Cousin Difficult [Jin Tui]

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"Hide it." Ruyan had stuffed the aromatherapy ball deep into the bottom of the box.

"Hide it." Ruyan had stuffed the aromatherapy ball deep into the bottom of the box. "The maidservant had told Ruli that the girl had lost a ball. This one should be well hidden and not used again." Qi Nian recalled for a long time and concluded that he had never worn this thing before, but he did not know if Wu had worn it before, but Wu had been married out of the capital for more than ten years, and no one would remember such a small ornament. Don't mention it any more. Whoever she's for, it's none of our business. "Hey." Ruyan promised, still frightened, "the capital is really-" I lived in Chengdu for more than ten years before, the most serious thing is the Xishan Temple horse incident, even this matter is related to the capital. " Yes- "Qi Nian rubbed his forehead," I have a little regret to come to the capital. " 54 Leng Yuru encountered difficulties at first. At the end of January, good news finally came from the capital. First, the Yun county prince who was missing in the field was finally found; second, one of the two princes' side concubines was pregnant. The first thing is really a good thing. After Cheng Wenbo became the local magistrate, he not only found the prince of the county, but also found out the cause of the refugee riot, and uncovered a group of local corrupt officials, who forced the people to rebel. Moreover, Cheng Wenbo mobilized the nearby garrison troops to kill a group of mountain bandits, and found that they were also involved in the attack on the Guangdong captives. Yunjun Wang Shizi failed to go to Shanxi to visit his grandfather's grave, so he was sent back to the capital miserably. He suffered a lot of injuries. At that time, the carriage was frightened by refugees and bandits and fell under the cliff. It was his little fellow Liqiu who jumped out of the carriage with him in his arms. At that time, he broke a leg. In order to avoid the mountain bandits,Inflatable bouncer, the boy behind his back drilled the mountain forest, and another servant girl came over Pure Brightness, three people over half the mountain, hiding in a hunter home for nearly three months of injury, was finally found by ChengWenBo. The best thing is that their hiding place is not far from the mountain bandits' lair, this boy Beginning of Autumn is very bold, unexpectedly quietly will be the location of the lair touch a clear, finally told ChengWenBo,Inflatable indoor park, with the officers and soldiers took down the mountain bandits, no escape. When the news reached the capital, it was quite dramatic. Everyone still remembers that as soon as the prince of the county left the capital, his family gave him the daughter of the Marquis of Jinxiang as his wife. As a result, because his life and death were uncertain, the king of the county, in order to avoid delaying other girls, retired on the pretext of incompatibility. Now the prince of the county is not only alive to return to the capital, but also made a contribution-although the proven mountain bandit lair is Beginning of Autumn, but Beginning of Autumn claimed to be his master, so of course the contribution is the prince-but Miss Jinxiang Hou, but a few days ago has been engaged with someone else. A lot of people are talking about Jinxiang Hou family this girl is not lucky, but some people say that the prince hit the child's body is not good, and now so three disasters, if Jinxiang Hou's daughter really married him, maybe it won't be long before he will be widowed, inflatable bounce house with slide ,inflatable castle with slide, so it's a blessing in disguise? Although there was a lot of talk about the prince of the county, it was not as lively as the second thing. The second prince's side imperial concubine was the niece of his birth mother Lu Jieyu's family. Her surname was Li. Her family background was not noble, but she was also knowledgeable and courteous. She was born with the tenderness of a young girl from the south of the Yangtze River. She was very popular with the second prince. The time she spent in her room was second only to that of the imperial concubine. Is also her good luck, is the imperial concubine Ding Yiru not yet pregnant, she first spread the good news. This good news is more complicated. Speaking of, Li side imperial concubine is only a side imperial concubine, if in the ordinary family, is the concubine is pregnant before the wife, in the regular family, unless the wife is not pregnant for a long time, otherwise the concubine room is not able to have children first. But in the royal family, this kind of thing is not just the eldest son is not so simple, because the emperor on the throne, never only the legitimate son, but more concubines. Ding Yiru is a feeling, at present in addition to the people in Ding Shangshu's house, basically no one cares. Everyone is concerned that if the second prince gives birth to the grandson before the eldest prince, then who will be the crown prince in the future? Hearing the news that the imperial concubine beside the second prince was pregnant, the two brothers of the Wu family talked to their wives about it. After all, the daughter of the Wu family had already become the side concubine of the long prince, which was tantamount to tying the Wu family to the long prince. Wu Ruozheng's meaning is the same as his wife, Jin Guoxiu to chant, Wu Zhixia if you can take this opportunity to spread the good news, one is also to the long prince to pull back a city, two is pregnant at this time, no one can find her fault, is Jin Guoxiu, also can only blame their own behavior is not careful to do something wrong. Wu Ruozhao thought more: "Princess Ding is not pregnant yet, but Concubine Li is the first to spread the good news, which is not necessarily a good thing for the two princes." At least the Ding Shangshu faction will not be very happy. Li Shi, as a woman, has her own considerations: "It is said that there are many things in the palace. I heard that Concubine Li just had a good news in the next month. In fact, it is better to wait.". In the first three months, the fetus has not yet settled down. "You're right." Wu Ruozhao was slightly surprised, "the two princes may be too eager." After all, he was the most talented of the three princes who grew up, but his mother's family background was really low. Alas, I don't know what the emperor is thinking. Because it was in his own room, Wu Ruozhao spoke more or less presumptuous, "if the emperor pointed out to the two princes a low status of the imperial concubine, or there would be no such thing." It is precisely because Ding Yiru has a faction of Ding Shangshu behind him, which has given support to the two princes, so the two princes are more courageous and ambitious. Bigger. No matter what the emperor thought, Li Shi said, "Since you have to rely on the Ding family, how can you let the side imperial concubine get pregnant first?" "Yes." Wu Ruozhao sighed with a deep sigh. "It's because Concubine Li is Lu Jieyu's niece.". The vision is somewhat short-sighted, not yet what, want to support their own family. After all, these are all matters of the court,Inflatable water park factory, and the Wu brothers just say a few words to their wives, which does not affect the daily life of the Wu family. Out of the first month, Li took Zhiwen and Zhifei sisters on the way home.