a clean and safe working environment. Double seal design(bellows and packings),if the bellows invalidates,the stem packings will prevent outside leaking. There are no fluid loss,but it reduces the energy loss and improves the equipment safety. Longer service life,less maintenace and lower operating costs. Firm and durable seal design of bellows ensures the zero leakage of stem and provides more reliable performance and no maintenance. Quenched stem and surface nitridation with good performance of corrosion and friction resistance. Excellent performance,graceful outline,and more visibleness with position indicating of stem. Applicable Standards: Body Disc Bellow Stem Bonnet Bolt Nut Gland Bushng Stem Nut Gasket PackingGS-C25/WCB/CF8M/CF8/CF3M/CF3/CD3MN A105/F316/F304/F316L/F304L/F51 304/316/316L/304L/S31803 F6a/F304/F316/F304L/F316L/F51/Monel GS-C25/WCB/CF8M/CF8/CF3M/CF3/CD3MN B7M/B8M/L7M/B16M 2HM/8M/7M/4M 410/304/316/304L/316L C95200/D2/A536 Flexible graphite+304/Flexible graphite+316 Flexible graphite *Materials could be choosed according to customers鈥?requirement working condition. Additional information SizeNPS 2"~12" Pressure RatingClass 150~600 MaterialWCB,WCA,WCC,WC6,WC9,C5,C12,LCB,LCC,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M,CN7M,CF8C Design Manufacturing StandardASME B16.34 Face to FaceASME B16.10,EN 588,(DIN 3202) Flanged DimensionASME B16.5,(DIN 2501) Butt Weld DimensionASME B16.25 Pressure TemperatureASME B16.34 Test and InspectionAPI 598 Operation MethodManual,Electric Actuator,Pneumatic Actuator,Hydraulic ActuatorChina Manual Valves factory website: