Forging factory

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Forging factory The machinist and CNC deep hole drilling and tube sheet professional manufacture of china Tube sheet, 锛圕arbon steel and stainless steel tube sheet 锛塱s drilled in the circular steel plate slightly larger than the outer diameter of the pipe hole, is the heat exchanger to fix the pipe and sealing medium role of the round steel. An accessory that does this by passing a pipe through and soldering it in place. The precision of tube plate processing, especially the tolerance of tube hole spacing and diameter, verticality and finish, greatly affect the assembly and performance of the chemical equipment listed above. With the upsizing of chemical equipment and power stations, the diameter of tubesheet is becoming larger and larger. Tubesheet with a diameter of 4m-5m is very common. Large tubesheet is characterized by a large number of tube holes, dense, small aperture, deep, high precision and finish requirements. Stainless steel tube sheet is widely used in tubular heat exchanger, boiler, pressure vessel, steam turbine, large central air conditioning and other industries. It is mainly used in chemical vessels, such as tubular heat exchanger, pressure vessel, boiler, condenser, central air conditioning, evaporator and sea water desalination, to support and fix the tube. The metal material makes it not only has strong rigidity, but also has great heat conduction performance.Forging factory website: