A chaotic city

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Originally, Bian Feng did not want to lead Du Yufei to appear on campus. He was not afraid that he would go with a beautiful woman and lead to scandal.

Originally, Bian Feng did not want to lead Du Yufei to appear on campus. He was not afraid that he would go with a beautiful woman and lead to scandal. He was just worried that his residence would bring a lot of unnecessary trouble after she knew it. Out of rare kindness and goodwill, Bian Feng can help Du Yufei for a while, but he will never meddle in the end. But unable to resist Du Yufei's pleading, coupled with the surprised eyes of the diners around, Bian Feng had to agree to come down, but tough tunnel: "It doesn't matter if you come, but it's better not to give me trouble again, otherwise.." Hey, hey! Behind the words side wind did not say, just with a sneer instead, but the expression is enough to let Du Yufei chill. Because they have just experienced a month of military training, the students are physically and mentally exhausted. It is rare to have a week's vacation. Most of the students who are close to home choose to go home to rest, while those who are far away from home hide in the dormitory to sleep, or go shopping in H City. Experience the prosperity and richness of this paradise on earth. Although Bian Feng did not want to admit it, he really became an idol and monument among freshmen. Although some of his actions in military training were extreme and untamed, in this era of advocating individuality and self, in a campus full of romance, his courage won the general praise of students, and his face was deeply engraved in the hearts of freshmen. Because of this, along the way, all the students who saw the side wind, both men and women, would kindly call him "side teaching", and even some women took out their notebooks to ask for signatures, which made the side wind laugh and cry,die casting parts, but it was not good to refuse, so they had to write two words of blessing at random and sign their names. As a result, his two skillful words provoked a burst of admiration from the girls, which made him blush, so he had to change his strategy and lead Du Yufei to the quiet path in order to spare the students. In this way, of course, is to avoid the students, but also not careful to break a lot of men and women who are talking about love in a quiet place, although no one scolded,car radiator cap, but the eyes of resentment have repeatedly drifted past, so that the edge wind is very embarrassed, just leave this place of right and wrong earlier, so he buried his head and walked tightly, unconsciously using the posture in the hands of the bag, the result is that he is relaxed. However, Du Yufei, who was in hot pursuit, was tired. Watching the side wind go farther and farther, but no matter how he can not catch up, Du Yufei had to remind the side wind to slow down, do not want to attract more men and women's surprised eyes, until he recognized the side wind walking in a hurry in front of him, there was a lot of discussion. And all kinds of rumors also arise from this, some say that the side wind began to abandon, some say that the girl was so wishful that she had to chase the side wind, and some even say that the girl was originally the side wind's girlfriend, but in order to deceive people, CNC machining parts ,socket screw plug, she had just done so, but the result was to cover up, which was also a mistake of the side wind. In short, opinions vary, and the direct consequence is that Bian Feng has done another feat in school. At this time, of course, Bian Feng did not know that he was doomed to be involved in the scandal, but he also heard Du Yufei's shouts, turned around and saw that her cheeks were red, there was sweat on her forehead, and realized that she was walking faster, so he stopped and waited for her. Fortunately, after the previous rush, it was not far from the dormitory building, and Bian Feng was relieved. But the breathless Du Yufei was very curious and asked, "So you are so famous in school. Why do they ask you to teach?" "This." "It's a long story," said Bian Feng, scratching his head and smiling sheepishly. While walking forward, the wind narrated all kinds of encounters in the barracks, of course, such as Hu Xinyue's entanglement and other more personal things were concealed. So that's it! When Bian Feng simply finished the matter, even Du Yufei looked at Bian Feng's eyes with a little more admiration. Fortunately, the dormitory building was in front of him, otherwise he was about to run away in Du Yufei's fervent eyes. Wait for me downstairs. I'll be down soon. Bian Feng said, without waiting for Du Yufei to promise, he slipped downstairs. Pushing open the door of the dormitory, I saw only the youngest Wang Zhihua sitting on the bunk reading. For this kind of bookish good student, Bian Feng always avoided it. He didn't even bother to say hello to him. He found the items stolen from Du Yufei that day in the cupboard. He didn't look carefully and took them all down. On the way, he met several groups of people, and when he saw that he was also called "Bian Jiao", he nodded. At the entrance of the dormitory building, it is very unfortunate to meet with the trio of picking up girls composed of Feng Lincan, Zhang Lei and Ji Chao. Wind Lin can come up to complain about the side wind play missing, as for Zhang Lei is drooling sigh side wind has women, after military training back, from time to time there are phone calls to the dormitory to find him. Only Ji Chao is more calm, open mouth is a sentence: "Empty is color, color is empty!" " But a pair of eyes were staring at Du Yufei not far away. What are you looking at, third brother? I don't know why, but Bian Feng didn't like his eyes very much. He waved to Du Yufei and said, "This is Du Yufei, a friend I just met!" Then he pointed to the "Trio of Chasing Girls" and said, "As for them, they are a group of hooligans and sexual predators. Just remember to be on the lookout later." "Damn, second brother, what you said is not interesting enough!" Zhang Lei was the first to launch an attack, laughing and scolding: "This is the image of us in your heart. It's not a good man to frame your brother and elevate yourself. We are wrong about you!" Then he solemnly said to Du Yufei, "Hello, I am the boss of the Bian Feng dormitory. My name is Zhang Lei. In fact, I am a good man!" At this time, Feng Lincan also interrupted: "Hello, sister-in-law, I am the most loyal younger brother of Bian Feng. Although I am a little ugly compared to the eldest brother, it is not my fault. In fact, I am very gentle!" Ji Chao just smiled and said, "My name is Ji Chao. Nice to meet you." "Hello!" Du Yufei also greeted them politely. Bian Feng took out the things in his pocket and handed them to her. "Check and see if anything is missing,non standard fasteners," he said. Then he glared at Feng Lincan and said earnestly, "Feng Lin, your eyes are getting worse and worse. Why do you call her sister-in-law when you see any woman? Will you call her sister-in-law enthusiastically when I lead Xiaoqian to see you?" 。 autoparts-dx.com