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Chapter 492 (Mu Chen Jia and her ten men). Surrounded by Mu Chu and Rong Yu

Chapter 492 (Mu Chen Jia and her ten men). Surrounded by Mu Chu and Rong Yu, Mu Chen Jia and her men thought they were bound to die. I just didn't expect that Gu Mingrong and Anya would step in and save them from that situation! Then the situation that would have died was broken, not only was it broken, but in the days that followed, Mu Chen Jia and her men had been living well, all of them died at the age of sixty or seventy. It's a long life. It's just that the days of survival are not so good for them. Ever since the night when Chen Jia tried her best to seduce and comfort her men on the helicopter, all of her ten men have become'useless people '. Later, he even tried his best to find some folk doctors. He ate so much that he was on fire all over. In the end, he rolled all over in a muddle. Only the object of this roll, but it is less of the most should appear in which Mu Chen Jia, playing with the same degenerate. When Mu Chen Jia saw that scene, he was directly fainted by ten people on the spot! It was also the last time that the ten men enjoyed themselves. From then on, no matter how many doctors they went to and how much medicine they took, their bodies did not respond any more. They were forced to become eunuchs alive. Good-looking but useless! Mu Chen Jia's body is all right, but after witnessing her ten men betray her and being pressed by the media to faint, her body skin began to age at a very fast speed. Young and energetic body, usually she did not know how much money spent, such as the delicate body of an 18-year-old girl, but also soon exceeded her age, which was not small,smart board for conference room, and became a state of a grandmother in her sixties and seventies! Even her ten men began to ignore her! Originally at the beginning, ten men also because of their own things, desperately guarding Mu Chen Jia, afraid of Mu Chen Jia shamelessly carrying them to steal food, can not bear loneliness. Only later, watching Mu Chen Jia with a very fast rate of aging down, the old look is almost able to be the mother of ten men, ten men will be too lazy to continue to guard! That old face annoys them all! Mu Chen Jia but also do not know,interactive whiteboard for schools, still a little girl's coquettish style, before long on the disgusting ten men have run away. She was left alone. Mu Chen Jia looked at the empty house, do not understand the original good all this is how? She is obviously high above, beautiful, dazzling by everyone's pursuit of infatuation, such as the queen of what she wants, but why all of a sudden everything is gone! All of her is gone! Even the beauty she was most proud of was gone! Mu Chen Jia hate, Mu Chen Jia is not reconciled, she also knows that all this must have something to do with her daughter Mu Chu, but she is now weak, Mu Chu's powerful. Has been ordered to hand in the open and secret of the appropriate suppression, not to force people to death, do not let people have a way to go down comfortably, so every day suffering. Keep that glimmer of hope hanging, smartboard for business ,interactive panels for education, has been hanging, until Mu Chen Jia died, she still hate can not swallow that tone. Of course, she did not know that Mu Chu and Rong Yu had already passed away. So when she died, her eyes were still wide open, and she looked like she would die in her grave. Chapter 493 (Mu Chen Jia and her men). Mu Chen Jia grew old very quickly, and when he was only forty-three years old, his body became wrinkled and wrinkled into a bitter gourd skin. On the contrary, her ten men are younger and younger day by day, more delicate and beautiful day by day, and look more attractive than women. The more you go back, the more you look like a group of goblins. Mu Chen Jia every day to see that block heart, she has become old can almost be the face of this pile of men's grandmother, but this group of men is a strong reverse growth, the longer the more beautiful. Look at Mu Chen Jia, this woman is jealous every day! Every day, I was so upset that I tried to act like a spoiled child in front of ten men. But now she has a wrinkled face, but her movements are like a little girl acting like a spoiled child to ten men. Ten men: "" They want to vomit or want to vomit, he is too disgusting! At the beginning, although the ten men were disgusted, they could not bear to say anything when they thought of their feelings with Mu Chen Jia for so many years, so they could only continue to endure it. But this has been enduring for a long time, by the nausea for a long time, the idea of Mu Chen Jia reluctant feelings will be consumed almost. What's more, they are now like this, not useful, but also thanks to the good daughter of Mu Chen Jia and the enemy Rong Yu when he was young. For a long time, ten men naturally blamed Mu Chen Jia in their hearts. In addition, the longer they grow, the more beautiful their appearance is, and they are suppressed by Mu Chu Rong Yu, but they are anxious to take revenge. Under the hook of some bosses who have special hobbies and can't stand the temptation of their beauty, these men slowly follow the trend and become the lovers of others. It's not the first time they've done this anyway. When they were cheated by the so-called folk doctor, they had already done it once. And this kind of different, can also let their body get that long-lost pleasure from other ways. Although, this way is a little insulting and embarrassing for their favored sons. But at the thought of their right to follow these people, ten people have endured, in order to revenge, in order to kill Mu Chu and Rong Yu this pair of little animals, they endure! Ten people think very well, every day so'endure humiliation 'in happiness and embarrassment in the struggle, they are for revenge! It's definitely for revenge that they will give in! As the old saying goes, there is no king, in order to revenge is also a few years of forbearance, and even lie down to hide courage! Ten people comforted themselves like this,interactive touch screens education, struggling with happiness and pain and hatred every day, until their bodies were as old as Mu Chen Jia, and they were kicked away!. hsdsmartboard.com