China Vinyl SPC Stair Floor Nose For Villa Use

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China Vinyl SPC Stair Floor Nose For Villa UseChina Vinyl SPC Stair Floor Nose For Villa Use

China Building Material Product Description Aluminum scaffold solves the problem of high-altitude operations for enterprises. It can be overlapped according to the actual required height. There are three height specifications of 2.32M/1.856M/1.392M. There are two width specifications, wide and narrow. The narrow frame can be overlapped on narrow ground, which is convenient and flexible. He can meet the requirements of high-altitude operations in narrow spaces such as walls, corners, stairs, etc., and is a good helper for high-altitude operations of enterprises. Advantage 1. Suitable for outdoor and indoor venues 2. Light weight, easy to move 3. Tolerate temperature and weather 4. Qualified tensile strength, durable 5. Use within scope 鈥?Aluminium scaffolding conforms to European standard HD1004 鈥?Easy to carry tools and materials up and down, increase working space and reduce working time. 鈥?Easy to assemble and disassemble. 鈥?Lightweight yet durable. 鈥?Suitable for different places, such as escalators, stairs, construction sites, etc. 鈥?A variety of design components to meet different application needs. 鈥?Platforms can be placed at different heights. 鈥?Guardrails and skirting boards ensure safety. *Aluminum scaffolding consists of waterproof plywood, stairs and aluminum frame. The stage has the characteristics of good fire resistance, wear resistance, no damage, and good decorative effect. The scaffolding frame is made of high-hardness aluminum alloy, which is fast in structure and beautiful in appearance. * Two connecting pipes are added to the whole structure, which makes the structure safer and the bearing capacity is higher. * Scaffolding has two specifications of double width and single width. You can choose straight ladder and ordinary ladder. Customers can meet the construction requirements according to the ground and work habits. Aluminum alloy scaffolding for double-width climbing ladders is made of aluminum alloy, which is light in weight, easy to assemble and saves storage space FAQ Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trader? A: We are a professional steel products manufacturer with more than 15 years of export experience. Q: Where is your factory? A: Our factory is located in Tianjin city (near Beijing), near Tianjin port. Q: Can we visit your factory? A: Warm welcome. Once we have your schedule, we will arrange for a professional sales team to follow up on your situation. Q: Can you provide other scaffolding materials? A: Yes. All relevant building materials.China Building Material website: